Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Today I was beat up by a girl

Okay, well, not totally beat up. But I know I'll be all sore and nasty feeling tomorrow, and it's all her fault.

I had my first session with my personal trainer tonight.


Everything hurts, especially my abs. I feel like I've laughed like a crazy woman cackling at a mailbox all afternoon. And my shoulders? I used to have shoulders. Now I have burning holes where my shoulders used to be.


I have a busy day tomorrow and I guess I should get to bed now 'cause it's gonna take me three hours to bathe and dress myself in the morning. Ah, things to look forward to.

All in all it was a good experience. We developed a program for me that I'm going to try to do three times a week, and I go back to see her next Friday night. I figure I'll do one last huge push then leave the country for a week of eating and drinking. And swimming. And playing in the room... :) Those last two might help burn some calories, the first two, not so much.

Hard to believe Cuba's just around the corner. Fortunately nothing else in the house broke today (so far - there are a few hours left however) so I'm hoping that the universe and the house have decided they've messed with us long enough and it's time to just enjoy life for a while.

Then again, American Idol didn't tape on the PVR tonight, even though it was scheduled to. Maybe the universe isn't through messing with us after all.

Oh well, at least I can time shift and still catch it later. Haven't yet figured out how to time shift a household necessity. Operative word being yet.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

Monday, 28 January 2008

Some days you're the windshield...

...some days you're the bug.

We've had a few very bug-like days lately. Man!

So first, some updates. The furnace.

Yes, we now have heat. Thank gawd! But what a road it was to get here!

Hubs and his buddy Andrew came to the house on Friday to look at our furnace. It took the wonderful and talented Andrew a mere three minutes to fix the problem, and heat was returned to the house.

Hubs called me at work to let me know all was well and I can't even begin to tell you how unbelievably relieved I was. The trip was once again within reach, and it hadn't cost us anything. Thank all the stars in the heavens.

The job Hubs was working on was going to keep him out late, so I took the bus home from the GO station. No big whoop - it wasn't that cold. I stopped at the mailbox and made my way to the house. Soooooo excited to walk into my nice warm house.

Damn me and my high expectations.

I walked in the door, took off my coat, and realized this all feels ridiculously similar to last night. And that's cause it was - the furnace went down again. It was 58 degrees in my house.

I almost started bawling right there and then. Probably would have too, if I wasn't afraid the tears would freeze right to my flippin face. I got on the phone, called Hubs, and he and Andrew send me downstairs to do some furnace diagnostics. Fun! Friday nigh hijinks!

I picked things up pretty quickly, but I gave up after I had to blow into one of the plastic pipes. That was curtains for me....I didn't want to play anymore. I did learn a lot about the blasted things and what pieces are where though. I like that techie stuff, but I like it more when someone else is doing it.

I decided to have a bath to warm up, escape from my freezing cold house. I turned on the water but didn't want it to be too hot 'cause my wee toes were frozen and water that's too hot just stings too much. I got in, all was well. After a moment to acclimatize, I turned on the hot water to make it, well, warmer. As the water rushed in, I realized with much shock and chagrin, that the temperature was not increasing but actually going down! The hot water was all gone, and I was pumping freezing cold water into my now barely lukewarm bath.

I was not meant to be warm on Friday.

Hubs finally made it back with Andrew - at 1am. Poor guy, I just felt terrible for him. Super long day, he didn't really eat, and since he was working on a boiler he was in the cold all day too. He was supposed to pick up DeeDee but couldn't with everything going on, so he had to contend with her calling every 10 minutes to see when he'd be there. So he picked her up Saturday morning instead - at 8:30, 'cause Sludge had to work. Sigh. What a crap way to start the weekend.

But at least we had heat. :)

Saturday got better from there. I was, of course, keeping my eye on the cost of the trip. Mid day I realized that the Friday departure was sold out, Saturday had increased in price, and Sunday was still there, at the same price. Now that the furnace was working fine we decided this change on the holiday landscape meant it was time to book.

So we're booked! All inclusive in Varadero leaving February 10. Yee freakin haw!!!

And what's even better - there was some sort of promotion where the taxes were cut in half, so we saved $100 per person. Not too shabby! I of course promptly went to Shoppers and spent pretty much our entire 'saving' on the necessities for the trip, but hey. It was money I would have had to spend anyway!

Later that night I went to a friend's place and had my first encounter with Guitar Hero. And of course, I am now addicted. But due to our trip there will be no Guitar Hero in my immediate future. That's okay though - I'll take a beach in Cuba over some Guitar Hero any day. Besides, my brother in law has it, so I kinda get the best of both worlds.

