Thursday, 3 January 2008

Back by popular demand

Well, well, well. You missed me - you really missed me! How cute. I'm touched, I truly am!

It's always so exciting to get those emails letting me know there's a new comment on my wee bloggie. I will admit my pulse races a bit faster when I see it's from Anonymous ('cause sometimes she's right mean to me) but of course I realize that not each and every one of you is going to create an entire account just to leave a word or two behind for me. But the stress never fully leaves until I've had a chance to read the entire comment and either breathe a sigh of relief or start huffing and puffing and drafting my nasty retort. Thankfully the need for the latter has been rare as of late. Phew!

Okay. A few things. First, since I know you're all waiting on pins and needles, yes...the calendars did arrive. What drama.

Hubs called me late on the afternoon of the 21st - the last day of work for me - and told me a package had just come to the house.

I was stunned. Speechless. Yes, it does happen. 'Cause it happened that day! Once I got home I took a look at the stupid thing, completely in awe of how it could have possibly made it from Texas to Ontario OVERNIGHT! (Remember order number three was shipped to me on Thursday with the hope of making it to me Christmas Eve). But no - this was order number two. My Suburbia, NY address had been crossed out and Suburbia, ON was penciled in.

Hmmm...thought I asked them if they could do that and they told me it was impossible....

But no mind, no complaints here. The danged calendars arrived, the recipients loved them, and all was right with the world. A true Christmas miracle indeed.

Now I'll be interested to see if the original shipment ever arrived at my office...'cause it looks like the third package finally arrived here at my house. Yep, a neighbour dropped off a failed delivery notice from Canada Post, one of those door knocker things, that she'd found in HER mailbox. My name, my address...her mailbox. And we have those pesky Superbox things, so it's like our lovely postie didn't even try to put it on my door - just stuck it in my poor neighbours box and went home to drink some more.

Let's all take a moment to applaud Canada Post, shall we?

Especially our carrier. We only get mail every few days and lately, we haven't been getting our bills, bills that we KNOW (unfortunately) are coming. In the past two days we've received two bills saying we didn't pay last month...we never saw a freaking bill! If that's one thing I'm religious about it's making sure bills get paid on time. I've played the bad credit board game and I have no interest in opening up that box ever again, ya know? Sheesh!

Methinks a well phrased telephone call to customer service is on my horizon....

But enough about Canada Post and the calendars. Lemme tell you what else is exciting. This is the one year anniversary of my blog! Agog!

Can you believe it? Looking back it's hard to believe it's been a year since I set up my little venting forum and sucked you all into my cyber vortex. Although I will admit that I haven't been all that good at the whole 'daily dash' thing as I'd intended to be. Let's see, one year today, and this is only post number 180. I was told there would be no math, but anyone with a preschool brain knows that a full year has more than 180 days. Bad diva.

I considered dropping the tagline but it's kind become a part of the deal, no? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts as to whether or not it's important to keep the reference to the daily dash, or if my ending question alone will suffice. Do tell, do tell.

Let's see, what else....

Oh yeah, the holidays! Silly diva. I've taken down all the Christmas decorations, so it's like the entire thing was a blip on the radar. Insanity I tell you.

So...finished on the 21st at noon, headed down to my Ministry of Health to finally get my health card changed over to my married name. I figured it was about time, and seeing as the health card was the last public acknowledgment of my maiden name, I will admit it was a bit strange to see it go. But it also made me feel that much more complete as Diva S, you know? Like the final piece of the puzzle had been snapped into place (more on puzzles and my new addiction to The Hills tomorrow if I remember) or the circle was finally complete. Ahhhhh...

The first weekend was spent shopping, cleaning and baking in preparation for the arrival of my sister's family. Great people, and we were really looking forward to having them. They showed up Sunday afternoon, and we had a great time catching up, hanging out, and just dishing the proverbial dirt.

Monday was not only Christmas Eve, but my poor now 11 year old nephew's birthday. We always make sure to have a separate birthday celebration so he doesn't feel shortchanged, and Monday was no exception.

I spent the morning in the kitchen making sugar cookies. You see, I was attempting to channel my inner domestic diva, and thought I would bake and decorate individual sugar cookies to use as placeholders at our Christmas Eve dinner table since we were hosting. My sister and her fam went to do some last minute shopping, Hubs went all the way across town to pick up DeeDee for the holidays, so I had the place to myself.

