Thursday, 15 May 2008

Long weekend bliss

I tell ya, after all the pre-birthday running around, that goodness we're sliding into a long weekend.

Yes, I spent most of my night in pursuit of slippers. Fucking slippers. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find decent looking slippers in May? Dang near impossible!

Doesn't help that the place I vaguely referenced in yesterday's post closed at 7 tonight. Stupid me pulled into the parking lot at 7:17.

Foiled again.

So I caved, went to Best Buy and got him a freaking gift card. I figure that, the games, the dvd's, the belt and the freakin slippers I finally managed to procure at my neighbourhood Globo should do the trick. Even managed to pop into Dollarama for some gift bags and wrap. Yep, the diva loves her Dollarama finds, and I simply refuse to pay more for gift bags and tissue, for pete's sake. So that's all done.

Now I just have to wrap everything and determine how to give it to him tomorrow. The fun part!

Since it's a long weekend, I finish work at noon tomorrow. Very exciting! Hubs decided he needed a five day weekend so he took Thursday and Friday off as well. My man's quite the workhorse - today alone he got the laundry done, cut the grass and weeded both laws as well.

Sidebar - are you infested with dandelions too? Sweet holy crap, they're everywhere!! What a mess! A veritable sea of yellow. And of course, they've all popped their heads so it actually looks like it's snowing here, there's so much in the air. But I digress..

After the birthday festivities, we have nothing on our plates. Nothing. SFA - sweet fuck all. Waaaa hooo!

I want to sleep in and go to the gym and continue the work on our lawn and clean the windows and put away the winter clothes and pull out and wash my summer ones and sleep in...

Hang on. That doesn't sound much like nothing, does it? Oh well, I suppose in the grand scheme of things we have no specific place we have to be at any specific time, and if nothing on the above list gets done no one gets it isn't all bad.

Now to just get through my half day tomorrow so the aforementioned long weekend bliss can begin in earnest!

Hope you all have a fantastic long weekend whatever you're doing. And celtic_kitten, hope you have an absolutely incredible Alaskan cruise!!!!!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

2 comments on "Long weekend bliss"

celtic_kitten on 16 May 2008 at 07:09 said...

Aww... my very own mention! Thanks! :)

As for your busy-sounding weekend to come... it's all wants, baby. Big difference between "I want to do this" and "I NEED/ HAVE TO do this"... want still qualifies as SFA to do ;)

My god, the dandilions are insane this year!!! If I drive up the street that runs behind our house there are literally fields of yellow (soon to be white and blowing everywhere *sigh*). We've lucked out and only have a dozen or so in our lawn... but the trees sprouting up from last fall's seed shedding are insane too... I'd say we had easily 50 seedlings coming up in our lawn (I say 'had' because D mowed the lawn last night and temporarily took care of the problem *laugh*)

A very happy b-day to 'Hubs' from us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the gifts went over well and y'all have a great weekend!





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