Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I'm not an addict, baby

Well, that's not true. I guess I kinda am.

Hello, my name is divajen, and I'm a smidge addicted to Guitar Hero.

Sad, isn't it? I'm almost 35 years old and I keep coming up with creative ways to borrow it from my brother in law so I can play my fingers off. No, I don't own it myself - see yesterday's post on attempting to be fiscally responsible - but you can bet your butt it's on my birthday list. Even if my birthday isn't until August.

I've only recently discovered that I can wait for stuff. But fret not, I'm still an instant gratification girl at heart. I just don't have the budget to keep that particular habit up.

My brother in law and sister went away for the long weekend, so while at their home to drop off the kids' Easter presents on Wednesday, I convinced him to loan me his precious Guitar Hero.

And here we are, a full week later, and I still have it. Wondrous.

I think it helps that he recently bought Rockband, and Guitar Hero (II, no less) is but a distant memory.

I've managed to get five stars on every song on Easy, and almost every one on Medium. I was rocking out like a mad fiend, with 200+ note streaks at 95%. Hells yeah.

Then I hit Hard.

Sweet merciful crap, they weren't kidding! It's freaking tough! I can barely get through the first few songs without being booed off stage. How to knock a diva off her self-created pedestal.

Apparently my fingers don't move as fast as my brain, but more importantly, my brain doesn't move as fast as that scrolling screen. I crash and burn with the best of them.

So this is how I'm attempting to de-stress tonight. Had a simple meal, caught up on some crappy tv, and I am now off to tackle a few Hard choices before I head to bed.

Rock on, sistahs! Rock on. And wish me luck!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

5 comments on "I'm not an addict, baby"

celtic_kitten on 27 March 2008 at 07:03 said...

Heh... Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is coming out soon (May or June... I can't remember) ;)

I'm evil... I know *laugh*

Janny on 27 March 2008 at 11:52 said...

lol Everyone seems addicted to Guitar Hero! I called up one of the guys from work last night and his GF answers and tells me he's kinda busy rocking a Metallica tune on GH3! lol He had to call me back later... I SO can't play it! I tried (Message in a Bottle on Easy) and I failed... :( You'd think I'd be good since I have amazing music abilities...
Anywho... Hope you get better at the hard songs! :)

celtic_kitten on 27 March 2008 at 14:30 said...

Janny... sometimes it's easier for people with musical ability to tackle the medium or hard levels... because there aren't so many notes missing and the 'chord changes' make more sense ;) Message In A Bottle definitely got easier for me when I tried it on Medium

Hard's tough, though... 5 buttons... only 4 fingers... Hmm, the math just doesn't seem to work ;)

Anonymous said...

DivaJen addicted to a video game? Is this proof that hell may have frozen over? I imagine Hubs is thrilled to have more wow time because of it. LAWL

Anonymous said...

If you think Guitar Hero 3 is GOTTA try Rock Band. can play drums, bass, guitar or SING. I ROCK ROCKBAND. LOL
Give it a can thank me later.




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