Thursday, 22 November 2007

Let's talk tv, shall we?

So yeah, I love my telly. No big surprise there. But wowie zowie has there been some great stuff on the small screen this week!

First - the Bachelor. Jeebus. Who ever expected him to not pick either one of them? WTF? Sorry if I've spoiled it for anyone, but hey - if you were really jonesed about it, you'd have found a way to watch it by now, so there. I laugh now, 'cause everyone is calling him this huge player that only wanted publicity for his bars. Wow, how quickly the tide of public opinion can turn!

I actually thought he was a pretty decent guy. He never really looked comfortable in his role as hot man stud dating 25 women but then again, who should? But to just dump both of them? After having such an apparently strong connection? That's right rough, yo. I mean, he totally could have dated either one of them. No need to dish out the bling, just go for ice cream or something. Sure did look to me like he had some kinda feelings for these girls...maybe that's just the magic of television.

Then last night was Private Practice. Anyone else really starting to love this show? The characters are so well written, the story lines are really starting to get juicy, and the Taye Diggs without a shirt sightings sure do keep me coming back for more! Yowza! He's some yummy.

I also find it interesting that they talk about infertility stuff. Not that I necessarily want my own challenges flashed back in my face, but still...there's something surprisingly reassuring about seeing it actually brought to the 'mainstream' on an increasingly popular prime time television show. Hubs thinks I'm crazy to continually subject myself to all the babies on the show but meh. Yeah, it sucks. But so does life sometimes. At least it's fake, and I know that. Life is all too real for me most days.

Then Grey's Anatomy tonight. Won't go into too much detail in case you haven't seen it, but generally speaking, watching that wife and her reaction to her hubby...I was in tears. So sad. Never used to react to things like that. Guess that's what happens when you actually love someone and can put yourself into that position all of the sudden.

And the ending! Again, won't ruin it, but man. That's the kinda of writing I've come to expect and has been sorely lacking over the past number of episodes. Can't wait for the next one...and to me, that's the sign of a danged good show.

Okay, so this hasn't been a very exciting post, but it's all I've got right now. I'm tired, I can't wait to get to bed, and I have to be up super early for another clinic appointment that, quite frankly, I'm terrified about, 'cause if things don't go well it might be the end of this cycle and $1,000 worth of fertility meds down the proverbial drain. I don't know about you, but I ain't got that kinda cash to flush. More on all that tomorrow.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

2 comments on "Let's talk tv, shall we?"

Anonymous said...

Wow, You're absolutely right about Private Practice! I love, love, love it!
And Grey's... I missed it... Apparently the first show worth watching in quite some time and I missed it.... Darn.
I hope your morning is going well and those blasted cysts have moved on!

Janny on 24 November 2007 at 00:47 said...

I LOVED Private Practice this week! When Addie gets in the tub with the lady, TOTALLY George and Bailey in Grey's! SO great!

And Grey's on it's own too was AMAZING!!!! I agree, Cannot WAIT for next week!

Gotta say I have a love affair with my TV too... And I do miss watching TV from home instead of work! Nothing beats Grey's in my PJs with some Hot Chocolate and Popcorn!




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