Monday, 11 June 2007

Facebook is the devil...

...and I'm a proud, card carrying member of his merry band of followers.

Yes, a few weeks ago I kinda laughed about Facebook, talked about being a passive user, just going on from time to time, all that jazz.

Yeah, that was before the addiction took root and started spreading throughout my cyber self. Now I'm all a twitchy if I have to be away from it for an hour or two...I get the shakes and my left eye develops this strange tick that I can't seem to stop until I log on.

Just what I need - another online crack supplier.

I gotta say though, I'm getting a real kick out of reconnecting with the ghosts of friendships past. People that I've often wondered about but simply have had no way to reach out and say 'hey there - remember me?' Facebook is my portal to the past, the time machine that allows me to fast forward everyone from my various yesterdays into my right-this-very-minute, thanks to photos and that ever evolving status thingie. Not only can I figure out how many (if any) kids they have, if they're married, where they work, or where they went to school, I can also instantly become aware of how they're feeling at a recent moment in time. All this, of course, providing that they hold up their end of the bargain and keep mainlining the smack as well.

I recently rediscovered a friend from over 20 years ago, a gal from a group of about seven of us who were inseparable for a few key high school years. We went our separate ways as some high school friends do, but I tell ya - some of my best formative years were spent in her basement or backyard, listening to INXS or George Michael, eating sour cream and bacon chips from the individual sized bags, hoping to get one of our favourite stars of the day on the enclosed cello wrapped sticker. Remember those? Oh yeah, that was livin' it up, grade nine style.

She's married now with two kids, and it was hilarious to look through her pictures. Not just to see her husband and daughters, but to see how her sister and brother have grown up to be married and have kids of their own. And then, of course, there are the pictures she posted from all those years ago. Who can forget the glasses that threatened to eat your face, the pale pink frosted lip gloss, hell - the frosted hair! Damn we thought we were hot back then.

This of course has made me want to do nothing but sift through old photos all night. I managed to pull out some goodies - Facebook friends beware!! But no need to fret just yet - I still have to scan all the buggers in before I can post them anywhere, and that will take a good long time given the stack of photos just awaiting their conversion into pixelly goodness. So you high school friends have just bought yourselves a reprieve. But remember, it's merely a stay of execution - there ain't no clemency here.


And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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celtic_kitten on 12 June 2007 at 13:50 said...

Ah, a phrase I've uttered in my own blog more than once ;)

Facebook is the devil. And I love it (but that's probably because I'm "evil" ;) ). I've reconnected with all sorts of folks from the past through it... including one gal I haven't seen since grade school, but discovered last night we live on the same street now!!!!

The world is definitely shrinking. (sadly, not always in a good way... facebook bit me in the ass last week. Fickle beast!)

Now... stop reading comments and get back on facebook while you scan pics! ;)




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