Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Welcome to my 200th post!!

Ta da! Cue the balloons and streamers, the confetti and tiaras - post number 200 is coming your way on this snowy Tuesday.

How's everyone been? I've been okay, busy, but okay. Work continues to be nuts and winter continues to take its toll. Stupid winter. As you well know I'm sooooo done with the snowy season, but I'm not here to chat about that today.

No, today I want to talk about words.

Yes, words.

I like words. Words are my friends. They should be your friends too, but fret not, I won't impose my wordy views on you. Har.

I read a lot. Not like that's much of a surprise, but it's true. Once I moved out to the 'burbs I started keeping track of the number of books I read and by the time the end of the year rolled around, the total was 85. I moved mid-February.

The book I'm currently reading is one I've read before, called Inappropriate Men, by Stacey Ballis. When I first read it a few years ago I was a single city gal who was finally thrusting herself back into the dating world. I loved this book at that time. Loved it with every fibre of my being. It spoke to me, the character thought like me, and she had a way with words that made me smile.

It's amazing how the passage of time and the accumulation of life experience can radically alter your perceptions. I'm re-reading this book mostly because I hadn't had a chance to get to the library for some new 'uns, and I plain ole refuse to get on that GO train without a book in my sassy bag.

But my how time has changed me! I'm now married (and therefore as far away from the dating scene as a faithful wife can get) and living la vida suburbia. Perspective sure has changed!

I still love this book, though. Maybe because I've romanticized it so much over the years that have transpired between readings one and two. Maybe it's just because it's a darned good book.

All that to bring us back to the topic at hand - words. At one point in the novel, the main character's writing an email to a potential beau about her favourite words (she's a writer). And that really got me thinking...

...what words would be on my favourites list?

There are a few that instantly spring to mind...









I of course asked Hubs what some of his favourite words are, and here's his list:











God I love this man. Could we be more different in our choices?! Yeesh! He did pick the greatest word of all time for his entry into my little experiment though. Gotta give him snaps for that.

And now he's giving me shit for my word choices. Saying that I'm only using them to try and make myself look smart, so that you'll all have to run to dictionary.com to figure out what they mean. That instead, I should have included key yet simple words like pink, bling, and diva much like he included acceleration, mint and snake to his list.

What I am apparently wasting my time trying to explain to him (as he's now trying to edumacate me on the origins of the word fuck and is therefore not listening to a single thing I say) is that I don't really give a rip about what the word means necessarily, what it represents, but rather how it sounds. How it rolls off the tongue.

He wasn't buying it.

So, I open the floor to you all now...what are your favourite words? Lemme know - I'm sure I'll be titillated by your responses!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

7 comments on "Welcome to my 200th post!!"

Jenn McGregor on 5 March 2008 at 00:56 said...

:) First off - congrats on your 200 post. I stalk your blog every so often and had to pipe in with a few of my faves :)

serendipity (like your DH)

Jenn (brighteyes)

celtic_kitten on 5 March 2008 at 06:45 said...

I'm not sure I have favourites. I suppose words not already in my vocabulary (so sadly, none of the ones on either of your lists would qualify in that case ;) )... I love to learn new words! And words that have music to them (not necessarily musical words...)... and words that conjure images of that to which they refer... ok, maybe I just love words *laugh*

But... on a completely different note... I'd love to hear your Hubs' take on the origins of 'fuck'... I've heard two 'origins', both stemming from the time of Charles the first in England, but applying to completely opposite situations.

Anonymous said...

Biznatchio is currently my favourite word.

Janny on 5 March 2008 at 12:55 said...

Hmmm... Good question! The only one that comes to mind is Serendipity also! Such a fun word!
I shall try and think of others as the day goes on! Great post Diva! :)
And a BIG congrats on the 200th!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your hubs is hilarious. His explanation for his choice of words sounds like something my DH would say. Ee can't help it if we're smarter than them, can we? :p LOL. -Ewokie

Anonymous said...


Gotta love it. :)


Anonymous said...

great post! so enjoy reading your unique take on the day that was. keep 'em coming!
here are a few of my fave words:
...think i better stop, this could go on all night! thanks for the inspiration!




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