Tuesday, 8 April 2008


No, that's not a quizzical or rhetorical question tossed out into the universe...it's a nod to the fact that I have to go and have my hearing tested tomorrow morning.

Yee haw, bring on Wednesday!

To add to my lovely myriad of weird and wacky health things happening to me, for the longest time I've had trouble with my ears. I get dizzy at times, have a rushing/whoosing sensation at other times, feelings of pressure, and there's a certain exit ramp from the DVP that I always have to close my eyes for otherwise I slip into a massive dizzy fit.

Fret not - I only do that when I'm not driving.

So I finally decided it was time to get them checked out after our trip to Cuba. On our swimming with the dolphins extravaganza, I jumped into the ocean from a platform and as soon as my ears hit the water I thought my head was going to explode.

Now, before you ask, I'm a very good swimmer, very used to water. And despite my more than robust physique, I actually used to be a competitive swimmer.

Stop laughing.

I mean it, stop it. That's not nice.

Anyway, that experience made me realize just how reluctant I am to actually get my ears wet when I swim. I'll do almost anything to avoid putting my head underwater, just so I don't have to deal with the consequences (aka the frenetic canine-esque head shake as I try to set the water free from the prison that is my ear canal).

I wondered if I was one of those people with a hideous wax build-up, a virtual candle factory lurking inside my head despite my somewhat obsessive Q-tip routine. I thought I might go and grab myself one of those ear cleaning kits where you put liquid in there and suction it out with a freaky blue balloon thing.

Then I remembered that liquid and my ear is not a good combination, and decided to leave these important things to the professionals.

So off to my doctor I trotted.

Turns out there are no big, bad, ear wax deposits. Goodie for me. My aural hygiene has paid off. Tee hee. My ear drum looks good, and basically my doctor couldn't really see any reason for why I might be having all of these issues. So she did what any overworked, inner-city GP would do...

...she referred me away to someone else.

So now I have a hearing test tomorrow morning. Not really sure what that's going to accomplish, unless they try to gauge the volume of this ringing sensation I've become all too familiar with.

Meh. I guess time shall tell.

In the interim, I've loaded some new songs onto my old iPod so I can finally put it back into rotation. I'm so sick and tired of all the inane conversations on the GO train that I'm in need of some major sensory distraction.

Pfft. Who needs a hearing test? Every morning on public transit tests my ears, and unfortunately I can hear all their mundane crap just fine.

Guess we'll let the experts have the final ruling though.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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