Sunday we did breakfast with my sister and her family, then headed out to see 27 Dresses. Super cute movie...awwww. Nice and fluffy, nothing too mentally taxing or thought provoking. The perfect flick for a Sunday afternoon.

So here we are at Monday. Back to work, all that jazz. Had some meetings this morning, then I talk to Hubs late in the day. He just got home, and told me that there was a puddle of water on our kitchen floor.

Our faucet was leaking into the cupboard beneath and onto the floor.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. I mean really - does our house hate us? Is it mad that we're talking about leaving for a week, so it keeps doing bad things to stop us from going? Seriously, at a certain point, this is where my thoughts drift! Argh.

Fortunately, our next door neighbour is a plumber. Yes, we are quite lucky to have people in the trades come to our aid with increasing frequency.

So I ring the doorbell and extract the poor guy from his nice warm comfy home. He comes over, assesses the situation, and tells us he has an extra one of our faucets in his garage.

Sure enough, an hour goes by and everything's fixed. Again. For free. Well, it cost us a bottle of wine, but it was booze well spent if you ask me.

So now I just wonder what else the universe can throw our way in the next two weeks before we head out. Needless to say we'll leave my wonderful sister in law a long list of phone numbers of people who can fix things should the place crumble around her while we're gone. Sheesh.

Let's just hope this is all there is. I like to think that the universe is throwing all of these things our way to a) get them done and taken care of before we go so my sister in law doesn't have to deal with them all, and b) so that we appreciate the trip itself that much more, having been through all this crap in the weeks leading up to our voyage south.

'Cause come hell or low lying kitchen floor water, I sure plan on enjoying every freakin second of that trip. I'm even excited to do the laundry required to pack for the trip. And when else have you ever heard me say I was excited for laundry?

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

Friday, 25 January 2008

Just when I thought the universe was on my side...

So you all know we're in the process of booking a much needed trip. Especially these days - it's insanely cold out there! WTF!?

Anyway, things were all going along quite nicely. We cobbled the money together, slapped it on the credit card, found a week that worked, got things sorted with my cat (thanks to my wonderful sister in law who's going to come and stay at the house to ensure he gets his kitty cat insulin shots), settled on a nice resort, and we were ready to go.

All signs pointed to the universe saying yes, we needed this vacation and gosh darn it, we should take it.

Until last night.

I've now been wracking my brain trying to figure out what I did wrong. Who I was mean to, what I did to upset the karmic balance that was, until last night at least, working in my favour. I've come up with nothing, but still the universe saw fit to throw a wrench in our plans.

I had a work event last night. It went well, and I was able to leave a full hour before I'd thought I could, which actually translated into me being home a full hour and a half before originally anticipated. Good start, definitely a good start.

I got home, changed my clothes, had something to eat, turned on the television and my computer, and began to enjoy my couch time.

But I was still really cold, so I went to the thermostat to turn up the heat.

You can see where this is going already, can't you?

I increase the desired temperature, walk away, then a few minutes later I head to the kitchen to get myself a drink. I glance at the thermostat as I walk by and notice the temperature is not rising despite my request of the furnace to do so...instead it's actually dropping.

Something's wrong. Shit.

Suddenly it's harder for me to conjure up an image of us on the beach. I can't taste the pina coladas the way I had a hour or so before. 'Cause if we have to pay for expensive furnace repairs we are SOL in the trip department, cash flow being what it is.

Hubs goes downstairs and takes a look around. Sure enough, the furnace isn't working properly. It goes on for 30 seconds, pumping cool air, then shuts itself off and flashes a code 34 error message.

I'm 34 years old...interesting...

Anyway, many telephone calls to Hubs' friends in the industry later, we realize our flame sensor needs either cleaning or replacement. Hubs tries valiantly but can't access the area that needs to be fixed.

As an aside, how great are these guys that they pick up their phones at 10pm, listen to the problem, and try to talk him through it? That's just awesome. Great people.

So now we wait. The hope is that a friend of his will come to our rescue, show up at the house, and fix the problem or replace the part. Fortunately the part is only $20, so there's some small cheer to be sucked from that nugget of information. However, our house is now dipping below 50 degrees (F, of course) and as the cold day goes by, I get increasingly concerned about our pipes freezing.

A $20 part I can handle. Burst water pipes and the cost of fixing all that damage...I just can't even think about it without feeling the puke rise to the back of my throat.

Before Hubs left for the day he snapped up two small electric heaters, one for each floor, in the hope that they will help to maintain a bit of heat, enough at least to keep the pipes from freezing. 'Cause if this guy does come over to fix it, it won't be until much later tonight.

