Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Adventures in stupidity

Welcome to day three of our continuing coverage of Sludgefest 2008.

We invite you to grab a beverage of choice, sit back and relax. We're about to begin.

So it's Tuesday. Pretty much a good-ish day in a normal-ish week. But there's nothing normal about this week, you say. How right you are...how right.

The festivities at my now-crowded home continue. In some ways, the situation actually has shown some improvement. There was assistance in dinner prep this evening (albeit because Hubs told her exactly what she should be doing, then left to come and fetch me from the train station) and she even helped put some dishes in the machine once it was all said and done. I consider that some progress.

The day started off in a particularly craptastic fashion, however. Hubs had to be somewhere downtown for work at 8:30, which meant that Sludge had to get on the bus and take DeeDee to school. They left when we did so we could drop them at the corner to ensure they were at least headed in the right direction.

As some background, let me first say that public transit is not necessarily a cheap way to get around. But since she has no money and we wanted her out of our house during the day, Hubs caved and gave her money to buy 10 tickets for her to travel the local bus system. She and DeeDee went to pick them up last night but didn't/couldn't buy single child tickets there, so they would have to pay DeeDee's fare on the bus as they boarded this morning.

Okay. Back to the present.

We all pile in the car (cozy!) and as we're approaching the intersection where they will get out, she asks 'well, what about money for DeeDee's fare? It's $1.75 for her.'

I started swearing under my breath and madly grabbed the requisite coins from the cup holder piggy bank to get the poor kid on the fucking bus. Like she doesn't even have $1.75? Seriously?

This makes me especially angry not because it's $1.75, but because last night when I got home, they weren't here...they were at WalMart. They came home with four bags of stuff, all kinds of snacks, etc, THAT THEY PROCEEDED TO TAKE UP TO THEIR INDIVIDUAL ROOMS AND HOARD AWAY SO THAT THEY COULDN'T BE CONSUMED BY HUBS OR I.

Sorry to scream that at you, but it just makes me fucking apoplectic.

She has no money to live, it's here or the streets, she needs to save every penny for her new place and what she'll need to get started, she's eating all our food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, using all our hot water with her 20 minute showers, leaving lights on in her room ALL NIGHT LONG because she's a fucking two year old who's scared of the dark...and she spends her money on snacks and junk food...and doesn't even offer to add her goodies to the communal food pantry. Where she's free to snack as she sees fit.

Worse still, she spends her money on snacks and junk food that she won't share...then doesn't have $1.75 to spend on her kid's bus fare.

Whut the fuck.

And don't even get me started on the fact that she didn't even take their dog out to pee this morning before we left. The poor thing hadn't been out since 8:45pm the night before, and didn't have a chance to go outside until she got back well after 9:30am today. Disgusting. What a vile way to treat an animal. Lazy, selfish bitch.

Rest of the day was interesting. Hubs and I navigating our new (temporary) world. We promised one another that nothing she did would interfere with us, cause us issue, and we slipped a bit today. It sucked. Big time. But I'm happy to report that we've talked it through and are back to good.

As good as we can possibly be under the circumstances.

The best news of all is that DeeDee started at her new school today and things seem to have gone well. She has a new best friend, and I think it's fabulous. She's adapting remarkably well, this poor kid who's gone through so much upheaval. Good on her. Let's hope school life just gets better and better for her.

I'm exhausted. Plum tuckered out. Guess it's time to head up to bed and lock ourselves in our happy isolation chamber...I mean master bedroom. The other two have long since gone to bed. Although they in actuality left us alone hours ago. As soon as dinner was done, Sludge decided she wanted to spend some time with DeeDee so they once again retreated upstairs and away from us to have their special time.

Too bad said special time included spilling nail polish all over the comforter in the guest bedroom. Yep, an entire bottle. Of dark purple/black nail polish. All over my predominantly white comforter. Upon which she subsequently poured an entire bottle of nail polish remover in an attempt to...well...remove the nail polish. To no avail, of course.

So now she's run yet another load of laundry, probably in hot water and with our soap, in an attempt to get the thing clean. Which it won't be. Sigh.

Thanks to her I now have a permanent record of her stay here. I wish she would have just signed the fucking guest book and went on her way.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

PS HUGE thank you shout out to my fantastic sister in law for sending me flowers at work yet again today. Totally totally totally came at the exact right moment. You rock! Thanks again.

PPS JBJ, I LOVED your prayer for me in yesterday's post. Snaps to you, baby!

PPPS Marlene, I got your blog taggie thing and will endeavour to fulfill my duties next week when Sludgefest has drawn to a close.

PPPPS 420grrrl, you were looking for the nutritional information on the Simple Pleasures...sorry for the delay, here ya go! This is for the chocolate ones:

Nutrition Facts

Per 4 cookies (26g)
Amount % Daily Value
Calories 140
Fat 5g 8%
Saturated 1 g 5%
+ Trans 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 140 mg 6%
Carbohydrate 14 g 5%
Fibre 0 g 0%
Sugars 8 g
Protein 2 g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 4%

6 comments on "Adventures in stupidity"

Janny on 15 April 2008 at 22:55 said...

Oh good god! You are a MUCH better person than me! I do not think I would ever be able to do something like that... And I can't believe her for asking the $$ for DD's bus trip! Jeez! I do hope this ends soon for you and involves no more messes and much R&R after this! :S I gotta agree with your friend JBJ, you are definitely a Saint!!

celtic_kitten on 16 April 2008 at 07:38 said...

Good gawd! The nerve of this woman astounds me... even having heard stories of her before.

She can't scrape together $1.75 for her kid's trip to school??? She's taking full advantage of being a non-paying guest at casa del Diva (in spite of not actually being all that welcome) to eat your stuff and use your utilities like they're all free or something, and then HOARDS "food" in her room???

And DESTROYS your personal property?!?!?!?! (well, small mercies... at least the cats and the snake are still alive, right?)

I want to smack this chiqua into the middle of next week... and then smack her some more for good measure!!!!!

Half-way... and then we'll celebrate the reclaiming of your personal space :)

Mrs. Spaghetti Bender on 16 April 2008 at 12:00 said...

Wow I commend you on not loosing your temper. I swear my foot would be up her ... = )

Let hope this long week draws to a close very soon.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned your situation to my significant other. They said that if this situation were to come up at our house.. the answer would be quite simple. Either sludge leaves immediately... or my significant other would - not to return.

You are being very generous - more so than could possibly be expected. This type of abuse of your generosity should result in her leaving immediately.

Just my 2 cents.

Dr Phil

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Diva!!

Your situation totally sucks. You are wonderful to stick it out. Your DH and his ex-wife are really lucky people to have you in their lives!!
Keep your chin up Diva, this will pass....(I freakin hope!!)

Michelle said...

it's great what you are doing for DH's DD....accepting the sludge and all...i know someone just like her....i hope the next few days fly by!




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