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The quest for the elusive perfect gift...

So yes, apologies for my absence. No real excuse, truthfully. Just tired. Woefully tired. As soon as American Idol is done these days, I'm ready for beddy. Sigh.

Tonight is really no exception, but since I've been egged on to post by a bored, blonde ex-pat living in Aussieland, here we go!

Friday is Hubs' birthday. Yay Hubs! Disaster for me.

He's unbelievably hard to buy for. Not to mention that we're at that crucial point in our relationship where we've had enough birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, and Valentine's Days to have made our way throughout the standard gift roster. In the past I've given him box sets, die cast cars, a beautiful pen and pencil set, a wallet, photo books, calendars, Porsche books, video games, clothes...hell, I've even given him a new tank to put his freakin snake in!

And now I'm back at square one with nary an idea of what to do for him.

You see, I like my birthday gifts to be meaningful. Something I know the other person is going to really like if not love (and yes, stop snickering, snake tank was actually on that list - really). I am hooked on that high that comes from securing the perfect gift. Yet here I am, two days away from his birthday, and I'm still lookin to score.

When I asked him many weeks ago what he wanted, here's what I got:

a belt (black or brown, I need both)


Toca 2 for XBOX

Goodfellas and Shaun of the Dead on DVD

Seriously, that was his entire list. Oh, he wants Best Buy gift cards too so he can buy his Bose Companion 3 speakers for his computer.

A wild man, my husband.

I ask you, how does one find anything meaningful in any of those suggestions? Yeesh.

So while on my quest for the elusive meaningful present, I start to pick up the smaller pieces to have them on hand just in case. I find him a great leather belt that's actually reversable - black on one side, brown on the other. And better yet - it's not one of those tacky reversable belts either! Seriously! The non-tacky versions do exist out there, and in two days, Hubs will have one of his very own.

I went to the Eaton's Centre today during my lunch hour and picked up the DVD's he wanted. I got him an extra one too, just 'cause their sales are absolutely insane. I got 7 DVD's for $42. And that included tax. Well done, HMV. Well done.

I also managed to score a used version of Toca 2 since they don't make new ones anymore (sigh) for $5 at the EB Games. And not to be outdone, I also grabbed Toca 3 for his gaming pleasure. I figure the more games he has (and actually likes to play) the less he'll razz me for being on my computer. :)

A diva can dream.

I'm still on the hunt for good slippers though. He loves his slippers, my man. Jealous, girls? I know you are. Back off.

He does need a new pair though, 'cause his last ones pretty much disintegrated. He got so sick of them he threw them out. Which means he's pretty confident he's getting some from me. Awesome.

If you haven't gone male slipper shopping lately, I suggest you give it a whirl, just for shits and giggles, so you can better comprehend my pain. No one makes a decent, manly slipper anymore! I tried the SprawlMart - nope. Joe Fresh let me down... I'm running out of time here, people!

Oooh...I have an idea. There's a neat outlet place near here that has a wall of slippers. Now if I could only find an excuse for needing the car and slipping away tomorrow night. Must ponder that some more.

I had all sorts of other ideas, but they went over like the proverbial lead balloon. I thought I'd finally hit pay dirt when I saw that Chris Rock was playing Casino Rama in July. We both love and quote on a regular basis Bigger and Blacker, so I was SURE this would be a hit.

BUT...knowing how he'd waffled on so many other things, I decided to suck it up and ask him about it before I went out and committed those tickets to plastic. Good thing, 'cause he meh'ed right over Chris Rock! Shock of shocks! What has become of my husband?

The other challenge of course is that I don't have a wack of cash to spend, as much as I'd like to have anyway. If I had my way, I'd buy him the big screen tv he so desperately wants or a digital SLR camera. But alas, 'tis not in the cards this year. Unless, of course, we win that $25 million on Friday...then all bets are off.

What are some of the pressies you've bought your beloved in the past? Methinks this birthday is a write off in the meaningful department, but our second wedding anniversary is less than two months away, and all this turmoil will begin anew! I'd love to hear your suggestions!!!!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could help you Diva Jen - but the last special gift I bought for my husband (for V-day) was Chris Rock tickets...and that was going to be my suggestion for you...although for this year I am thinking about an experience gift - like one hour of flying a helicopter...and I know you have been down the experience route before - but - maybe there are new ones...and if all else fails - what about a night away togeher?

Anonymous said...

What about a new bathrobe to go along with those new slippers?
Or a subscription to a gaming magazine? I'm a fan of those because 12 times a year, they get a reminder of how thoughtful you were on their birthday ;)
Best of luck!

celtic_kitten on 15 May 2008 at 08:07 said...

DH is next to impossible to buy for, too... I think the only 2 gifts I managed to get him that he really loved were:

- an iPod for his 30th (except he was involved in buying that, so it kinda took the fun out of it *sigh*)
- a share in VW for our first anniversary from frame-a-stock (he just got his annual dividend cheque... a whopping $0.28 *laugh*)

He would also say the best b-day gift he got was me agreeing to marry him... silly boy. but since you've already married your guy, I guess that's out ;)

Umm.... another snake? A share in microshaft (or another, less evil company?)? A home-made coupon book with vouchers for you to do things you normally don't like to do but that he might appreciate you doing for him (and no, I'm not referencing any seasonal confectionary items *laugh*)

Henry's gift cards that he can bank until you buy him enough of them to get a dSLR?

I suck at this game, sorry :( Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I feel your pain.

This year I got hubs a wide-screen GPS unit. He LOVES it. Travels a lot for work and is so happy he doesn't have to print out Google maps anymore!

Got it on sale at Best Buy for $250 (down from close to $400 - woot!).

Don't know if your hubs would be interests in something like this but it might be something to think about!

Anonymous said...

You want memorable? How about an evening of "Make your own porn". You have a digicam, right? Who cares if the pics get deleted next morning.. he's sure to remember it!

Anonymous said...


On the slipper front, I highly recommend the Tempurpedic slippers. They are amazing.

Otherwise, I'm kinda stuck for suggestions. We now do the amazing-dinner-at-amazing-restaurant-we -would-never-go-to-unless-it-is-special-occasion-like our-birthday thing. We don't need stuff, so we've decided that an awesome dinner at a top restaurant is the way to go because it's an event/something you always remember.

The other thing would be to go away to a B&B for a night, but depends on your birthday budget --sounds like you've gotten him a lot of stuff already.

Anyhow, good luck with the shopping!


Anonymous said...


You my hubs can compete for boringest gift requests. Mine also loves a good pair of slippers which I can't manage to find in his mondo size....I digress!!!

How about buying an experience? A hot air balloon ride over God's country, day at the man spa - my husband went and LOVED it and he's a man's man....

Good luck and have a great time!!





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