So all my lovely readers out there, please please please send me some positive furnace vibes today. I so desperately need them! I know it sounds ridiculously selfish to ask for something as inane as furnace vibes, but here I am. Yes, I've sunk that low. I'll take all the help I can get if it means my pipes stay intact until the problem can be fixed.

Thank goodness we didn't book last night. I was about to pick up the phone to make the call, but we decided to wait a day or two to see if the prices come down.

Maybe the universe was looking out for me after all. Who knows - by forcing us to wait a few days, maybe the price will come down enough that the difference will equal what it will cost us to fix the furnace. Yeah, that'd be nice.

Goooooooooooood universe, niiiiiiiiiiiice universe, most reveeeeeeeeeeeeered universe.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

I've been a bad diva

January 16 was my last post - gasp! My most humble of apologies.

First, birthday wishes to my gal pal JBJ. Hope you have a fantastic day!! :)

Second, all is well. I'm feeling a bit better after my whole 'the cyst is still there' debacle, and am trying to move forward. This entire roller coaster ride is grounded temporarily by my new obsession - booking a trip.

No, nothing's been booked yet, but we've pretty much decided we're going. Just waiting for the cash to clear the credit card and one other little hurdle that will be overcome this morning, and we'll be ready to slap down the cashola in exchange for a week of sand, sun, and who cares what the hell else.

It's amazing how powerful distractions can be. In fact, this trip planning has distracted me so much that it's chiefly responsible for my inability to remember to blog! Seriously! I spend so much time cruising all the travel websites to see if anything's changed, looking for new deals, doing comparison shopping, reading reviews on Trip Advisor...and playing on FB and WB as well of course...that by the time I'm well and truly done with those tasks, I simply shut the computer and stumble, grainy eyed, to bed.

My bad. Sometimes distractions get the best of me.

I've also been a good diva, 'cause I've actually been going to the gym, eating better, and trying to spend less money. In some strange way, these are all still kinda connected to the whole trip thing.

Yes, I'd like to lose a few pounds before we go away. So I go to the gym and eat better.

I'm eating better, because I'm actually having my diabetic shake for breakfast and prepared entrees for lunch, etc, because I'm trying to save money to pay for the trip. Since all of this stuff is already in the house, I can consume it. And it saves me money because I'm not buying that bagel at Tim Horton's in the morning or deciding I need something else for lunch, thus saving me a trip to the food court. All good.

And while we save for the trip, this lack of eating out means I'm spending less....always good. Mamma needs some new sunscreen. Which we have yet to purchase, because we didn't want to jinx everything, lest the universe decide we shouldn't go at all. Once we're booked we will officially be able to say the universe has spoken, and all those necessities you need for a trip south will be cobbled together via a very happy trip to Shoppers.

If the universe wants it to be so.

Let's see, other than that things are quite busy. Work is in supreme prep mode right now. I have some major meetings coming up in the next few weeks and in fact the week before we go away (again, contingent on the wise and wonderful universe's benevolent decision) is going to be one of the busiest in my professional career. So if and when the time comes, I sure as hell will need it!

Speaking of work, I should get to it. I wanted to draft a quickie this morning so you knew things were well and where we currently stand. Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions and I promise, as soon as we book (if we book ;)) I'll be sure to let you all know.

In the meantime, send me some happy universe vibes, will ya?

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Yes, I'm alive

Just a quickie this morning, but I did want you to rest assured that I have not dropped off the face of the earth.

We had a good but busy weekend. Friday night we went to our first Toronto Rock lacrosse game and had a great time (thanks again for the tickets, V), Saturday we babysat our nephew then hit the racetrack for a social event hosted by one of Hubs' professional organizations (and won $50 on the slots), and Sunday we had our fitness assessment at the gym and both ended up taking on personal trainers to aid us in our efforts.

Not too shabby, all things considered.

Then Monday came.

It was day three, so back to the clinic. Finally. I haven't managed to get into a new one yet, so I was stuck with the existing assholes. Lucky me. But I needed an ultrasound to see if the cyst, yes, the cyst that I've had since October and they've done nothing about, was still there.

You've already guessed the outcome of this one, haven't you?

Yep, cyst still there and firing on all estrogen cylinders. They gave me the option of going forward - to which I told them to shove it - and a maddening conversation ensued.

Turns out when they checked it in November, the last time we actually did an IUI cycle (total cost - $1,400) the cyst was 'functional' as well. But they never really told me that.

Instead, they said my estrogen was high but the doctors recommended moving forward. So we did. Had they said to me, hey diva, your cyst is functioning so we think it's okay to move forward but there is a risk the cyst will take up most of the meds so it's your decision I would have said hell no.