The tunes were blaring, I was still in my pj's and it took for-freakin-ever, but my tiny masterpieces were finally done as everyone arrived home. I was feeling kinda crappy since I hadn't really eaten much that morning, so when my sister got home with all sorts of small plattery things from the grocery store, I decided it would be best for me and my blood sugar to devour the vegetables and not the sweet stuff.

So I feasted like a maniac on the veggies and dip, then headed upstairs for a much needed shower in preparation for the arrival of the clan.

An hour or two later I wasn't feeling 'on' so I had some scrambled eggs and toast with peanut butter. I figured I just needed some protein and that would help straighten me out.

Excellent idea in theory, but it just fueled the fire that was raging within.

The family showed up, we were chatting, my sister hands me the baby, and three minutes later I hand it over to my other sister. Suddenly, I'm not feeling well. At all.

Lemme just say, I haven't puked in years. It's not something I'm completely unaccustomed to - I did my fair of post-drinking-4-am-chinese-food-recycling - but's been a while. I may catch every mucus inducing virus known to man, but one thing I generally have is an iron clad stomach.

Not this Christmas Eve, apparently.

I went upstairs to our ensuite, grabbed the garbage can, and waited.

I didn't have to wait long.

It wasn't much, but it was something. I brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to chat with my guests and help my poor husband cook dinner for 13 people.

I made it half way down before my mother took one look at me and sent me to bed. For once, I didn't argue. Sigh.

I passed out. I heard Hubs announce dinner was ready (poor guy did it all by himself) so I decided another attempt was warranted. I made it to my seat and watched as everyone served themselves. I took one look at the sugar cookie placeholders and that was it - I had to go back upstairs. To this day I still can't look at those sugar cookies...

I won't bore you with any more gritty details, but suffice it to say I didn't have any dinner that night, and I spent the entire evening and night in bed, praying to feel better in time for Christmas morning.

Which, thankfully, I did. I woke up rather early still feeling a bit queasy but nothing as bad as it had been the night before. Hubs slipped downstairs to make me some toast and stumbled upon my sister, who had been puking since 3am.

She and I were the only ones in the entire house that ate the veggie dip. Coincidence? I think not. She's now embroiled in a feud with Superstore....

Christmas morning came, we opened our presents, then headed over to my other sister's place for round two and our Christmas breakfast. We all squished into their living room, now full of toys, etc, and completed the ritual. Not much longer afterwards it was back to our place so my sister could once again hit the bed for much needed rest. I wasn't too far behind her - but at least I got breakfast down!

I know at least one of you asked what I got for Christmas and if there was anything pink and I'll simply say - of course! for now. This entry is already long enough, and I'd love to show you some pics of my new bling and gorgeous cashmere wrap, but patience my lovelies. This shall come to you tomorrow. As well as updates on the remainder of the holiday and our new year's eve celebrations.

Baited breath - I can smell it from here. :)

For now, I'll close by saying this. I know that over this past year I've slogged Sludge for her behaviour, but I also have to give credit where credit is due. She sacrificed a lot this year so that DeeDee could have a good, family (in her words) Christmas with Hubs and I. It can't have been easy, especially since her daughter is her entire world and she doesn't really speak to her family, so I give her props.

Despite all the crap she pulled around the wedding and the holidays last year, this year she and Hubs made a plan, and she stuck to it. She never wavered, never questioned, just followed along. It couldn't have been easy, but I'm so grateful to her for not causing extra drama at an already stressful time. It honestly was one of the best Christmas gifts I received this year.

Well, that and a beautiful white gold and amethyst ring, but I'm trying to be kind here.

So it just goes to show you that you never know. People can change. People can surprise you. And there really are Christmas miracles.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and here's to fan-fucking-tastic things to come for us all in 2008!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

2 comments on "Back by popular demand"

Anonymous said...

Yeah - you are back! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love the positive reflection of 2007. And I really hope that 2008 is a great year for you. And I am so glad the food poisoning didn't ruin your Christmas morning. I can't wait to see the bling! And I am so happy you are writing again. (did I already mention that?) I check your site every morning with my tea, even though I am not at work. It has stayed a ritual. All the best!!!! Camilla

Anonymous said...

How awesome for Dee Dee to be able to spend Christmas with you and Hubs. My husband asked his ex if we could spend Christmas morning with his 2 daughters, and even though they wanted to, Cruella said flat out no. Although, we try not to focus on Christmas being a specific day in our household we had my 2 neices with us this year (first time in 8yrs) and that would have made it quite enjoyable for the girls...alas it was not to be and on our respective days fun was had by all, unfortunately, Cruella is only hurting herself and the kids, not us.
Edm Girl




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