Monday, 11 August 2008

I'm sprouting fungus

Hi. It's August, right? Summer?

And I live in Ontario, right? Not the freakin Costa Rican rain forest?

What is with this weather?

Seriously. (That's my fave word lately. Seriously.)

I truly feel as though I am sprouting fungus. Spawning 'shrooms. This is nothing short of ridiculous.

Spring and summer are supposed to be my reward for making it through winter alive. I'm not a fan of winter, as I'm sure you're well aware, and this past icy season was particularly heinous.

So you can imagine (and in fact likely shared in) my delight when April sprung to life with gorgeous warm temps. Positively balmy. Away went the coats, out came the sunscreen.

What a tease.

The rest of the spring/summer has been abject crap.

I can't remember a rainier summer. It's rained something like 45 of the last 70 days in my little corner of the world. WTF?

Hell, if I wanted weather like that, I'd move to BC. At least I'd have pretty mountains to look at.

Tonight was a doozy, that's for sure. Massive fork lightning and house shaking thunder. We've had all kinds of storms this summer but this time the thunder was so close I felt the shudder all the way down in my pancreas.


Hell, a few weeks ago Nat and I had to go to the flower place (also known to many as the nursery but I'm not the biggest fan of that word these days given our circumstances) because I needed new hanging baskets. Thanks to all the rain, my pretty yellow pansies had actually started growing mold.

Never in mine almost 35 years have I ever seen anything like it.

At least the weeds are thriving. I'm pretty sure that if I spent enough time in my backyard I'd discover a never-before-seen tribe of pygmies or something. Lord knows there's enough foliage of every variety back there for them to thrive in.

My backyard depresses the hell outta me. I call it ghetto fabulous. Without the fabulous.

Thank goodness no one can see it. Except my neighbours if they look down from their bedroom windows. But I've got the goods on them, so they can't say too much. And it's not like my backyard is affecting their curb appeal....I could say plenty a word about their patch of weeds, dirt, and the strangest little pansie weeds that have taken over their entire lawn.

Dirt, lawns, weeds and fungi aside, I just want to see the sun, ya know?

I mean, this morning started off rather well. Cool, but at least the sun was out. I saw that heretofore painfully shy blue sky that I crave so desperately, and for a moment, all was good.

Fast forward to the trip home and the heavens open just in time for me to disembark from the GO train.

I love the smell of wet diva in the afternoon.

Seems to have stopped now for the time being. The odd flash of light still streaks the night sky, but it's noticeably further away now.

Any bets on how long this latest respite shall last?

Meh. Guess I'll just put that umbrella back in my purse.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

2 comments on "I'm sprouting fungus"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should be in BC - we've had an amazing summer! I think our rain is all rumors to keep people from moving here...just keeps jacking up the price of real estate!!

Lorelei on 16 August 2008 at 13:53 said...

Hey hey hey now...

The Lower Mainland and the coast get the rain. The rest of BC can actually be quite dry. LOL I grew up in the Interior in a semi-arid desert region!

And they've had a great summer in the Interior too! so maybe you should consider moving to BC! Hehehehe




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