When I go forward with these cycles it's a huge financial and emotional investment. If I'm not in optimal shape ovary-wise before we begin, I don't want to begin. It's as simple as that.

The way I see it, they owe me $1,400. They didn't get my informed consent, and I am pissed off as all hell. Once I claw my way out of my current depressive cave I will take action with the hospital's ombudsperson. 'Cause this just plain sucks.

To make matters worse, they won't do anything about my cyst. Nothing. I'm just supposed to wait until my next appointment with my doctor to figure out what we should do.

That's in mid-February. Thanks for nothing. So I sit here in true limbo, stuck, with no options but waiting. And that sucks ass.

So it's been a really rough few days.

Despite all of the crap we've been through, this is hitting me harder than even I thought it might. I'm dragging my butt to work, still able to function 'cause a little distraction is always good, but I just want to sleep. I haven't felt this down since the first cyst came along last May. And what pulled me out of that was a complete escape from our lives via a week in Cuba.

So guess who's been researching tropical destinations....

Even there I'm torn, because we're trying so hard to reduce our considerable debtload. We could pull off this trip without adding to the debt, but at the same time THAT cash could be used for debt reduction. Torn. So torn.

I desperately need something to look forward to, something positive on the horizon to take my mind off my current lack of reproductive options. But will I just be adding to my stress in other ways (by heaping more onto our financial burden)? The last thing I want is buyer's remorse over something so huge - and expensive.

So we've decided to wait a bit and see what the universe says we should do. When in doubt, let the universe make your important decisions for you.

We'll put money aside into our savings account and wait a few weeks to see what happens. We wouldn't go until the fourth week of February anyway, so we have some time to save, see how I feel, and see what other financial hurdles (including my cat Maxx developing feline diabetes - sigh) jump into our path over the next few weeks.

Not at all what I want, but it's the only way I can stay sane and feel like we're attempting to be rational grown ups and not impulsive children who must indulge their every whim.

Sucks. Insert foot stomping noise here.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Sunset - 5pm

Thank god in heaven tomorrow is finally Friday. It's been stupid hard getting through this week, especially after two nice, long weeks on vacation.

Soooo hard.

Morning comes early. And it's still dark.

I like dark, I do. But only in my bedroom. At night. So I can sleep.

Not when I'm up, showered, dressed, and out the door on my way to the train. No, it should most definitely not be dark then.

It also shouldn't be dark as I'm leaving my office. WTF? I finish at 4:30, walk out the doors, and dark.

Didn't I already play this game this morning?

It all just seems so insanely unfair. But it does reinforce the fact that there's no way in hell I could ever live up there in the arctic regions where the sun doesn't come out for six flipping months. I think that's my idea of hell. Seriously. I'd go absolutely nuts.

Strangely enough, December 21 is one of my favourite days of the year. Yes, there's lots to enjoy that time of year, but to me it's the beginning of something wonderful.

Sure, it's the shortest day of the year. But guess what? Until June 21, it's all uphill from there. And that makes me more than happy, just knowing that tomorrow might be a minute or two brighter.

Actually, tomorrow we'll get one minute and 25 seconds more sunlight.

Now, if only the freakin sun would come out so I could enjoy it, I'd be one uber happy diva.

May the shine shine in your world tomorrow - enjoy that extra 85 seconds!

And that's your daily dash...how's your diva doin'?

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Sweet merciful crap...


You can see by the change in picture that I'm dealing with some new challenges right now.

Yeah, not fun.

My cramps have cramps.

I feel like my insides are being scooped out by one of those melon ballers. And not a super nice melon baller that you'd get at Williams Sonoma, no. I'm talking your bargain basement, Dollerama, no smooth edges melon ballers.


This is relatively new to me in the grand scheme of things. One somewhat good thing about having my reproductive issues is that I don't have good ole aunt flo come to visit all that often. Now that we're doing this whole fertility clinic thing, I'm up to about 8 cycles over the past year. That's pretty much three years worth of crampy fun all squished into 12 danged months.

I'm not a fan.

I seriously don't understand how you 28 day girls with bad PMS survive. Or more specifically, those around you survive. 'Cause right now, I could fell a rhino with my bare hands if it crossed my path or tried to take the remote.

They're that kind of cramps.

Doesn't help that the boys are still at the house playing their boy games. I know it's completely irrational, but even people speaking is grating at my last nerve. No rhyme or reason, just the very noise coming from my dining room is enough to make me go postal.

I think if there ever was a day for a LUSH bath bomb it's today.

Maybe I won't hear the chatter all the way up in my ensuite.

So a short entry today, but it's better this way. For everyone.

