Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Somethings I'd be better off never seeing....

My parents having sex. The receipt from Hubs' Christmas present to me. Myself in a bikini. And tonight...

...Hubs and six of his new friends playing Dungeons and Dragons on our maple dining set underneath that glorious shell chandelier from Pier 1.


Now you know. You've read my dirty little secret - Hubs plays D&D. You have no idea how much it pains me to even type that out. Inhale, exhale.

His enjoyment of this activity is not news to me. In fact, he was wise enough to put all his cards, especially those of the geek variety, on the table during our first date. He told me he played video games (fine, no problem, as long as you don't devote every spare minute to them) and that he and his friends have been getting together to play this D&D for almost 20 years (nice to meet you, I wish you the best, have a great life).

I choked on those words, kept them down, and decided to move past it. He has so many other redeeming qualities, surely I couldn't discount him completely because of this little proclivity...

Love truly is blind.

For the two and a half years that we have been in each others' lives, D&D has played a very, very minor role (thankfully!!) in our day to day existence. He has the books, the dice, the miniatures, but by and large they're on the shelf more often than not.

When we lived downtown and his BFF had a kick ass office space for them to play in, I'd drop Hubs off a Saturday morning once every few months and he'd geek out while I'd enjoy a day with the car. Novel. Then BFF left said job and there was a bit of a lull. Instead, Hubs would head to BFF's house, but that didn't last long.

Then we relocated to the burbs and I thought these times would be few and far between. Which is not necessarily a good thing - Hubs loves these get togethers, and I'm all for him having boy time with friends. I really don't need to spend EVERY waking moment with him, and god knows I adore my girl time, so I'm happy he's got an outlet/playgroup of his own.

Well you'll never guess what.

One of the guys Hubs works with plays. With a bunch of guys. In the next town over. Every week.

And now, Hubs is one of them.

They play every Tuesday night, from 7:15 to 10:30 pm. I kid you not - 7:15. Geeks!! Insanely precise geeks!!!

For the past few weeks, they've been gathering at some other geekhouse. But sooner or later it had to happen...

Tonight, our house is geekhouse.

I came in after hanging out with Leanne and they they were. Sitting at said table, die everywhere, little plastic monsters traversing the landscape Hubs had crafted with care (I'm not kidding - he printed out maps from the computer, then burned them with the bbq lighter to make them look old a la grade school), talking about casting spells and wizards and...ugh, I have to stop, it hurts too much.

I walked in, said hello, went upstairs to change and came back down to eat my Wendy's taco salad. I poured myself some diet sprite in the kitchen and actually bit a hole into my cheek to keep from laughing.

This world is just soooooooo not me. But Hubs loves it like nobody's business. And who am I to deny him something that brings him so much *gulp* pleasure? So I sit in the living room, eat the rest of my salad, and turn to my blog to block out the sounds emanating from the general vicinity of the dining area.

Suddenly there's a mad rush and I'm being swarmed by geeks on their way home. There's a flurry of socked feet being stuffed into sandals and then - they're gone. The house is returned to some semblance of normalcy. I breathe a sigh of relief.

Until Hubs tells me that he'll be hosting them every Tuesday night for the next six months. Whut? Uh, yeah. Apparently this is his 'campaign' so they don't switch locations until a new one begins.

That, and we're one of the few of the gang that has a big enough table. Mostly because a bunch of them still live at home in their parents' basements.

Shocked? Yeah, neither was I.

So, apparently my Tuesday nights are free for the next few months - anyone wanna play? ANYONE!?!?!?

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

8 comments on "Somethings I'd be better off never seeing...."

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely love to get together with you in the flesh Diva....good dinner, good wine, good conversation...you on?
I will make sure I have a Tuesday night available to you...
Let me know on here and I'll email you...
D & D could turn into Dinner and Dessert, no?

divajen on 8 May 2007 at 21:50 said...

I'm down - shall we start a Tuesday night support group? hehe. Great idea!

We'll reconvene shortly since next Tuesday is already taken care of thanks to Cuba!!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, too too funny, I didn't know that game still existed! Not that I've ever seen it myself. But THE prize quote from today's blog must be "There's a flurry of socked feet being stuffed into sandals".....LMAO


Janny said...

My (incredibly insensitve, a-hole, crappy) supervisor had a weird delusion that I would somehow be interested in this! I asked if I could be a cute pixie with Prada boots or something and he just started ranting about how Pixie's shouldn't be... And then I tuned out, so I'm not quite sure what the heck he did say (I know he doesn't like them, that's all I got really). Until yesterday, he was still convinced I would be interested in this! Not too sure it's me!
Plus, I don't think I made it really clear at the begining, we can't seem to stand each other too much lately, so I doubt it'd be good...
Too bad I am not closer to you! I probably won't be working nights anymore soon, so I could probably hang out on Tuesdays...

Jill on 9 May 2007 at 07:35 said...


I'm just laughing so hard that I'm crying!!! Thank you for that.

Wish we lived closer!! I'd love to join your group!! :-)

Anonymous said...

yikes. i am up for a Tuesday night dinner out anytime... camilla

celtic_kitten on 9 May 2007 at 09:53 said...

Ack! DH has been kind enough not to inflict WarHammer on me... I think I'd die if he revealed a latent addiction to D&D (although one of my oldest friends gets together on a regular basis with is buddies to play... and he seems so normal on the surface *laugh*).

I'm up for some entertaining activities on a Tuesday night some time... let me know!


Anonymous said...

I don't know the first thing about D&D, except that it's for geeks ;) but Tuesday nights are as good as any for some diva therapy for me.

Thanks for the pedi company. And tell your friend she doesn't have to worry, you're not pedi-cheating on her ;) Maybe we could have a threesome sometime :p





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