Thursday, 10 May 2007

At this time tomorrow...

...I'll be on a plane to Cuba! Woot woot! So flippin exciting. I can barely stomach fact, I have serious rumblies in my tumbly. Could be the Blue Menu Mac and Cheese I had for lunch or maybe it's the excited stress.

It could also be anger. Yes, anger. Anger that is now fleeting, but was red hot at the time that I began this post. One word - Sludge. She's up to her fun antics again...never a dull moment.

In a nutshell, she's decided that she wants to become a Jehovah's Witness, and she's going to take DeeDee along with her. Hubs freaked out. He has no issue with Sludge choosing her own religious path, but is vehemently against introducing his daughter to a religion of indoctrination and fear. He's researched more than his fair share of religions in his own search for spiritual meaning, and so he's quite aware of the fundamental tenets of their beliefs. And that is not something he wants for his 9 year old daughter.

And again, they had a big blow out. much for our breakthrough convo. My powers to heal the troubled minds of others just ain't what I thought it was.

But as always, she backpedaled and the discussion came to a satisfactory end for Hubs. And now it's 9:40 on the day before we leave. Good thing we packed yesterday!!

Oh yeah, before I forget, I have a funny story for you. I almost blogged this out this morning, but work (blasted work) got in the way. Funny that. Ready? Okay.

So. When we packed to move, I put all my summer clothes in one big box. I have had to rummage through that box as of late seeing as we've finally been living in summer-esque weather, and I had to double dip to find my bathing suit so as to pack it for the trip.

I rummage, find suit, pack it away, and on we go.

It's only this morning as I'm making my way into the shower that I remember one key thing - my bathing suit, which is black and has one of those skirt like things at the bottom in a somewhat useless attempt to disguise thunder thighs, is a two piece - there's a panty-like bottom (similar to what you'd find in a bikini but the top piece covers it all anyway) that I didn't find, and therefore hadn't packed.

EEK!! I coulda showed up in Cuba sans bathing suit panties!! What the hell would I have done, swam around with my cooch hangin' out for all the world to see? I think not!! Yeesh.

Thankfully Hubs managed to dig them up from the aforementioned box and we were good to go. Wow. How freakin close was that?

So there you go. So sorry that the idea of me without any bathing suit bottoms is the last image that I have to leave you with for almost a week.

That's right - it looks like I won't be able to blog whilest away. Not even sure if there's a computer at the resort, but even if there is, Hubs seems to think that I need a break from all facets of my world, and that includes email, WB and, sniff, the blog. And, apparently, Grey's Anatomy. I, too, am being stalked by talk of pregnancy - isn't that the whole reason we're going away in the first place? Just in time, I say.

I've tried to convince him that the blog would be an excellent way for me for document our trip for posterity's sake, etc, but yeah, he's not really buying it. Only time will tell if I win this battle, or if it's one I determine isn't worth the scuttle.

So just in case I bow out gracefully, I wish you all a wonderful week, and I look forward to regaling you with wonderful tales of our trip upon our return. Or as close to said return as possible, 'cause we get in kinda late at night.

Hasta la vista, divas!!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

4 comments on "At this time tomorrow..."

Janny said...

HAVE A GREAT TRIP DIVA!!! I will be thinking of you will sipping yummy drinks in Punta Cana! :D
Hope you guys don't have any more trouble with Sludge! And have a blast down south!!! Can't wait to leave myself on Sunday!!! Should be lovely!

See you in a week Dear! :)

celtic_kitten on 11 May 2007 at 06:55 said...

Have a blast!

And thank goodness you remembered about the other half of your suit! *laugh*

We'll miss your blog, Diva!


Anonymous said...

They might have topless beaches down there but I haven't heard of Bottomless ones! LOL!
That sounds like something I would have done...thank goodness you discovered before it was too late.

And as for Sludge, leave it to her to add drama before you go away. Just ignore her (and everyone else except Hubs) and have a great, fun-filled time in Cuba!

You deserve it...have a mojito or Rum and Diet Coke for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous trip! Eat, drink & be merry!

~ Ginelle




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