Monday, 24 September 2007

Tis the season...

...for season premieres!! Wooo hoooo!!

Yes, I'm a television junkie. My ever expanding ass is a testament to that fact.

I love this time of year. Yes the leaves are pretty, yes the humidity is down, but perhaps most importantly - the good tv comes back.

Across this great nation, people are bunking down on their couches, settling in to watch new episodes of Prison Break. They're getting to know the new Bachelor. And they're tuning in to the first episode of Heroes to see what the hell happened to Peter Petrelli.

And I'm right there with them! At least I would be, if it weren't for Sludge. Yes, Hubs is on the phone with her. Again. Having a rather vigorous and lengthy conversation about DeeDee and what's in her best interests. I won't bore you with the details 'cause I'll just get all riled up again (grrrrrr) but suffice it to say, Belleck is frozen on the tv screen until Hubs gets off the phone and we can catch up to what all of you have likely already seen.

So I'll just sit here and natter away on my blog until he's done. And can I just say it kinda needs to be soon? I've got two hours worth of shows to watch and I'd really like to get to bed before midnight. Stupid hormone drugs made it difficult for me to sleep well at night.

Apparently they also make me lose focus and have rambling thoughts....wasn't I talking about season premiere week?

Okay then.

So, who else is excited about Grey's starting back up this week? And the spinoff show, Private Practice. Like or lump? I'm a fan....I'll be interested to see how it all plays out, what becomes of Addison as she heads south. Can't say that I'm looking forward to her lamenting the demise of her ovaries some more though - too much art imitating life, if you catch my drift. But a healthy dosage of Ty Diggs might just bring me back around. Daym that man is fine. I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers, even if Crackers was his dog.

Have I ever discussed the impact some of these drugs can have on the ole libido? Yeesh!

What else...okay. Other new shows. Lemme get my spreadsheet here...

Stop laughing. Yes, I have a spreadsheet that outlines the shows I want to watch, the time slot they're on, the network that shows them, and their start dates. A diva must be prepared at all times, and never misses her stories if she doesn't have to. And thanks to my trusty PVR and some clever programming by yours truly, I never will!

Hubs is still on the phone...what else can I ramble on about.

Oh yeah! How can I forget my cross border shopping excursion on Sunday! Woo hoo to the dollar at parity! Not only that, but there's only 4.75% sales tax in NY state, so you save an additional 10%!

I shopped like a maniac. Managed to finally find the elusive Coach bag of my dreams at a decent price. She's beautiful. Light purple suede with eggplant leather trim. Prrrrr......divine. I also managed to grab some of my fave hand soaps from Bath and Body Works (new flavour - fresh pineapple. Hello tropics!!) and some cute outfits for my niece to be. Now, that was a bit painful but I managed okay. And as I've said before, it's more shopping done now that I won't have to do when she's born and I might be ready to go off the proverbial deep end.

I also scored big time at Lane Bryant. Yes, I'm not only diva-esque in personality but also in stature, so I never miss an opportunity to shop at my fave US clothing chain whenever I cross the border. Get this...I managed to get $396 worth of clothes for $227.

No, that is not a typo. It's true! It was like Christmas!! Without the calories or sugar crashing, but still just as warm and fuzzy. I had a coupon that saved me $75 when I spent $225, and they were also having some weird sale that I still don't understand, to be truthful. Something like buy one get another something for $10. Or $10 off. Or who knows...all that matters is that I saved a buttload of cash, and that ain't wrong. It's oh so right. Ah.

Coming back across the border I was a bit concerned that we'd get pulled over to pay duty since we all actually said we'd bought stuff. But Mr. Laid Back Customs Man was too busy smoking his ciggy to even reach out and take our documents. Never looked at them! Asked us our citizenship, what city we lived in, how much we had to declare ($180, $250, $75, said the adults), and said okay. We stayed there, stunned until he looked at us and said, I kid you not, 'buh bye'. Unreal. And they want to give these guys guns? They're too busy smoking to actually draw them! Insane.

Oh well. Guess I shouldn't complain, since the opposite of his reaction would have really sucked. Wasn't in the mood to have the Kia ripped apart. It's doing that all by itself. Stupid car.

Okay, I think it's time to stop now. I'm all over the place, can't stay on one topic for more than a blink of time, and my eyeballs are starting to burn. It's 10pm so time to force Hubs to give up the fight for tonight and resume it again tomorrow. 'Cause god knows Sludge has no shortage of bullshit to spurt on a daily basis. And hey, if the bullshit fails, there's always the number of piles of dog shit that are lying around in her apartment. Yes, you read that right. Their lovely new puppy shits everywhere and she doesn't clean it up for hours. Awesome.

No wonder I love the nonsensical escapism that is television....real life is chock full of shit these days!! Hehehe.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

5 comments on "Tis the season..."

Janny said...

Now see, you have a spreadsheet, I have them all listed (with pop up reminders!) on my work computers Webmail! Damned working nights! BUT, thankful I have a TV at work (and it's OK to watch, as long as all my work is done!) on my desk!

Hope you got to finish watching your shows, and no worries about the random ramblings. hi hi!

Roberta on 25 September 2007 at 11:44 said...

I sooooo miss tv at this time of year (with my pitiful 2 channels). At least I can get most of the premiers that I care about.
I should go out and buy a tape so that I can make sure not to miss Thursday's shows while I'm out.
BTW, my premiers are listed in iCal with a 1 hour warning alarm :p
Enjoy your tv time.

celtic_kitten on 25 September 2007 at 12:35 said...

I've got our TV all nicely mapped out, too... which is how I know we've got a conflict in the making on Tuesdays with House, The Unit, and Reaper *sigh* And this Tuesday Night Disctraction Club thing I'm involved with ;)

Hope you got to see all your recorded shows last night and weren't up too late!

Anonymous said...

Okay, can I just say...
That's &*^*&^# foul about Sludge and her dog.


Kris on 25 September 2007 at 18:47 said...

House! House! House! 73 minutes and counting!! It's been a long summer of dreaming about my Hugh...




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