Monday, 16 June 2008

My PVR hates me

It's true.

Not sure what I ever did to it, but all of the sudden it's got a massive hate on for me.

It all started a few weeks ago whilst taping The Bachelorette. I came home halfway through the episode and tried to watch from the beginning then boom - stupid thing froze and rebooted on me.


So I waited for it to go through the reboot process, load everything all up again. Figuring that it was a fluke, I tried again.

Boom. Game over.

Well piss me right off.

A week goes by and Monday rolls around again. Once more, I'm forced to watch the show after it's original air time. I pull up my Recorded Shows List, hit select once I've landed on The Bachelorette....and you'll never guess what.

Yep. Won' t play.

Argh. Other shows play fine - what the hell is it about The Bachelorette? Is my PVR possessed with a Deanna Pappas-hating entity!? Just doesn't make any sense to me.

So tonight, here we are at Monday yet again. Hubs and I were out for dinner at my aunt and uncle's place and didn't arrive home until well after 10. This, therefore, means that in order to watch my show, I must brave the PVR once more.

I held the remote in my hand, scared of what might happen. Surely this couldn't happen three weeks in a row.


Yeah. It sure can.

I'm just agog. Can't really understand how this is possible. Other shows on the same channel work just am I supposed to get my fix? I can't even find a slot to time shift it.

Woe is me. Guess I'll actually have to stoop so low as to look for online episodes. Oh the humanity.

In other news, it was an insanely intense, long week last week. We had our anniversary which was lovely, went out to dinner at a new restaurant and had a fantastic meal. It was also bittersweet as our anniversary is Hubs' father's birthday - and this is the first year he hasn't been alive to celebrate. Such mixed emotions for one day.

Wednesday was one of the longest days in ages. Worked an event in the evening that was frustrating from start to finish. And to make matters worse, the finish part didn't come until well after 11pm. Add the hour long commute home, and it was past midnight before I finally got my much needed sleep.

Me. Midnight. School night. Yuck.

Needless to say, 6am Thursday morning came way too early.

The rest of the day was a blur of meetings and other important work-y stuff. Thankfully a late afternoon meeting was cancelled and I was able to flee a bit earlier than expected. So flee I did.

Friday I took a much needed day off. Slept in, took it very easy, played Guitar Hero, then Hubs and I went to see a late afternoon showing of The Happening. I won't ruin it for you if you want to go and see it, but I will caution you to not expect too much. That way it's harder to be disappointed.

Saturday was busy as well. Had a 40th anniversary party from noon to three, then home to prepare for Hubs' family to be at our place for 4pm. Saturday marked the one year anniversary of my father in law's passing, a day that, of course, no one was looking forward to.

We ate a great meal, sat around, laughed, and toasted Jim. As only Hubs' family knows how. Have I mentioned recently how very fortunate I am to have become a member of this fantastic family?

Sunday was Father's Day. The final kick in Hubs' gutt. All that pain in a few short days. Poor guy. Can't have been easy.

But we had DeeDee with us so we made the most of Father's Day, the three of us. She'd made a nice card and brought a present for him, then she and I made a v yummy breakfast. He decided he wanted to go and see the Hulk, so back to the theatre we trudged. I have now seen the Hulk. Lucky me.

And all of the sudden, here we are back at Monday. Things are slowing a bit this week at work which makes me very very happy, and all the things I have to do in the evenings are personal/fun tasks, so I've no room to complain.

Now if only I could convince my PVR to release all of those episodes of The Bachelorette from its finicky clutches...

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

2 comments on "My PVR hates me"

Ewokie from WB said...

Do you have Rogers OnDemand? Because last week, I watched the Bachelorette on the CityTV ondemand channel. It's channel 100 for me, but I'm not sure about where you are. But maybe they have last week or this week's Bachelorette up there you can watch for free! The only thing is you can't change channels while it's playing (or you have to watch the whole thing again), and I can't fast forward through the commercials but maybe you can? (no PVR here!)

LadyTatiana said...

You mentioned seeking out online episodes. May I suggest They stream episodes of TV, Movies, Documentaries etc straight to your computer rather than having to download them. It rocks.




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