Wednesday, 27 February 2008

American Idol - censorship at its best

What crap.

What is this world coming to when a gal can't sing the entire lyrics to All By Myself?

Come on...great song. Opening lyrics to Bridget Jones' Diary, playing in the background when Cher realized that she loved Josh in Clueless, Celine Dion smacks the hell out of it whenever she sings it, and poor little Asia'h attempted it on American Idol tonight.

But someone, whether it was her or the idiots at Fox that censor this kinda stuff, decided she shouldn't sing the words "makin' love was just for fun" and substituted it with "and even though the nights are young".

First off, doesn't even really make sense. And she had this little grin on her face when she sang that line that told me even she thought it was outrageous.

What the fuck (and how I revel in saying fuck in a post that rails against censorship) is up with that? Sure, she's 19 or something but come on, she chose the song, one of the songs that Fox et al offered up for her to sing - why be so idiotic as to change the words like that? Did ya think we wouldn't notice? Do they honestly believe that the viewing audience is solely made up of vapid tweens who've never even heard the song before? Pffffft.

That's what I say to them...pfffft.

All By Myself is a true diva song and one of my all time faves. It's a challenge, no doubt about it, and is all too often butchered by those not quited skilled enough to pull it off. Like our little apostrophed continent gal here tonight. She can sing, sure, but she's sick and the song just kinda swallowed her whole. Not too pretty to watch.

Of course now it will be stuck in my head and poor Hubs will have to listen to me tackle it once or twice before I make my way up to bed. No need for me to suffer on my own, and it is a great song. Originally recorded by a guy, btw. Eric Carmen in 1975.

Man, my brain is tired. After remembering it was Eric Carmen, my brain has, for all intents and purposes, shut down and is now singing All By Myself in an Eric Cartman (a la South Park) voice. And I do a mean Cartman, if I do say so myself.

Poor Hubs. Me belting out the song as me was certainly bad enough. Cartman voice will make him want to pack a bag and find alternate sleeping arrangements for the night. Sigh.

And of course, as soon as I start singing in Cartman voice, I can't stop until I've also reprieved I'm Sailing Away while begging for Cheesie Poofs.

Just when I thought I was ready to head up to bed, suddenly an entire evening's worth of activities have unfurled before me.

Too bad I'm so tired and have to get up at an insanely, ungodly hour tomorrow. Maybe I'll have to do the super speedy version of Sailing that Cartman does. Yeah, that's it. I'm sailllinnnnng awaaaaayyyyy, free to face the liiiiiife that's aheaaaaad of me....

So very tired. Must go bed now.

Oh yeah, uh...and censorship sucks!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "American Idol - censorship at its best"

Janny on 28 February 2008 at 13:18 said...

Evil Diva!! Now I have All By Myself in a Cartman voice in my head! Shall listen to songs from Enchanted to chase it away! lol
I sadly didn't listen to the show last night, but if I were her, I would have sung the right verse! Then, you just blame it on being in the moment and remembering the REAL SONG!!! I don't know, but unless a WHOLE song has been changed up, I can't remember small little details changing. For example, James Blunt, You're Beautiful. Since I have the CD I have the non-censored version, where he says 'F'n high' instead of flying high. If I hear the radio one, I sing 'F'n High'! Unless we are feeling silly and start singing My Cubicle (really great parody!), then I remember that one cause the WHOLE thing has changed!
Anywho, I feel really bad for her. Seriously, I think those kids hear worse in Most Kanye West and 50 Cents songs than in this classic!
Shame on you American Idol!!!

grimeysgal on 4 March 2008 at 20:06 said...

Hey Diva! It's been awhile! Just caught up on some of your posts...
Glad you had a great trip!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaaha!

Too funny. I was wondering if it was just a screw up when she sang the wrong words, but then when no one said anything about it I was confused. Argh! What a stupid thing to do!!
-Christy a.k.a Ceije




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