Especially rhinos.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

Monday, 7 January 2008

Cannibalism is alive and well

Well...not literally. I don't think, anyway. Then again what do I know about people's disgusting predilections?

No, I'm not talking about literally eating one another...I'm talking emotional cannibalism.

It's been quite a day in my little online world. There's nothing to be gained by delving into the actual subject matter that was discussed, but suffice it to say there were two camps...mine and the other one.

:) If only life were that simple.

But it's true - one camp firmly believed x while the other, the viewpoint I also maintain, feels totally differently. And since the issue at hand was emotionally charged, hot sweet hell did it get nasty fast.

Removing my personal thoughts from the situation, it was fascinating to stand back and watch what was happening as the proverbial fur flew. I think it's something that only women can truly do to one another - we don't punch with fists, but we can deliver a verbal bitch slap that'll drop you to your knees without too much provocation. And that's when said cannibalism sets in...we just start devouring one another.

Okay, I realize that I'm making this all sound so very melodramatic, but whether you know the particulars I'm referring to or not, I'm sure you can think back to some interaction you've had with girls/gals/women at some point in your life that has followed a similar trajectory. All is rosy, everyone sees eye to eye, then things start to slip and before you know it you're walking down the street snapping your fingers alongside your fellow Jet or Shark.

Happened to me a lot in grade school. And high school. Woooo eeeee! I remember one time Kim heard I said something about Lara (who I shared a locker with) even though I didn't, so she and Tammy and Lara ripped up all the cool stuff I had up in my (our) locker and decided that they didn't want to be friends anymore. We went from bff's to mortal enemies within milliseconds, and I was left standing there, mouth gaping, surveying the damage - both literally and figuratively.

Why is it we as women do this to one another? Is it simply an extension of our emotions, letting our passion about one topic/person/issue get the best of us? 'Cause correct me if I'm wrong, but guys don't really do this kinda thing. Their punch is of the fist-y kind...it's why there are wars and armies and all that stuff. If women ran the world, there'd likely be a lot less combat - but a lot more seriously worded emails.

It's amazing how these kinds of rifts can both damage and build relationships. There's power in sharing viewpoints - knowing that someone else gets you, shares your thoughts and feelings, has your back. And there's the potential for great destruction when things go off the rails. All of the sudden, people you THOUGHT you knew, women you never expected in a million years to turn on you with such vitriol, do just that. Sad. Sad indeed. I know I'm not alone in experiencing this kinda stuff....I'd be sincerely interested in any insight you might wish to share on the topic.

The final fascinating aspect of these girl squabbles (in my most humble of opinions, that is) is the gal pal equivalent of make up sex. It's watching what happens when someone says enough - the dust settles, and everyone starts to feel a bit sheepish about things they may have said or done in anger or out of frustration.

If we're lucky, apologies follow. Someone grows a set of fem-balls and steps up. Takes responsibility for letting emotions get the best of them. Sorry for chewing your cheek off.

And if we're luckier still, the people apologizing are the ones that actually did or said something worth apologizing for.

For the record, if you're reading this and you were involved in today's skirmish, please don't take offense to this entry, regardless of what side you may have been on. I find the entire process fascinating and if it wasn't today's back and forth that provoked this entry, it would have come another day when inspired by another issue, of that I can be sure.

Because I don't think this dynamic is on its way out anytime soon. Maybe it's ingrained in our DNA. Maybe it's part of our social programming. But you and I both know that as long as we women feel passionate about an issue that has more than one viewpoint, there's gonna be a figurative body count.

Hmmm..... so that's my biting (hahahaha - get it? cannibalism? biting?) social commentary for the day.

I'll do my best to get back to something light and fluffy tomorrow, once I've had some sleep and a nice warm bath.

Ah, the simple girlie pleasures...

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

Friday, 4 January 2008

Laundry list of items to be covered - get ready!


This'll teach me not to go so long without posting.


So much to tell you, so much promised! I figured the best way to do it was to simply follow my trusty list format, so bare with me as you get pinballed around this post. And I may make even less sense than normal thanks to the fact that Hubs is having karaoke hour around his computer. Yep, he opened up his iTunes and is rocking out. A few minutes ago it was a string of Journey songs and we ended up dancing to Open Arms in our dining room (I recorded that song for him and played it as one of our dances at the wedding). That alone is enough to distract me.

And now he's switched to Metallica. Full voice. Giv'er buddy. You're soooo bad ass (one of our jokes - he told a friend once something was 'bad ass' and I nearly doubled over in hysterics. He's so not the bad ass type).

Anyway, without further ado, here's a list of things I either promised to tell you about or I have since decided is worth blogging about. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we'll begin.

