Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My mother in law

Ah, the much maligned mother in law.

Some mothers in law make you nuts. Some make you angry. Some make terrible, inappropriate comments. Some make you feel like you'll never be a part of the family. Some make you cringe every time you have to set foot in their home. Some make you feel like you must deliver a grandchild (or seven) in the next year. Preferably less.

As for me? My mother in law?

She makes me....jewelery.

That's right! I totally lucked out in the in law department. I believe I've mentioned this before but it certainly bears repeating. I got plain stinking lucky. And not just because she makes me cool stuff.

I've got two fab sisters in law and a mother in law that, besides never doing any of the nasty things I outlined above, has recently taken up jewelery making.

And the woman is a wiz with beads!

She's emptied out every bead store within a gazillion mile radius, and sweet holy crap the stuff she puts together! I'm seriously impressed! And you know it takes a goodly deal to impress this diva in the accessories department!

I've snapped some photos of but a few of the goodies she's compiled. Some specifically with me in mind, and others, well...I've snagged them from her massive bag of possibilities.

So far, she's made more than 150 sets. Most are necklaces and earrings, some are necklaces alone, and some include bracelets.

And they're all pretty freaking sweet!

Take a peek! Apologies for the crappy photography - don't have the super duper camera that would really do all of these justice. Someday though!!

Anyway, gives you a pretty decent idea of what she can do. Now is that impressive or what?

And the crazy thing is she has over 150 sets of these all done and ready to go.

But what to do now? We'd love to find a way to set her up so she can make a bit of money off of all her hard work. We've tossed around eBay but that's a challenge since she's not a fan of the computer. I think she might bunk with a friend at her local flea market and see if she can make some headway there.

Regardless of what she wants to do next, it's just so cool to see her get into something she loves and that she's truly good at. I just had to show off all her hard work!

Yep, truly hit the jackpot this time. Lucky, lucky diva.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

9 comments on "My mother in law"

Trish Singh on 23 July 2008 at 23:01 said...

I WANT EARRINGS! I have been wanting earrings with those style of backings for awhile now. They are really cute - great job!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a talented lady! You are very lucky to have her. My mother in law passed away at Christmas and I miss her more then words can describe....

I think a flea market is a great idea for her to sell her stuff! I bet she would do really well - I would buy a set or two!! (The green one is my fav!)


Anonymous said...

Forgive me as I am a U.S. girl so I'm not here if they do these in Canada but craft shows are a big thing where I live. THat would be an excellent way to sell her beautiful items!!

Natalie said...

WOw! Beautiful jewellery! Flea markets are a great idea, also posting on places like craigslist and ebay might be a good way to get her talent out there :-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing are a very lucky diva.

On the other hand, I too have a super fantabulous Mother in law. Although yes I do get hounded for the grandbabies, I also get the warmest and lovingest hugs a lady can share....and they're all mine!!!



Anonymous said...

can I trade your mother-in-law for my mother-in-law? (Im one of the oh so unfortunate in the in-law department, can't you tell!)

Evilmena said...

ETSY, ETSY, ETSY!!!! This screams for her to put them on Etsy...of course not being a fan of the computer she may need some help with that part...maybe the Diva could help her out...say in exchange for some lovely pieces? Fleamarkets are a good idea as well but I don't know of many good ones anymore.

Shannabelle said...

That's beautiful stuff! Want to send some out west???

Anonymous said...

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