Monday, 30 July 2007

The diva recommends...

Well hello, ladies and gents. Sorry it's been a while since I've posted, but I've had a busy few days. Lots going on, lots and lots and lots, so I think that for tonight's post, instead of giving you a play by play of four whole days, I'll simply give you some insight to things I've enjoyed during that time period. Do with these what you will and remember, the opinions expressed here are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of the general, non-diva public. Readers' discretion is advised. :)

Excellent rental:
Gray Matters. Newish release, available at your local Blockbuster, this wee gem really entertained this evening. Maybe because I had no expectations and kinda thought it would suck. How, therefore, could it be bad? Heather Graham, Tom Cavanaugh, Molly Shannon, and the chick who played Jon Cusiak's fiance in Serendipity. A great NYC-based flick. Made me want to go back. Hubs dug it too. Maybe because there's some girl on girl action? Nah, he liked it for the plot.

Sassy-as-fuck new digital camera:
The Casio something. Yeah, let's be serious - like I really care about the name of the camera - it's flipping pink! And came in a sassy bundle (see photo) with sweet leather case (with pink stitching!!).

Isn't she gorgeous? Sorry I have to show you the picture of the box and all its contents, but the one thing it's hard to take a picture of with your new camera is...your new camera.

Such is my dilemma.

Fabulously yummy birthday cakes:
Real Canadian Superstore, hands down. Especially for a 10 year old's birthday party. Especially when that 10 year old wants a Spongebob Squarepants cake. Awesome air brushing technique. Oh how far we've come since the birthday cakes of our day. And did I mention the super cool slinky-like toys that came on the top? Oh hell yeah. Good stuff.

Around these parts, we judge a cake by the grit of the icing. In Hubs' mind, the grittier the better - and Superstore never fails to deliver. Rock on Superstore...rock on.

For all your landscaping needs:
On second thought, nothing much you can really do here unless you find a way to make my sister in law your sister in law. I know I've raved about her here time and time again, but she deserves yet another shout out for all the work she's done here (she and her trust pickax) over the past few days. The garden is going to look fanfuckintastic when she's all done with it! She rocks!!

Summer blockbuster flick:
If you're a fan like I am, you've probably already seen The Simpsons Movie. You've watched the show since the beginning and giggled like a school girl who says titmouse when you saw they were making a movie from it. You counted down until July 27th, and made sure to see it opening weekend. You liked it, didn't love it, but enjoyed the experience. You say Boo-urns to those that pooh pooh the film, and would do anything to have a spider pig of your own. To you my brothers and sisters, I say hi-diddlyli-ho neighbour. Long may The Simpsons reign.

Guilty summer pleasure:
Again, I've written about it before, but I do so enjoy my Big Brother. I think CBS was BRILLIANT in its decision to show one of its thrice weekly episodes on Sunday night. Now I finally have something to look forward to on Sunday evening, the time slot generally reserved for feelings of woe and general dread of the week to come. Again, I love my job, but I still hate Mondays. I surely don't think I'm alone in that!

Well that's a bit of a snapshot of the things I enjoyed/procured/devoured this weekend. I was going to do a whole things-I-didn't-like-this-weekend section but hey, why not leave things on a happy note?

And here is said happy note - congrats to Tatiana for surviving her 24 hour Blogathon. She made 49 blog posts in 24 hours, pretty damned impressive, and raised $376.94, well over her $200 goal. Good on ya, missie!

Hope you enjoyed my picks of the weekend!!!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "The diva recommends..."

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gawd...I wanna piece of that cake!
I love supermarket birthday cakes for the same reason as your hubs...the icing!
How cool those toys are now slinky-like too!
Thanks for the movie suggestion..will rent that one next and get away with it when I tell DH there is girl-on-girl in it! LOL

Tatiana said...

Dh thinks I'm weird for liking supermarket birthday cakes as much as I do. When I was a kid my mom worked at a German Bakery so all our birthday cakes were from there. They were to die for. My mom just didn't believe in grocery store birthday cakes. So supermarket birthday cake was always a little guilty pleasure of mine because I never got it as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Hey...when you were a kid did you ever get the birthday cake with the carousel of horses on it?
That was my absolute fave....I think we used to get it from Dominion.
Anyone as old as I am on here? LOL




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