Puzzles - I'm reverting to my childhood. Either that, or I'm fast forwarding through middle age and have arrived safely in my golden years. Yes, I'm talking about jigsaw puzzles. We used to do them a lot as a family when I was younger, and something triggered that memory and I mentioned to Hubs that I wanted to do a puzzle again.

My lovely husband listens to these and other cues so well. So what did I find in my stocking? A 1000 piece puzzle with lots of pink in it.

Lots of pink. And purple. And pretty much nothing else. Yes, my husband bought me one of the most challenging puzzles I've ever tackled in my life.

Not exactly the most stress-free re-entry into puzzledom. So I took manners into my own hands and procured some new ones. Both 1000 pieces still, but with more discernible features. Like more than purple mountains/sky and pink flowers. Sheesh.

My addictive personality took over and I became rooted to my chair for hours on end. I got the first one done in a day and a half. The second one was a smidge more challenging, and as we were having company for New Year's Eve, had to be dismantled and removed from our dining room table before its completion.

What a great excuse to put it away. I was not so secretly relieved. :)

I've just bought a new one and have begun the sorting process. So if you're up at 3am call me - you won't wake me. I'll be puzzling.

The Hills - speaking of addictive personalities...I'd never watched this show before. I'd heard about it, but knew that as with all shows I haven't seen since its inception, you must start at the beginning if you want to understand the present. My great friend wannabefrenchie was over for NYE and she and Taco started talking a bit about it.

Shocked and chagrined that I'd never watched it (their reaction) wannabefrenchie advised me that seasons one and two were available via Rogers on Demand for free. Season three could be viewed on mtv.ca. It was all there, ripe for the picking.

So I'm sure you can guess where my past few days have gone. Yes, that's right, I watched all 40 episodes to date in a day and a half. Now before you wonder about my sanity fret not - each episode is only about 20 minutes long, so I can bang through three in an hour. So I basically pissed away 13 and a bit hours over two days getting caught up on the drama that is the life of Lauren, Heidi, Spencer, Brody, Audrina, Whitney, and all those other tertiary characters that show up every once in a while.

I won't bore the non watchers with an in depth (as deep as you can get with these girls) analysis of the show and my thoughts on the whole Heidi/Spencer thing, but just know that if you ever want to chat about The Hills, I'm soooooo your gal.

Fabulous Presents (and photographic renditions) - a few days ago, someone asked me about the presents I received for Christmas, and mused aloud as to whether I received anything pink or any bling. My answer then, as now - but of course!

I managed to snap some photos for your viewing pleasure, so in no particular order here are a few of the wonderful gifts my thoughtful friends and family elected to give me this year:

This beauty is a gift from Hubs. When asked what I wanted, I mentioned that a ring with some purple bling would be great. Nothing too fancy, but I do wear a good deal of purple so it would be nice to have a ring that matches. Of course the guy goes and buys me this amethyst in white gold. Have I mentioned how spoiled I am? It needed to be sized, but should be ready by mid-Feb.

And while we're on the subject of rings, I totally dig this new pink bling ring given to my by my sister. Beautiful! On my left hand for illustration purposes only - it's hard to take a picture with your left hand! So I just didn't. And I couldn't find a picture of it on any website, so you're stuck with my massive paws to show it off.

Carrying on with our pink theme, this beautiful baby is the cashmere throw I referenced in yesterday's post. Seriously, how beautiful is she? All fringed out and ready to keep me warm. I love, love, love her! Can't wait to put her to good use!

STILL continuing with the pink theme is my gift from the lovely CJ. I lurve Aqualina Pink Sugar perfume, so imagine my delight when I opened this incredible gift pack. And I was just running out, too! Impeccable timing and taste. How divine.

And now for something completely different:

I tried on this very pretty top as an option for Hubs' Christmas party, but decided I needed something a bit more festive. I loved it nonetheless, so Hubs insisted on buying it for me. Being able to wear it makes going back to work next week bearable!

I just love the pattern and the tie behind the back. I actually have a waist, so it's nice to be able to feature it every once in a while instead of hiding behind some box-ily constructed garment.

In addition to everything you see here, I was very fortunate to also receive two pairs of boots, an incredible artist's reproduction of a photo of Hubs and I (amazing), 600 thread count sheets (heaven!) and a homemade scarf and hat from Hubs' mom, all of the colours I mentioned ages ago on this very blog from the OPI Hollywood collection lovingly procured by my fabu sister-in-law, gift cards for clothes and Sephora, comfy pjs, calendars, a Wii game, Scrabble, Connect 4...

I'll stop now, 'cause the more I write the more I realized just how truly spoiled/fortunate I am.

