Monday, 4 February 2008

One down, four to go

No, I'm not doing the countdown until our trip...yet. That's a whole other time line in my brain right now.

At this very moment, I'm all about getting through this work week alive.

I truly think this will be one of the busiest weeks of my professional life. Major meetings every day - the kind that actually matter in the grand scheme of things, and not just the time suckers where you sit there and write out your shopping list or practice your signature over and over and over again.

Nope, this is the big time. The time for me to shine, for me to be centre stage, for me to be 'on' the entire time.

And I've got to admit, it's kinda cool.

I actually don't mind being busy. I believe there's a sweet spot of busy-ness...that happy zone where you're well occupied and the day flies by. Not too far into idle nor into uber stress, but in that wonderful 'oh wow, it's 4pm already?' state of being. That's kinda what my week will be like.

My work week, that is. At night I have so many things to do to prepare for our trip that I'm already tired just thinking about it. And that's with getting lots accomplished this weekend! Le sigh.

I'll be heading to bed very shortly as I didn't sleep well last night. Sucks too, 'cause I certainly should have. There were fresh clean sheets on the bed (pure heaven) and I was exhausted from getting home late from a Superbowl party. Too bad I still had to fold all my summer laundry for packing and get my lunch ready and pick out clothes for the next day and change purses...yeah, a lot to do before my head was finally able to hit the pillow.

Of course the minute Hubs' head touched down on the down he was out for the count. Snoring away as only he can. So infuriating. I'm the tired one and I'm relegated to kicking him every few seconds in the hopes of getting him to stop! No peace. None.

Sure enough the alarm goes off in what feels like the blink of an eye and here we are at Monday all over again.

Oh well...just thinking that NEXT Monday there will be no alarm and no GO train trip made getting out of bed that much easier. :)

Let's hope the week flies by for all of us!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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