Saturday, 2 June 2007

Hot fun in the summer time...

Okay, is it just me, or is it unbelievably hot out there? Like as my mom would say, fry an egg on the sidewalk hot. Not sure why you would do that actually, especially with the mess it would make and the eventual smell, but I'm sure it's possible. She (mom that is) likes to recount that it was just that hot on the day that I was born. She then lapses into a now timeless story of how she went through 36 hours of labour, that they had to pull me out with the forceps and everyone was worried, 'cause for the first few weeks of my life, I had a conehead.

Yeah, thanks mom. Keep telling everyone that. Thanks sooooo much!

The again, I was stupid enough to type it all in black and white for you to read just now, so I guess I can't really complain anymore, eh?

But back to the heat...

Wowie, it's schteamy. Not just steamy, schteamy! Like, you can chew the air. Like getting hit in the face by a wall of hot when you open the door of your blissfully air conditioned home.

Thinking back, I guess I really shouldn't be complaining about the heat. For two reasons, actually. One, we have central air, so our indoors is blissfully cool. Sleeping is not a chore. Two, I bitched and complained for sooo long about the winter, how much it hurt and how I couldn't WAIT for spring/summer, that I honestly don't believe I have any right to dis dis heat.

Despite the high temps I spent part of the early afternoon with my sister in law, evaluating the front of our house for its garden potential. We don't have a huge front lawn, but since the previous owners seemed to want to do nothing more with the house once they were handed the keys upon its completion, we have a blank slate with which to work.

And can I say just how blank said slate is? There is NOTHING there...even the grass is crap. When the hell did I become the type of diva that obsessed about the state of her grass? This is total uncharted territory for me.

And of course it doesn't help that the folks directly across the street have the most beautiful lawn ever. I want a lawn like that. No, I'm not competitive at all - I just want my lawn to look that nice, nay better, than his - is that wrong? Okay, maybe it is, but all of the sudden I can see how this whole keeping up with the Jones' thing can really mess with your head!

All this energy on a lawn? That's right.

So tomorrow we'll go out and put the weed and feed on the front lawn ('cause hey, not that many people are privileged enough to see our backyard but everyone sees the front) as the weather might actually cooperate. If we get our way, Mother Nature will take care of the whole watering thing, and I can spend my day looking for summer tops and sandals.

Yes, I plan to spend my Sunday in more traditionally thought of diva-esque pursuits. Even shoe shopping, and this from a surprisingly non shoe-loving diva! But everyone needs the little buggers for their feet, I suppose. So off I'll go. Wish me luck - my tootsies need it!

The rest of today was spent at Canadian Tire, yet again, this time procuring a storage bench for our backyard (which doesn't fit our cushions, so we sold it to my sister), a weed wacker, placemats and plates for the new patio set, and something to plant my pink azalea in.

Can we pause for a moment and ask the question I know is on all of our lips - what the hell has happened to the diva of yore? Man, thank goodness for my Tuesday Night Distraction Club - methinks I need to have a few martinis with the girls in an urban setting so as to retain my diva status! That and a mani/pedi, and I should be back on track. Especially now that I'm playing in the dirt and kinda getting my hands dirty (only kinda, 'cause I have those great pink gardening gloves). this what it means to get older and more serious about life? Quick - someone dish out the shooters while I run to my room to put on a hoochie bar top! This is all happening too fast!

Nah, not really. I can still have my shooters and lawn too. It just means the pendulum has swung a smidge in the other direction.

Which in the long run is kinda good, I guess. I know my liver certainly appreciates the change.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "Hot fun in the summer time..."

Anonymous said...

Hey Diva
Couple of gardening tips. I have manicured nails (white french tips) and I have found that the best way to protect them while gardening is rubber gloves - the kind you use for washing dishes. I know they're ugly but all other types have failed me in that my nails got the brunt of my hard labour.
Also, if you're going to use a mulch when you plant flower beds, cocoa bean mulch is by far THE best I've ever used. Seems only crappy tire carries it. Anyway, just a couple of tips for the diva :-)
PeeJay (WBer)

Anonymous said...

Well just think of it this way - once all the lawn and planting is over and done with - it'll look fab and you'll be able to enjoy some wonderful summertime drinks - dare I say daquiris - on your new patio where you'll be able to admire your hard work and beautiful lawn! ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the first meeting of the Tuesday Night Distraction Club!




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