Monday, 21 July 2008

Booze without booze


We're back on the fertility bandwagon, and I'm at a point right now where it's not the best idea to consume alcohol while on the medication.

Okay, fine. The things I sacrifice in the name of trying to get pregnant.

It's not that I'm a huge boozer, truly. But I do enjoy my drinks. Always have, always will.

I mean, it's summer time! Nothing goes down better than a cold brewski after a long, hot day at work. Gawd, it sounds like I toil in the coal mines or something. But still...a cold beer is super yummy after a day at the office.

So I've decided that I won't give up beer in its entirety. As we were headed to a party on Saturday, I elected to suck it up, made a beeline to the Superstore, and for the very first time, purchased a 12 pack of near beer.

Whoooo-ahhhh. Near beer. Molson Excel.

I am one



Watch out, I've had four Excel's and I...have to pee.

That's about it.

The problem, I've subsequently found, is that the stuff doesn't really taste all that much like beer.


They only sell it in cans, and I've always hated the taste of a canned beer. I lived in residence in university for four years and the only beer we could bring in was in cans. Blech.

Pfft. At least that beer had, well, beer in it.

I decided that I'd have one with dinner tonight. Try to spice up my meal. Make me feel like I wasn't missing anything.

Meh. Maybe I should have just quit cold turkey. This is such a tease, 'cause 'near' is nowhere near enough in my books.

I also procured some .5% wine coolers. $1.49 for some lemon ice wine cooler thing. Hehehe. Too funny.

But that fared much better than the beer. It looked like a cooler so I could blend in with my drinking friends, it tasted like a cooler, so I felt like I actually was drinking like all my drinking friends, and it had pretty much no alcohol in it whatsoever.

The kicker? 34 grams of carbs per bottle.


I'm just not destined to win this mocktail game. 34 grams of carbs is way too much for this diabetic to consume in a stinking drink.

So I have two that doesn't really taste like beer, or caffeine free diet Coke.

With options like these, however shall I choose?


All for the greater good, I keep telling myself. Please god, let this all be for the greater good.

Off to finish the last of my 'beer' now. At least I can use it to wash down those meds!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

6 comments on "Booze without booze"

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I hear you on trying to "quit". I keep some O'Douls in the fridge, and found it's not too bad if I squeeze a lime into it. I know - not quite the same, but it'll work in a pinch! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Trick yourself with the Diet Coke and add lime wedges in place of the rum.

Anonymous said...

Aww Diva! That sucks, but worth it in the end right?!!

I completely agree with the diet coke and lime wedges - SO GOOD!!

Hope all is well - take care!


Chelle on 22 July 2008 at 11:02 said...

gold coke all the way.

Or, crystal light in a fancy glass w/ ice cubes & an umbrella (and citrus wedge if you've got some fruit in the house). I did this last week, while working on the deck at home, and it was great. I almost forgot that I hadn't put any vodka in my drink.

Good luck with the treatments

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

While I was on fertility meds and dying for some alcoholic action, I purchased Beck's non-alcoholic and found that it was the best of the worst. Get it nice and cold and it's pretty good. I think it also sells at Loblaws.

Good luck with your treatments!!!!

Anonymous said...

Try Scott's N/A coolers. They taste like Smirnoff Vodka coolers with no vodka! They are really good




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