Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Guilty Summer Pleasures

There are many things I love about summer. The sun, the heat, the patios, sandals, cute summer toes, the lack of socks, umbrella drinks, the sun stays up until well after nine, and, of course....

...Big Brother comes on!

I'm shocked and chagrined that I haven't blogged about my love for Big Brother yet. I mean, it started on July 5, for pete's sake, and here we are 12 whole days later and I haven't even mentioned it. This whole fertility challenge thing has really thrown me for a loop, but rest assured that I'm watching every freakin episode with much glee and delight.

This is certainly one of my guilty pleasures. No redeeming social qualities whatsoever, but wowie - does it hold my attention like nobody's business. No ADHD concerns with this kid while BB8 is on the telly - it's like crack for me. I'm addicted, I must have my fill.

Hubs is actually out tonight at someone else's house playing his silly boy games so I'm all by my lonesome. Had a great dinner at Le Papillon with the gals, then headed home early, tended to some chores around the house (yes, I watered the lawn yet again and took the garbage out - do I lose diva points for the latter?)...and waited.

Waited for Hubs to get home so we could watch Big Brother. I watched the Second City Next Comedy Legend show (yawn...where are all the funny people I met in improv classes? why weren't they trying out for this thing? alas...) 'cause Hubs has no desire to watch it, then I waited some more. It's now well after 11, and he's still not home. Yeesh.

So I decided to say screw him and started watching the damned show by myself. I mean, how much longer could I be expected to just sit here patiently before exploding!? Come on - everything has a limit, and this is mine!!

I've now just finished watching tonight's episode, and lemme just apologize in advance if you don't watch this show. What you're about to read will make absolutely no sense to you, so I'd completely understand should you choose to bail now and head out to greener, less complicated, more familiar internet pastures. Shoo. It's okay. I promise.

If you're still with me and you watch the show but didn't see tonight's episode and have it taped on your PVR to watch when you get home tomorrow after another crazy day at the office, fret not - I won't spoil anything for you. Exhale....all is well.

First - can I just say what a thunderc*^t Jen is? I hate her, I mean reallllly hate her. She's dumb. And stupid. And totally stupid dumb. Does she really think that behaving this way will get her further in the game? Jenuine airhead, that's what she is. Yes, I hate those shirts too. I want to stab her through my tv. Too bad that doesn't work.

I'm just so mad at her for nominating Daniele and Dick. They entertain me, so I'd like to see them stick around. It would be so sad to lose one of them, and at this point the nasty bitch has engineered it so that the chances of losing an actual good character are high. Super high. Why couldn't she have some grudge against stupid Jessica? Her voice = nails on a chalkboard. I wanna punt her and her pompoms for a field goal, I tell you what.

I appear to have the rage in me today. Hmmm...I haven't heard any reported cases of clomid rage - maybe I'll be the first! But I digress...

The only saving grace is that no matter who wins HoH next week, they have got to put her up. She has to go - I think it's the one thing the entire house would agree upon at this point. They should have gotten her out last week when they had the chance, but oooooooh no, did they listen to me screaming at them from my living room? You guessed it - nope! And now it's coming back to bite them in the ass. Let's hope they're just not stupid enough to let another week go by with her playing Alice up there in Wonderland (the house looks insane this year, btw - BB, wtf were you thinking?). That's the kind of thing that would require a trip to Future Shop (to purchase new tv after water bottle has been thrown at and subsequently broken the screen of our current, perfectly good tv).

And can I simply say one word - unitard? OMG I've never laughed so hard in my life. How can one person be so clueless? I think she was deprived of oxygen as a child. Daily. For every minute of her childhood.

Okay, I suppose that's enough rage for one night. I have to go to bed now since my eyeballs are burning and I haven't slept well for the past few days. I just heard from Hubs and he's apparently about 15 minutes away from home. Things 'ran a bit long' and they just couldn't stop, they had to finish what they were doing. Uh, okay.

I'm happy he's on his way home. Hell, to be perfectly honest....I'm just happy things didn't 'run a bit long' at our place tonight. With all this rage and lack of sleep, god knows what might have come out of my mouth. Socks + sandals might have just pushed me over the brink.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

2 comments on "Guilty Summer Pleasures"

Christy on 18 July 2007 at 11:23 said...

I hate Jen too!!! I just want to reach through the TV and shake her! I have never seen anyone so self-center in my live. I need her to go, and if she could take Jessica with her I would love it.

Anonymous said...

I hate those T-shirts too! Everything Dick said to her after the incident last episode was totally true - I just wish others would have the decency to step up and say something too! Know what would have been oh so funny?!? If Dick had gotte the Unitard! lol
She's clueless and absolutely retarded! I think she and Jessica should be locked up together - btw, love the pom-pom bit! lol




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