Thursday, 3 April 2008

Mommy, how come drama tastes so good?

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - I am a 100% factory certified drama whore (queen, whore, close enough. Sad, google images had nothing suitable for me when searching drama whore).

Yep, I loves me some good drama. I think it's hardwired into my DNA, in fact. I have an over-expression of the drama gene.

And it suits me just fine.

Now of course I should clarify - this drama of which I speak, I much prefer when it doesn't actually directly involve me or, if it does, it has no real detrimental effect on my every day life. I don't consider having to put Pekoe down as drama, for example. That was downright heartbreaking.

No, the drama I refer to is a good old fashioned girl fight. Being the electronic age, it's now easier than ever to virtually bitchslap some bad ass bitch from the rival high school in record time - and with a crowd of thousands backing you up. Sure, you don't get that oh-so-pleasant sting in the hand that comes from doling out a good smack, but the back and forths and the freaking out by the holier-than-thou's gets my heart pumpin enough to almost qualify as cardio.

The internet is a vast place. Thank you Captain Obvious, you might say, but bear with me. Yeah, so the internet is a vast place, populated by all sorts of folk. MOST of whom have at least a modicum of intelligence/tech savvy (enough to at minimum get them connected to that cyberweb thang). I say most. Just most. Definitely not all.

Some of these people find their way to any of a gazillion message boards/forums/chat rooms whatever you want to call them and suddenly find themselves members of a whole new kind of community.

Some of those people are women.

And some of those women are bitches.

That's right, I said it. There are bitches on the internet - lock your doors and hide your tiaras, they're coming after you next!

Personally, I'm not too concerned about my tiaras going missing. I've managed to find myself a fantastic online community, maybe two, where the women are warm, friendly, welcoming, and chock full o humour. They come from every ethnic background, every education level, every socio-economic status, and from across the country - hell, even beyond. And I can only think of one or two that might come after my tiaras.

But oh the drama that ensues when these thousands of diverse women are thrown together. There are the mean ones who say anything to get a rise, the totally daft ones who, unfortunately for all, can't put a sentence together. Don't forget the passive aggressives, and of course, there's the pink fluff posse - the ones who prefer to be 'nice' in both the style and content of what they put out there. I fully admit I am a card carrying member of the PFP. I think we're getting jackets made...

Anyhoodle, as much as I am some days loathe to admit it, I love the drama that can arise when these forces of nature collide. The ominous thunder that sounds when a know it all gets snippy with a wide eyed innocent. When a passive aggressive misinterprets a rather innocuous musing.

Most days I roll my eyes, carefully select my words (wouldn't want to have to turn in my jacket just after I get it) and chime in on behalf of the party I choose to side with that day.

What's been extremely interesting of late is to watch rival communities attempt to tear each other to shreds. Gone are the days of interfamilial bickering - oh no, we've taken it to the streets now! The Sharks and Jest ain't got nothin on this rumble.

And woe be she who has pledged an allegiance to both sides by claiming dual citizenship! Torn between two lovers, two homes, two totally different groups of women. Forced to defend their presence on one in the other. Sad, really. Truly.


At the end of the day, I'm overjoyed that this drama, as entertaining as it may be on a daily basis, well and truly ends for me when I close my iBook and head up the stairs to cuddle with Hubs and drift off to sleep, safe in the knowledge that my tiaras are safe for yet another night.

And that there's always going to be more to enjoy tomorrow *laugh*. Wink!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

5 comments on "Mommy, how come drama tastes so good?"

celtic_kitten on 4 April 2008 at 06:44 said...

Hey Diva... can I be an honorary member of your Pink Fluff Posse? I want a jacket too!!! Well, perhaps a bit less pink... and possibly less fluffy... 'k, never mind, I'm just out for your tiara ;)

You know... I've been on a lot of boards... and I've seen it happen many (, many, many, many, many...) times. I think it's hilarious... but it gets tired really quick. meh.

Take from it what you can, and leave the rest to rot, I say.

Janny on 4 April 2008 at 13:17 said...

Do I qualify for the PFP too?? I think I am a pretty nice poster...

I am not on too many boards, but after posting to try and find some help on other boards and getting NOTHING as an answer, I gotta say I do love the WB gals! Most of the time, they are way helpful and nice towards others, moreso than other places I have visited...

Marlene on 4 April 2008 at 13:32 said...


Anonymous said...

Diva, you truly have a way with words (as always)! I was rolling at this one:
"There are bitches on the internet - lock your doors and hide your tiaras, they're coming after you next!"

Kezza said...

Ahh this was awesome. I'm SO a PFP girl, but love to lurk amongst the drama!




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