Monday, 21 April 2008

Free at last... at last, thank gawd almighty I'm free at last!

That's right - she's gone! Waahooo!

Saturday night at 7pm we finally reclaimed our home as solely ours. Well, us and our remaining four legged kitty cat creatures, but they're no pain in the ass, ya know?

Let me backtrack a bit before we come to the end of our silly story...

Friday. Last weekday. Last sleep. All good things to come.

Until I stepped out of the shower.

Shooting pains in the general vicinity of my left ovary. Every breath hurts. I feel every bump in the road. I can't even bend over to put lotion on my legs.


I get on the train, go to work, hope it gets better. It doesn't. I send a physician friend of mine a facebook message asking for advice. She suggests I contact my fertility clinic to see if they can get me in for an ultrasound. Which I do as soon as I get to the office.

Sure enough, the clinic thinks I should get it checked - at the emergency room. They can't do the bloodwork necessary with the turn around time that's required, so they make the suggestion that I go and get it looked at. Now.

So off I trundle, book in hand, to the ER at Mt. Sinai. I arrive at 1:05 pm, and six hours later I'm discharged.

To summarize those six hours, I sat, I waited, I had blood taken, had my blood pressure taken a gazillion times (and it actually hurt and left bruises on my freakin arms), I waited, I finally wrangled an ultrasound, and sure enough, my physician friend was right - a ruptured ovarian cyst. Nothing they could do but give me pain pills, which I elected not to accept.

By now I know I'm not going to make the next train and I really don't want to wait another hour to get home. I'm tired, I'm peckish, and my feet hurt since I chose that day to break in new sandals. So instead of heading to Union and waiting forever, I took the subway up to Yorkdale and hooked up with Hubs and friends who were having dinner there.

Despite all the crap of the day it actually worked out quite well, 'cause I didn't have to spend a second with Sludge! By the time we got home they were already in bed and it was blissfully quiet.

Saturday we slept in a bit, but were awakened by a knock at the door. It was DeeDee, saying that Mom had asked her to ask us if Hubs was going to make breakfast.

Whu? I just laughed it off and shrugged...why change now? Yeesh.

Anyhoodle, the day went by rather quickly, all things considered. My sister in law came by to help out and was a huge huge help. She's the freakin energizer bunny - never stops for anything. I guess you could give some credit to the Red Bull. No one can pound one of those bad boys back faster than she can!

UHaul called and told us that the truck was ready early, so we made our way there and before you know it a 14' truck was in our driveway. Leaking oil. But whatever - it was my chariot of freedom...drip away.

So yeah - truck gets here at 3, load it all up, drive over to the new place, interrupt some kids playing with water balloons, unpack the truck, sweat to death, take the truck back. By 6pm. What a freaking fantastic feeling.

As we drove away from their new place I let out a whoop that even I didn't think was in me. Seriously - window shattering. Good thing ours were rolled down!

By 7 that night Hubs and I were all showered and clean, the pizza had been ordered, and Juno was popped into our DVD player.

Yes, despite the drama of the week, at that very moment I was actually mentally okay, ready to sit down and watch Juno for the very first time. We liked it - lots of laughs - but Hubs kept looking at me to see how I was doing, especially during the ultrasound scenes. But I managed...I mustered through.

Despite our intentions to run around the house naked and make out in every room we were both plum tuckered and headed to bed rather early that night.

Fret not...Sunday morning did not disappoint.

How blissful it was to sleep in without anyone knocking at the door and demanding food.

We still managed to get up in decent time and decided to treat ourselves with some breaky at Denny's and a flick. We are fortunate that our local movieplex only charges $6 for movies before noon on weekends, so we decided to take in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Good times - great flick! Laughed out loud a thousand times - highly recommend it.

The remainder of Sunday was spent doing small errands and just enjoying our home back to ourselves and the beautiful weather. We had a bbq for dinner and I extra splurged with a cooler or two to wash down my burgers.

Bring on spring. What a fantastic weekend.

Today was crazy busy. I leave for a business trip to Vancouver on Wednesday morning but will be staying near the airport tomorrow night since I leave so early, thus requiring me to pack tonight. All plans to head to the gym flew out the window thanks to just too much to do. Blech. Oh well...I'll hit the gym again when I get home.

So there ya go! I survived. I made it. Our home is intact and relatively free of damage. It's like a giant mental weight has been lifted from inside these four actually FEEL a difference.

And I couldn't imagine a more welcome feeling. Dats right - my house, bitch. See ya!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

2 comments on "Free at last..."

Marlene on 22 April 2008 at 09:45 said...

Glad to hear you survived Sludge Fest and the cyst rupture.

Have a safe trip to V-town!

Mrs. Spaghetti Bender on 22 April 2008 at 12:03 said...

It is always so nice to have your home just to yourself. Especially when you aren't too happy with the company you have been keeping.

Hope you're feeling better and have a great trip out West.




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