Thursday, 21 June 2007

This is the week that never ends... just goes on and on my friends! Sorry if you have that song in your heads now, but I thought it was fitting, given how this week is going.

This will be a super abbreviated post due to the late hour and the relative weight of my eyelids to my head (eyelids outweighing head at this point), but I did feel that I owed you all at least a wee hello to tide you over since I left you stranded yesterday too.

Okay, so, last night I had another event for work. Hubs was supposed to join me but after a brief appearance at his office in the morning to drop something off, he decided he couldn't stand another round of 'dude, I'm so sorry about your dad' at night too. Completely understandable, so I let him off the hook this time with nary a second thought.

He's such a great guy that he still came and got me. Drove 75 kms or an hour each way just so I wouldn't have a three hour trip home.

I so love this man.

Then today rolled around and there were many meetings, things to be done, calls to be made, emails to be sent, etc. Got done what I could, then headed to another event for work. This time the opening of a new lounge at the hospital, where a lovely lady with an interest in some of our projects was waiting to meet me.

Sounds so glamorous, doesn't it? All these events and cocktail parties and soirees. To be truthful yes, a good number of them are fun, enjoyable even, but keep in mind that whilst I'm attempting to have said fun, I'm also working the entire time. Talking to people that need talking to, etc.

And since I barely want to be at work during work hours this week, what the hell makes ya think I wanna be continuing to work into the evening?

Oh well, this week will be over soon, the clomid crazies will soon pass, and we can slowly eek our way back into real life on Monday. Hopefully.

Hubs went to see Evil Dead The Musical with my brother in law tonight, so after an appearance at the work event I met some WB gals for dinner (lovely gals - I really do enjoy those get togethers, especially when they involve flaming cheese that, not coincidentally, also flames on the way out), then headed to Chapters to buy some books (read:kill time) before meeting Hubs at the theatre downtown.

And now we're home. Finally. And I'm heading to bed. Finally. And tomorrow's Friday. FINALLY! All good things in my book.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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celtic_kitten on 22 June 2007 at 19:09 said...

Loved seeing you again last night, Diva Dear! :)




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