Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Back to work I go.

Yep. Mini break over.

Five and a half long days away from all things work has been surprisingly wonderful.

We went to my sister's new place in Waterloo over the weekend and had a great time. Pool was more hot tub than pool, and we all swam until we pruned up something fierce. Then we drank, and ate, and celebrated my brother in law's 50th birthday. We hit the St Jacob's Market, procured some very yummy fudge and jam, and all in all had a fantastic time away from home.

A much appreciated diversion from all the things we should have been doing this weekend had we not been cancelled just a week ago. But I digress.

We returned home late Sunday and I was delighted to have three more days of precisely nothing to do ahead of me.

You'll be happy to know that Hubs and I found a plethora of wee tasks to keep us busy. First on the list was a trip to Canadian Tire on Monday to finally, FINALLY! procure the coveted chandelier for our master bathroom that I'd blogged about all those months ago.

Thanks to a birthday cheque from my mom kindly dated for now as opposed to the birthday proper (later this month), I was delighted to throw caution to the wind and secure my shiny new fixture. A few hours of swearing (on Hubs' and my part) and manicure destruction (all mine) from trying to get all the danged crystals into place, she was finally all assembled in her new home.

First, a reminder of what we were working with below. Big globe-y blobness.

And here she is, in all her ensuite glory! Unlit by day....

And lit by night! Pretttttty. She throws some great light, nice and warm without being overpowering. Much better than the before, I'm sure you'd agree!

Thanks for all your assistance in helping me find the perfect new addition! Now for your next challenge...the fixture above the massive mirror. Same bathroom, same colour scheme, all that jazz....but sweet jeebus we need something more stylish to replace this nastiness!

As always, any and all suggestions will be warmly welcomed! Thanks in advance.

As for the rest of my time off, I finally took the plunge and spent a bit more of that birthday money on some new clothes. It had been ages since I'd shopped for myself so it was a real treat. I managed to get some shop-tastic end of season (sigh - since when is now the end of the summer season?) bargoons, including a dress that I luuuuurve to wear to my sister in law's wedding at the beginning of September. Excellent trip, all things considered.

Tuesday we slept in a bit, then embarked on a trip to Costco and Chapters. I'd decided that my sister wasn't reading her copy of Breaking Dawn, the one she was going to lend to me, fast enough for my liking, so I needed my own. Got home around 3 and I started reading. Hubs went off to play his silly boy games, leaving me home alone with my book. In about seven hours, I made dinner, cleaned out our entire pantry, and read that book from cover to cover.

All 754 pages of it.

Perhaps needless to say, today was a non-reading day for me. My eyes needed the break!

After a super yummy breakfast of french toast and maple bacon (have I waxed poetic about the virtues of maple bacon yet? OMG - best stuff on the planet, I swear it) we finally got our acts in gear and took in a matinee of The Dark Knight.

I hadn't really been all that interested, but Hubs went last week and loved it, so I decided to bite the bullet. But before we did, we popped in Batman Begins (which neither of us had seen) as a prep course for what was to come.

All in all I liked the movie. Good action, lots of drama, and lots of talking from Gramps and his hippie grandkid sitting behind us.

Someday, as gawd is my witness, I'll be able to go to a movie and not hear the cacophony of stupid people talking as I try to watch a flick I paid some serious money for. If you want to talk, rent the fucking movie and stay home. Makes me truly mental.

And here we are, back at home again. DeeDee's with us tonight. We had a great dinner, watched the Hannah Montana/Miley Cirus Best of Both Worlds in 3D concert thingie that DeeDee had PVR'd a few weeks ago, and now we're all watching Back to the Future.

My very PG13 Wednesday night.

Shortly it'll be off to bed, then back up and on the GO train in to work. I suppose I really can't complain too much. A two day workweek AND new clothes to wear? Why, that's a diva's dream come true!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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Ami said...

Love love love that light! Great choice - and I agree the vanity one has to go. Great, modern ones always go on sale at Canadian Tire - never pay full price there! haha

Sounds like a fabulous extra long weekend! Cheers to short weeks!




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