Thursday, 19 July 2007

Artificial hormones can really screw with your mind

Add a rainy day, a difference of viewpoints with your boss, and the fact that our stupid car is acting up today, and hell - you're bound to have a bit of a snippy side, no?

I think so. I think I've earned my on again off again foul mood today. Fortunately it was a good mood for the vast majority of this day that was Thursday, but I find my proverbial fuse was muuuuuch shorter today than it has been on non-hormone consuming days. Guess those little inserts with the drugs really are true.

Yes, it was a craptastic weather day. It poured buckets as I was leaving the house (although seconds before we made for the car there was nary a drop to be seen - figures) and I got dripped on, despite the cover of my trusty umbrella, whilst waiting for the train. Nothing like damp pant cuffs to get your day of to a very dreary start indeed.

Anywho, I did manage to pull myself out from time to time, but all in all it's been an interesting day. Poor Hubs. Good thing he's pretty much snoring away beside me as I type this. He's put Groundhog Day on - again. It's like art imitating life imitating art. He keeps starting this movie every night, but always falls asleep before it ends. So the next night he puts it on again, this time a bit further in, but sure enough - falls asleep before it ends. Tonight you got it - he was going to watch the end of the movie. Well, here we are. I'm typing away, the movie is still on, and he's down for the count in full snore. I have a new appreciation for Bill Murray's character now - seems we're living parallel lives. At least mine is taking place in the summer!

Okay, that was a huge tangent there. Where was I? Ah yes, damp pant cuffs. The day just progressed from there. But the good news is that it ended beautifully with a trip to David, my favourite hairdresser. We chatted, he coloured, he cut, he styled, and I was thrust back into the world, all freshly pressed and prettied. I'll never get my hair to look like this again all by myself, but alas...for a brief and shining moment, I was glammed like nobody's business! And the look on Hubs' face when he picked me up front the train, not knowing I was getting it done, was sweet, sweet, sweet! Kinda redeemed the day.

And as it's Thursday, there was an episode of Big Brother to look forward to. What a great show! The people I wanted to go left, and the power shift in the house is just desserts for the silly Jen's and Kail's of the world. Kinda reaffirmed my belief that sometimes, things just work out the way you want them to.

Well, I'm getting pretty sleepy so I think I'll bring this train wreck of a disjointed post to a merciful end. Tomorrow promises to be a great day...only working for the morning, then meeting up with the sister and mother in law for lunch and a little bling shopping (in true diva fashion), then Hubs is meeting me downtown so we can go for dinner and to the Chris Cornell concert. And as if all that wasn't enough, it's also supposed to be sunny tomorrow! The day can't be all bad if my pant cuffs manage to stay dry on my trip into the office!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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celtic_kitten on 20 July 2007 at 12:41 said...

Stupid rain yesterday... I did a good deed and walked an old co-worker to her building 'cuz she didn't have an umbrella and I did... and as a result I got caught walking through a full flood from the parking lots out to the street *grumble* Cute boots... completely soaked. As for pants cuffs? Forget about it, I was soggy from the knees on down *sigh*

But today is glorious to make up for it :)

Oh yeah... and... tangents are fun, aren't they? I love 'em... couldn't get by without them ;)




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