Tuesday, 3 July 2007

How I love loong weekends...sigh...

Tomorrow I return to work, after five (almost five - I actually did do some work from home on Friday morning) blissful days away from the office. I got to sleep in every day, no alarms, no snoozes, no GO trains to catch. I went for a manicure close to home at a fantastic place, I had lunch with my sister, I walked to Timmy's and Blockbuster, I read in the sun, we hung out at the park, I tended to my poor, sun scorched grass...all in all, it was five fantastic homebody days that I would kill to extend, but alas, 'tis not to be.

I like being at home. I like my work too, especially the people (I actually miss some of them - how weird is that??), but I lurve my house! And my hood! And the park just behind us...with its splash pad and wonky swings and stuff - it's a kids paradise!

Speaking of the park, I have to tell you - while we were there on Monday, DeeDee made a new friend! It was so exciting, such a wonderful thing to watch, 'cause the poor kid doesn't make friends easily in the best of situations, and since she's only out here every second weekend, she doesn't have much in the way of opportunity to hook up with the kids in da hood.

Which is why I was so happy when she started chatting with a wee lass almost her age whilst running through the pirate ship in the splash pad. They had a great time, then Hubs went over to meet her daddy, they exchanged phone numbers (how very suburban - this parental dating thing is very new to me, the childless wonder), and hopefully they'll be able to make plans to get together next time DeeDee's in residence with us. Warms the cockles, don't it? Totally made my day.

Well that, and the McDonald's fries that I had shortly after this tear jerking meeting. Someone mentioned McDicks and I simply. Had. To. Have. It. Right. Then. And. There.

You've been there. We all have. This much I know.

So let's see, what else is there to tell you....Saturday we had a picnic at a great beach. It was nice and calm when we got there, then the wind picked up so it was perfect for Hubs and DeeDee to fly their insanely expensive kite. I was more concerned about the danged thing dive bombing some unsuspecting toddler and taking the poor tots' eyes out. I was much happier when the plastic monstrosity safely touched ground.

Sunday we had Hubs' family over for a bbq to celebrate the birthdays of my delightful sisters in law. We even got to meet J's new boyfriend!! We had a delightful time scaring the crap out of her about what we might say, but all in all I think it went quite well. He's a very nice guy that obviously cares about her, so what the hell more can we, the folk who love her and will protect her to the death, ask for? And hey - for bonus points, he washed the straglishes - you know, the stragglers of the dishes world. The ones that, no matter how much clever rearranging you try, you simply can't cram into the dishwasher, so they have to be washed by hand.

I'll always welcome a man who does the straglishes into my home. Snaps to new guy.

Okay, so then Monday was a good sleep in, the trip to the park, a walk to Blockbuster to get some films and some Baskin Robbins (ooooohhhh - so bad but soooo good), and a somewhat early night since everyone (but me! HA!) had to moblize early this morning. Poor things. So sad.

I slept in until 9 this morning so I'll be able to go to bed at a decent time tonight (pretty much as soon as I'm finished typing this) then got up, made my own breakfast (such is my plight now that Hubs was at work), and watched Bobby. As in the movie about RFK, and nothing to do with Howie Mandell.

Thank god.

Tonight the Tuesday Night Distraction Club moved east since I was nowhere near the downtown core. So a small group of us gathered at the modern suburban mecca (aka our local Jack Astors) and dished the dirt like only gals can. JW, I wish you nothing but the best on your two dates this week. Do be sure to keep me informed, especially about the guy Hubs might know. Always good to have someone help you with your research! It was a great dinner, and once again I was reminded of how glad I am that I make it a point to connect with gal pals old and new once a week. Chicks rule!

Since my travel time was cut considerably, I made it home well before the elvish brood vacated the premises, so I concentrated on watering the front lawn and taking out the trash. Yep, from girlie girl to tomboy in a few simple steps. Those Transformer car thingies ain't got nuthin on me!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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I just have to say...you crack me up!




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