New Year's Eve - in an effort to become more fiscally responsible, Hubs and I cancelled our reservations at a Niagara on the Lake swanky hotel and decided to host a few people here at our house. DeeDee was still with us, so our party options were always bound to be a bit more subdued.

So we hit M&M Meats, bought the party favours, and had Taco and his wife (and their puppy Charlie) and wannabefrenchie out for the night. We chatted, ate (we were sure to make our own veggie dip this time), drank, played some Wii, and counted down at midnight. Shortly thereafter my sister and her family dropped by to say hello. My poor nephew was desperately trying to remain civil at 12:30 in the morning.

He's three. Trying only gets you so far.

We did get to show off my new niece to the gang, though. And just 'cause I'm such a proud (yet fiercely jealous) auntie, here's a pic that I snapped of her that night in her martian hat.

I mean seriously. How fucking cute is she? No wonder I want one of these little things so badly...

So there's my rundown on some key happenings of the past little while. I'd write even more, but this post has been a serious pain in the butt to put together, so I'm spent! To be fair, I also spent the day shopping at Yorkdale with my 20 year old sister who heads back to BC tomorrow for school.

No matter how you slice it, her 20 will always have more energy than my 34.

So that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Back by popular demand

Well, well, well. You missed me - you really missed me! How cute. I'm touched, I truly am!

It's always so exciting to get those emails letting me know there's a new comment on my wee bloggie. I will admit my pulse races a bit faster when I see it's from Anonymous ('cause sometimes she's right mean to me) but of course I realize that not each and every one of you is going to create an entire account just to leave a word or two behind for me. But the stress never fully leaves until I've had a chance to read the entire comment and either breathe a sigh of relief or start huffing and puffing and drafting my nasty retort. Thankfully the need for the latter has been rare as of late. Phew!

Okay. A few things. First, since I know you're all waiting on pins and needles, yes...the calendars did arrive. What drama.

Hubs called me late on the afternoon of the 21st - the last day of work for me - and told me a package had just come to the house.

I was stunned. Speechless. Yes, it does happen. 'Cause it happened that day! Once I got home I took a look at the stupid thing, completely in awe of how it could have possibly made it from Texas to Ontario OVERNIGHT! (Remember order number three was shipped to me on Thursday with the hope of making it to me Christmas Eve). But no - this was order number two. My Suburbia, NY address had been crossed out and Suburbia, ON was penciled in.

Hmmm...thought I asked them if they could do that and they told me it was impossible....

But no mind, no complaints here. The danged calendars arrived, the recipients loved them, and all was right with the world. A true Christmas miracle indeed.

Now I'll be interested to see if the original shipment ever arrived at my office...'cause it looks like the third package finally arrived here at my house. Yep, a neighbour dropped off a failed delivery notice from Canada Post, one of those door knocker things, that she'd found in HER mailbox. My name, my address...her mailbox. And we have those pesky Superbox things, so it's like our lovely postie didn't even try to put it on my door - just stuck it in my poor neighbours box and went home to drink some more.

Let's all take a moment to applaud Canada Post, shall we?

Especially our carrier. We only get mail every few days and lately, we haven't been getting our bills, bills that we KNOW (unfortunately) are coming. In the past two days we've received two bills saying we didn't pay last month...we never saw a freaking bill! If that's one thing I'm religious about it's making sure bills get paid on time. I've played the bad credit board game and I have no interest in opening up that box ever again, ya know? Sheesh!

Methinks a well phrased telephone call to customer service is on my horizon....

But enough about Canada Post and the calendars. Lemme tell you what else is exciting. This is the one year anniversary of my blog! Agog!

Can you believe it? Looking back it's hard to believe it's been a year since I set up my little venting forum and sucked you all into my cyber vortex. Although I will admit that I haven't been all that good at the whole 'daily dash' thing as I'd intended to be. Let's see, one year today, and this is only post number 180. I was told there would be no math, but anyone with a preschool brain knows that a full year has more than 180 days. Bad diva.

I considered dropping the tagline but it's kind become a part of the deal, no? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts as to whether or not it's important to keep the reference to the daily dash, or if my ending question alone will suffice. Do tell, do tell.

Let's see, what else....

Oh yeah, the holidays! Silly diva. I've taken down all the Christmas decorations, so it's like the entire thing was a blip on the radar. Insanity I tell you.

So...finished on the 21st at noon, headed down to my Ministry of Health to finally get my health card changed over to my married name. I figured it was about time, and seeing as the health card was the last public acknowledgment of my maiden name, I will admit it was a bit strange to see it go. But it also made me feel that much more complete as Diva S, you know? Like the final piece of the puzzle had been snapped into place (more on puzzles and my new addiction to The Hills tomorrow if I remember) or the circle was finally complete. Ahhhhh...

