Monday, 26 November 2007

Just another crampy Monday

Better than manic, I suppose, but what can you do?

Yes, I had another attempt at the whole babymaking thing on Sunday. Goodie for me. Only cost us $400 and a $60 parking ticket 'cause the idiots changed the parking rules on the street. I'm super pissed off - you have no flipping idea. I'm going to court over this one, that's for sure!

Anyway, rest of the weekend was good. Taco (Hubs' friend) was here for the weekend, so while they geeked out I did everything in my power to make myself scarce. Hung out with my mom and sister (and the new baby) on Friday night, went to lunch with the gals on Saturday, did some Christmas shopping, then met the boys at the movie theatre to catch No Country for Old Men.

Okay. I hadn't heard anything about this movie and, uh, I think that was good. I went along 'cause I'll almost never say no to a flick. Evidently it's time to rethink that rule.

The movie was...interesting. Very slow in parts, glacial actually, but the cinematography was incredible and what they didn't show you on screen was at times more compelling than what they did. The villain was terrifying, altogether too good at what he did, and damned near indestructible. Sinister, through and through. Tommy Lee Jones' character was very well written, but still...there were times when I was glancing furtively around looking for an object just sharp enough to begin the wrist slitting. Crazy how one film could waffle so much.

What was enjoyable was the fact that this is definitely a film that appeals (at least at 4:45 on a Saturday afternoon) to an older crowd. No 16 year old long haired emo kids out on the town with their junior punk posse, no. This was an adult flick with nothing remotely of interest to the under 18 crew. Which meant that there were no snickers, no giggling girls, no cell phones, no bright blue lights from same said cell phones as txt msgs came in, no barking out random words to make your vapid friends titter with laughter. The absence of all the above made just being there that much more enjoyable.

Sunday morning came too early. Up at six, at the clinic by 7:30, out for breakfast, back to the clinic for 10:30, home by after 12:30. Then it was straight to lunch at my sister's with my mom and two aunts, which I was able to enjoy for a relatively short time before the aforementioned cramping took hold full force. And hey - there are only so many cute baby presents being unwrapped by someone other than me these days that I can physically stomach.

Not that I begrudge her, but still. Not six hours before, I had a sperm filled catheter unceremoniously threaded through the tiny hole in my well hidden cervix in an attempt to get what she has. So you can imagine that I'd be a bit sensitive about all things baby at that particular moment. Or at least I hope you can. Otherwise I'm just a maladjusted, self-indulgent bitch who thinks about no one but herself. And I really don't want to be that girl.

Rest of the day the crampiness continued and by 8:30 I'd had enough. So I went to bed. I think I was anxious to get there not only because I felt like crap, but because I knew I had a freshly laundered, first time on the bed set of 450 thread count chocolate brown sheets to slip into, courtesy of that wonderful sister in law of mine.

I must say - chocolate brown sheets are super sexy. Not sure if that's just 'cause there's an automatic association in most female brains between sex and chocolate, but either way, they're luscious. I highly recommend you go out and get yourselves some. You can thank me later.

More cramps today, but nothing too earth shattering. Hope they pass.

And so to further that effort, 'tis time to bid you a fond farewell so I can slip upstairs and into those sexy sheets beside my probably-already-sleeping sexy husband. Not that he'll be feeling the power of the sheets.

Why not, you ask?

Two words: progesterone suppositories.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "Just another crampy Monday"

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about movies with teenagers! We rarely go anymore because of that. They are so annoying at movies, getting up, on the cellphone, talking loud. OMG, how old do I sound??

JMaddy from WB said...

SWIM, BOYS, SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending you all the fertility and strong-swimming vibes I possibly can,


Anonymous said...

Good luck this cycle!

And yes, chocolate brown sheets are the best!

Brooklyne xxx




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