Wednesday, 28 May 2008

And then there was one more

Well, our status as a one cat household was shortlived.

Poor Maxx. He wasn't adjusting well to being by himself. He was clingy, vocal, never leaving our sides, waking us up insanely early in the morning. So yesterday afternoon we bit the proverbial bullet and sourced out a new buddy to keep him company. Keep him young.

I took a half vacation day yesterday. I just felt very meh about all of this and still hadn't quite recovered from the ordeal of the weekend. Losing Baylee still didn't feel real. Not sure it's sunk in even now....still expect to see him bounce onto our bed, walk sideways into my legs, pop his head into our bedroom in the morning.

The more time we spent with Maxx, the more we realized he did need a furry friend. We called our local PetSmart and sure enough, they had four kittens from a rescue agency available for adoption.

We hopped in the car with our carrier...just in case. I have always said that pets pick you - you don't pick your pet. I wasn't sure if any of the four would speak to us, but did want to check it out just in case.

You can pretty much guess what happened next.

Two of the four were cute, but didn't fit the bill. One was super cute, all fuzzy-like, and I thought he was it, but as soon as we picked him up he flew out of our hands, not wanting to be held. We needs us a cuddly cat, so he wasn't it either.

That left one more. One little guy sleeping at the back of the cage.

I wasn't that impressed - he just kinda slept there. But as soon as the cage was opened he sprang to life and started mewing like crazy. Hubs picked him up and he nuzzled right in. I knew he was the one when he started licking Hubs' hands...our next cat had chosen us.

Maxx isn't sure yet. He's pretty set in his ways and is used to life as he likes it, with animals he's used to. But we'll get there. The little guy won't back down which is good, and doesn't cower like crazy when he gets hissed at. Which is often.

I feel somewhat weird about the whole thing though. Part of me feels like I'm betraying Baylee for getting a new little guy mere days after we lost him. Like we couldn't wait to replace him. Like we don't even mourn his loss, that we can just go out and pick up a new one and move on.

Then I remind myself that a huge part of us moving so soon was to get Maxx back to a good place - once we go through the transition phase, that is. And I try to be okay with it and just love our new little furry friend.

And just because he's so darned cute, here are a few pics of our new guy. Introducing Loki, aptly named after the god of mischief:

Curious on the kitchen counter

So tiny he has to step INTO the food bowl

A close up when he finally stopped moving

And to show you just how small he was, here's some perspective. He's so wee!!!

So there you have it. A new addition to the diva household. He sure does have the right attitude. He loves to run around, cause trouble, and sleep purely on soft fabrics. A kitty after my own heart.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

5 comments on "And then there was one more"

celtic_kitten on 29 May 2008 at 08:03 said...

Aww... He's adorable, Diva! I'm sure Maxx will adjust (once he realizes this little interloper isn't leaving). Never feel like you replaced Baylee... you didn't, you never could. But Maxx needed this little guy (love the name... we had a Degu named Loki once... before that we had Mischief and Mayhem... obviously there was a theme *laugh*)... it's a huge change for him to go from two little friends running around with him to being an only-cat.

I wanna cuddle the newbie! I'd love to get us a kitten (D's never had a kitten), but Grimm would never forgive us.

Enjoy your new addition!

Janny on 29 May 2008 at 09:23 said...

Oh Shannon, he's ADORABLE!!! Makes me want to get a little buddy for our cat now.

And you are definitely NOT replacing Baylee!! You had to do it for Maxx's sanity (trust me, I've seen my parents' cat go trough a sort of depression cause he was wondering where our kitty went... not pretty!). You still love your other kitties and miss them dearly I am sure, you have nothing to feel bad about.

Soon enough, you'll find them cuddled together on the couch, I'm sure! :)

Ewokie said...

I already commented on WB, but want to comment again. He's SO cute! And while I understand how you feel about betraying Baylee, you're also looking out for Maxx. My kitties cry if they're in separate rooms. They'll sit at the door at each side and cry for each other. If I ever lost one (knock on wood that this won't be for a long time :( ), I would probably do the same thing & get a new one.

Love his name too! I miss having tiny kittens, they're so squishable, but they grow SO fast!! Enjoy him!

Christy on 30 May 2008 at 16:50 said...

He is so cute! I love his eyes. What a perfect addition he will be to the family :)

grimeysgal on 31 May 2008 at 12:43 said...

Loki is adorable!!! Chris and I were contemplating getting a friend for our Ray but we've decided that at this point it would be just too much adjustment for him. We should have moved on it last summer when we stated talking about it. Maxx will get used to him soon enough and I bet you one day you might find them cuddled together - two purring balls of fur! ;) I'm sure Baylee would want Maxx to be happy...




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