The first weekend was spent shopping, cleaning and baking in preparation for the arrival of my sister's family. Great people, and we were really looking forward to having them. They showed up Sunday afternoon, and we had a great time catching up, hanging out, and just dishing the proverbial dirt.

Monday was not only Christmas Eve, but my poor now 11 year old nephew's birthday. We always make sure to have a separate birthday celebration so he doesn't feel shortchanged, and Monday was no exception.

I spent the morning in the kitchen making sugar cookies. You see, I was attempting to channel my inner domestic diva, and thought I would bake and decorate individual sugar cookies to use as placeholders at our Christmas Eve dinner table since we were hosting. My sister and her fam went to do some last minute shopping, Hubs went all the way across town to pick up DeeDee for the holidays, so I had the place to myself.

The tunes were blaring, I was still in my pj's and it took for-freakin-ever, but my tiny masterpieces were finally done as everyone arrived home. I was feeling kinda crappy since I hadn't really eaten much that morning, so when my sister got home with all sorts of small plattery things from the grocery store, I decided it would be best for me and my blood sugar to devour the vegetables and not the sweet stuff.

So I feasted like a maniac on the veggies and dip, then headed upstairs for a much needed shower in preparation for the arrival of the clan.

An hour or two later I wasn't feeling 'on' so I had some scrambled eggs and toast with peanut butter. I figured I just needed some protein and that would help straighten me out.

Excellent idea in theory, but it just fueled the fire that was raging within.

The family showed up, we were chatting, my sister hands me the baby, and three minutes later I hand it over to my other sister. Suddenly, I'm not feeling well. At all.

Lemme just say, I haven't puked in years. It's not something I'm completely unaccustomed to - I did my fair of post-drinking-4-am-chinese-food-recycling - but man...it's been a while. I may catch every mucus inducing virus known to man, but one thing I generally have is an iron clad stomach.

Not this Christmas Eve, apparently.

I went upstairs to our ensuite, grabbed the garbage can, and waited.

I didn't have to wait long.

It wasn't much, but it was something. I brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to chat with my guests and help my poor husband cook dinner for 13 people.

I made it half way down before my mother took one look at me and sent me to bed. For once, I didn't argue. Sigh.

I passed out. I heard Hubs announce dinner was ready (poor guy did it all by himself) so I decided another attempt was warranted. I made it to my seat and watched as everyone served themselves. I took one look at the sugar cookie placeholders and that was it - I had to go back upstairs. To this day I still can't look at those sugar cookies...

I won't bore you with any more gritty details, but suffice it to say I didn't have any dinner that night, and I spent the entire evening and night in bed, praying to feel better in time for Christmas morning.

Which, thankfully, I did. I woke up rather early still feeling a bit queasy but nothing as bad as it had been the night before. Hubs slipped downstairs to make me some toast and stumbled upon my sister, who had been puking since 3am.

She and I were the only ones in the entire house that ate the veggie dip. Coincidence? I think not. She's now embroiled in a feud with Superstore....

Christmas morning came, we opened our presents, then headed over to my other sister's place for round two and our Christmas breakfast. We all squished into their living room, now full of toys, etc, and completed the ritual. Not much longer afterwards it was back to our place so my sister could once again hit the bed for much needed rest. I wasn't too far behind her - but at least I got breakfast down!

I know at least one of you asked what I got for Christmas and if there was anything pink and I'll simply say - of course! for now. This entry is already long enough, and I'd love to show you some pics of my new bling and gorgeous cashmere wrap, but patience my lovelies. This shall come to you tomorrow. As well as updates on the remainder of the holiday and our new year's eve celebrations.

Baited breath - I can smell it from here. :)

For now, I'll close by saying this. I know that over this past year I've slogged Sludge for her behaviour, but I also have to give credit where credit is due. She sacrificed a lot this year so that DeeDee could have a good, family (in her words) Christmas with Hubs and I. It can't have been easy, especially since her daughter is her entire world and she doesn't really speak to her family, so I give her props.

Despite all the crap she pulled around the wedding and the holidays last year, this year she and Hubs made a plan, and she stuck to it. She never wavered, never questioned, just followed along. It couldn't have been easy, but I'm so grateful to her for not causing extra drama at an already stressful time. It honestly was one of the best Christmas gifts I received this year.

Well, that and a beautiful white gold and amethyst ring, but I'm trying to be kind here.

So it just goes to show you that you never know. People can change. People can surprise you. And there really are Christmas miracles.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and here's to fan-fucking-tastic things to come for us all in 2008!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?




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