Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A quick snapshot of my evening...

Yes, this is another one of those attempts at a short blog entry. I'm tired, I'm seriously jonesin to get to bed, and I just got off the phone after an hour and a half conversation with Sludge.

No, those are not sirens you hear in the distance - no one is coming to take me to jail. I didn't beat the bitch down. Alas.

She called me.

Woah...I know. Trippy, eh? Yep, she called to talk to me. Kinda.

When the phone rang and I saw it was her, I picked up. Deliberately. Call me nasty, but I relish the idea of her getting a little jolt when she hears my voice and not Hubs on the other end.

So I answer, she asks for Hubs, they speak for a bit, he says good night to DeeDee, then she asks if she can talk to me.

He looks veeeryyy nervous, especially when I take the phone from his outstretched hand with unbridled glee.

She wanted to apologize.

Whut? Yes, you read that right. To apologize. But here's the kicker - she wanted to apologize for not engaging me in conversation when I pick up the phone. To her, that's rude. Just asking for Hubs is kinda mean, because she doesn't ask me how I am or how my day went.

Well bowl me over with a feather. Of all the things in the known universe she could possibly apologize for, there's the one thing that never quite made my top 1000 list. Sheesh. What a letdown.

Of course, it doesn't end there. We have to rehash the fun of the concert, I try to convince her that I'm not some egomaniac-esque fiend who puts herself first and has to get her way all the time (yes, this is seriously what she's said about me - she's just used smaller words) and we must talk about money again and how she's so sad because she doesn't have any and we do so we can do fun things with DeeDee that she can't afford to (which I can understand, btw - but at the end of the day, if you can't provide her with something, shouldn't you be glad that her father can?). Never a dull moment.

And ya know what? It felt goooooood.

I was restrained and kind - kill 'em with kindness, I always say - and I think, maybe, I got a nanosmidge of my point across. Of course, she'll forget it all tomorrow when she's mad at the very idea of me as she rises in the cold morning and wraps her warm, snuggly victim blanket around her, but for now, apparently - we're good.

If only it were that simple. If only one telephone call could really make her see that we could all have such easier roads ahead if she'd open her eyes to some simple realities. That this doesn't have to be as hard as she makes this out to be. Blah blah blah...

Good times. What a flippin treat.

Oh well. I got to say some of what was on my mind without all the vitriol I was ready to shoot her way Monday night. Yeesh! I even told her that it took all of my internal fortitude to not pick up the phone and call her after that conversation to rip a strip off her for what she said and how she made Hubs (and me) feel, but that I knew it wasn't the best thing to do. Ah, so liberating to have these wee convos.

Who knows if it will change anything at all or if the cycle of destruction will start anew with the next friction filled volley. All I know is that I've got at least a few hours of sleep ahead of me before I find out!

And with that, I take my leave. Happy sleep to you all, and I'll be back tomorrow for (potentially) my last post for almost a week. Still gotta figure out if the resort has internet access - and if my marriage can survive a clandestine trip to the hotel computer so I can blog!!!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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celtic_kitten on 10 May 2007 at 07:52 said...

Hey Diva!

Glad to see I'm not the only one who is "short blog entry challenged" *laugh*
(at least you get comments, though *sigh*)

Good for you for sticking to the high road and keeping things civil with Sludge! Who knows, maybe she's got some new meds that're making things clearer (or at least closer to the reality the rest of the world lives in) for her ;)

And... might I add... Ya-hoo! Almost time for CUBA!!!! *grin*




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