Monday, 18 June 2007

I'm pure spent

Man, crying sure does take the piss outta ya. What a very, very hard for so many people involved.

But it was a nice service, no disruptions (as there well could have been), everyone made it through their speeches beautifully (I'm so proud of them - can't imagine how hard it would be), and everyone had a good opportunity to say their goodbyes.

The only hiccup occurred when we first arrived and saw him for the first time. Um, let's just say that the funeral homes' record did not improve today. To put it mildly, CJS never, ever wore his hair modeled after Don King - until this morning. There was a flutter of activity as we noticed the resemblance and the poor funeral home girl scampered off to find some gel. So they could actually make him look like the many photos we'd given them to use as reference.


These guys are getting one hell of a strongly worded letter in the next few days.

Then it was off to Hubs' sister's place for the gathering of the clan. We had a few laughs, a few drinks, a few sammies, then there was nothing left in the tank, and we headed home. Drained, spent, completely empty. I started feeling feverish and crappy, so have attempted to nap on the couch to little avail. It's now 8:52pm, and I'm mere minutes away from bed. For the night.

Please, let us sleep tonight. Me yes, 'cause I have to return to work in the morning, but more for Hubs so he can finally get some much needed rest. He's hopefully going to take the remainder of the week to just be. My poor guy.

And with that I'll leave you tonight. Not much else to say, really. And if there was, there's not enough fuel to keep me typing. Hope you all have a good night, and if your dad is still around, I hope you spoiled him rotten yesterday.

JBJ, I got your message today. Thanks so much - it was very sweet. The funeral was at 11:30 which is why I couldn't take your call, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the sentiments. And to CJ and my sister, Camilla and Matthew - thanks so much for being there to support not only Hubs, but me too. Means so much.

Be at peace, CJS.

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