Monday, 17 December 2007

What a weekend

Methinks in hindsight my doormat is a bit too prophetic.

I picked up this super cute coir mat for the front door at Winners way back in November. It sat in the corner until the appropriate day arrived for its joyful and triumphant installation. That day, December 1 finally came, and now a few short weeks later, I'm reaping what I've sowed.

My cute little doormat? Says Let It Snow in huge letters on it.

Yeah, no shit Sherlock.

That sure was some dumping we got in our part of the world. Funny, we were expecting it so much earlier, but all Saturday night we kept looking out the window and saying, that's it? That's the huge storm?

Yeah, shoulda kept my mouth shut until I dragged my carcass out of bed on Sunday morning. Like the sound of snow and ice pellets whipping at my window pane didn't give things away, one first early morning glance did it for me.

Fortunately we'd gotten our outside-of-the-house weekend activities accomplished on Saturday in anticipation of said storm's arrival. We went to the SprawlMart and picked up a few necessities, went to Hallmark to finally get our Christmas cards, and we even ventured down for lunch and a movie before the weather overtook us.

We had DeeDee with us this weekend which granted us instant street cred to hit the theatre and see Enchanted. I'd been wanting to see this one since I'd first heard about it. As a huge Disney fan, putting this on my must see list was a no brainer for me.

I went in with some rather hefty expectations and am delighted to report that it actually exceeded them in all areas. Great writing, good acting, a bit of animation, catchy songs (How Do You Knooooooooooow? Can't get it out of my flippin head), and some seriously humourous bits made for a very enjoyable watch. I'm very much looking forward to the day this one comes out on DVD and makes its way into my collection. Yippee!

Yes, I get excited about Disney movies. Anyone know when Beauty and the Beast is coming out on DVD? That's another must purchase the very day it hits the shelf...but I digress.

So after a very productive day we returned home and set to work on many a crafty project. Since I can't call to the animals to assist me in such tasks like Giselle can (oh to lean out a window, sing a tune and watch the woodland creatures flock to your aid) I was forced to suck it up and toil on my own.

I put together a photo collage for my mom from my sisters and I, I painted a decorative box to give to my new niece, DeeDee decorated the gingerbread house as assembled by Hubs, Chief Engineer, and then we wrote out and addressed 40 Christmas cards.

By the time midnight came around, I'd put in one hell of a productive day, so I stumbled upstairs for much needed rest.

Sunday we slept in a bit (can I just say how much I love not waking up to an alarm clock? That is seriously good shit) and then I channeled my domestic diva and baked up a storm indoors while Mother Nature did the same all around us. We put the Sirius holiday station on yet again much to Hubs' chagrin (the poor boy can only take so much holiday music until the repetition grates on him), DeeDee sat at the table and did a craft project of her own, and I forged ahead and made four different recipes of Christmas goodies.

Some worked out beautifully, some...not so much. Yeah, macaroons are much better when they're chewy throughout, and not just in the middle. Something tells me they're not supposed to crumble and crack like mine do. Alas, lesson learned. It's been a long time since I've allowed the kitchen diva in me to surface.

Now I'm remembering why.

Not all was lost, though. I made a most fantastic batch of chocolate mint (Hubs' favourite flavour combo) cookies that, in my most humble of opinions, are simply to die for. This will be a repeat performance later this week as we await the arrival of the fam for the holidays.

Yes, this weekend was all about being a test kitchen. Trying out new recipes, seeing what worked, learning to avoid what didn't, and deciding which items to attempt once again and which ones should migrate to the very very back of my recipe cupboard.

I do have one. A recipe cupboard. Hard to believe, but it's true.

Baking pretty much dominated my entire Sunday. Before I knew it it was 5pm and time to think about dinner. Of course after six hours of baking the last thing I wanted to do was more cooking, but I managed. Woe is me. Poor domestic goddess. Slaving away at the stove of injustice.

Yeah, that'll be the day. I think this was the first time in eons that I was actually responsible for crafting an entire meal. I therefore have no room whatsoever to complain. But my feet did hurt after standing all that time. They did!

Last night there was nothing worth watching on television, so we ordered Blizzard on TMN on demand. Riveting. Damned writers strike. I NEED to know what happened after the tornado on Desperate Housewives. And where was my Amazing Race? It's already been flipping filmed - no need for any piddly writers strike to affect my viewing pleasure, yet there I was, Sunday night, cruising aimlessly through my on screen guide, nary a reference to the Race to be seen.


Which brings us to today. Every second Monday Hubs drives DeeDee back across the universe to school. Which means I have to take the bus to catch my tin can chariot of germs. A diva shudders.

So I bundled up and left my house early, knowing it would take me extra time to reach the bus stopped in our unplowed state of disarray. Missing the bus simply won't do, and despite all the snow I made it with plenty of time to spare. And plenty of time to stand outside and get nice and cold. Goodie for me.

Then the train was 10 minutes late. I finally got inside and it was no warmer in the tin can than it had been outside!!! Well maybe it was a bit warmer, but you know how much I thrive on hyperbole. Regardless, I spent the entire looooong train ride into the downtown core freezing in my nice warm peacoat and super fuzzy boots. Not cool, not cool.

At long last I made it to my office, two hours and 15 minutes after I'd departed my nice warm home. I took off my coat and boots, and sat down in my chair in my freezing cold office.

Today, I'm doomed to be cold.

But today has become tonight, and in an effort to warm up, I will sign off and head upstairs to cuddle with my furnace of a husband. And finally, FINALLY, after a long chilly day, I'll be nice and snuggly warm in the arms of my Hubs.

Now, if only I could stop him from snoring I could be warm AND rested...

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

5 comments on "What a weekend"

Anonymous said...

After many freezing days myself, I have come to realize that changing my socks is the key to warming up! If my feet are damp or cold, the rest of me is cold. If my feet are warm, so is the rest of me!
Thank Goodness for furnace husbands!


Anonymous said...

Please send your chocolate mint cookie recipe! It sounds awesome and I've become quite the domesticated chef myself so I could try it out.

I've actually cooked two full meals from scratch within one week! I also learned that Sobey's has a book of "cheat sheets" in every section of the grocery store to help you make purchases and know what's what. Too cool! Anywho....

Can you believe that we're on the verge of being girls who swap recipes? ;-) ha ha

Ciao bella,

Anonymous said...

Argh - the snow, I don't know if it's as bad over there, it's pretty horrendous over here (Mtl)!!
Chocolate mint - yummy! (for some reason my whole family thinks I'm nuts for liking that combo. If I may - suggest President's Choice Mint Chocolate Crackle ice cream - the best!!!)
Cheers Baking Diva,


celtic_kitten on 20 December 2007 at 07:56 said...

Diva... I have to check your recipe cupboard sometime!!! I'm a sucker for baked goods... well, ok, I'm more a sucker for BAKING goods ;)

Oh... and your (and my) beloved Amazing Race on CBS was pre-empted by the Survivor Finale on CBS. But by the sounds of things on the CBS website, AR on Sunday could be interesting.

celtic_kitten on 20 December 2007 at 15:13 said...

Heh.. I'm also reminded of a mat that D got me as a belated house warming gift when we first started dating... it said "GO AWAY" ;)




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