Monday, 8 October 2007

Don't know about you, but I'm all turkeyed out

Okay, okay. Yes, it's been a week since my last post, but you have no flipping idea how insane this week has been!

As I'm sure you all have read in an earlier post, we were hosting Thanksgiving with my family at my house on Saturday. And my stepsister and her family were staying here overnight. Which meant that all the little things we'd wanted to do to the house all of the sudden had to get done within the span of a week or two, 'cause company was coming and we needed the place to be purdy.

Hence not being around to post for an entire week! We'd get home from work, shop for what we needed, clean/install/paint/touch up/hang/ - and then we'd drop. Exhausted. But only after we'd made the list of what had to be bought/cleaned/installed/painted/touched up/hung the next day.

Insanity. We changed even more doorknobs, got rid of all those pesky roller marks you make on the ceiling when you're painting a room while you're tired, got rid of all the leftover orange paint on the window sills and sides in the spare room, bought and assembled a table for the tv in the guest name it, we did it. Oh yeah - and we also had to finish the job that Molly Maid didn't quite complete.

Yep, that's right. We actually bit the bullet and hired them to come in and clean our home once a month. The cleaning they did quite well, but the dusting of the place left a lot to be desired. I'm following up with them tomorrow and I'm confident they'll make it right - I'm not here to bash them or anything, just telling it like it is. So Hubs and I were running all over the house with Swiffer cloths, madly trying to determine what had and hadn't been done and making up for it.

The worst? Our flipping blinds. The house came with fantastic white California shutters on every window in the house. Every one. And those little bastards get unbelievably dusty. Not cool, especially when your soon-to-be-arriving houseguests have serious allergy issues. Nope, not cool.

So yeah, it was a crazy week, and I have to say - dinner went off really well, food was great, and man oh man am I happy it's over. It was a lot of work for about 30 minutes of eating time.

I had a bit of fun setting the table though. We were 13 in total, and since my three year old nephew didn't really need a formal placesetting, we were able to use my great-grandmother's china. First time since I inherited it years ago.

I's all growed up now!

I found a decent table cloth and used some fake gourds I found at Homesense to make placecards. Yep, I done Martha'ed the place up good!! You can't see the design on the plates too well, but still...just assume that they're gorgeous. As they well are.

And of course I had to find the perfect centrepiece - that balance of pretty and abundant without taking up too much of the valuable table real estate. Those mashed potatoes have to go somewhere! I managed to find a nice candle and holder, again from Homesense, then placed another ring of berries around it. Wanna see? Of course you do! I'll indulge that curiosity.

I know, I know. I like it too. It still sits on our dining room table, even though Thanksgiving dinner is all over but the leftovers.

Speaking of which, I don't know how much more turkey one human being can ingest. Seriously. If you are what you eat, then gobble gobble baby, 'cause I'm full stuffed up. Stick a fork in me - I'm done! Well, except maybe for the turkey sandwich I'll have for lunch tomorrow.

So that's pretty much a rundown of why I've been absent and what I've been up to. I'm looking forward to a slightly less hectic week to come, and even more importantly - the weekend! Have a few things planned thus far, but more than anything, I've just come to love weekends so damned much that I'll take whatever comes our way!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend and aren't too bummed about heading back to the office tomorrow. Just think - Monday's already over and you're one day closer to Friday! Woot woot!

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about our adventures with the fire department...

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "Don't know about you, but I'm all turkeyed out"

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving DivaJen! Awesome job on the dinner decor, looks mahvelous! (btw, I didn't mention it on WB, but I really like the new red door!). Something should be in your mailbox by tomorrow, btw, if it isn't already! (mailman was possibly waylaid by some turkeys??)
Mary F.

AliDev said...

Fire Department... how can you leave me hanging with that one??
I'll be back tomorrow!

Marlene on 9 October 2007 at 08:23 said...

Your table looks fabulous! I can't wait til we have our house for next Thanksgiving... I might try cooking up a bird just for an excuse to hit up Homesense for some Thanksgiving decor!




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