Monday, 4 June 2007

Turn down that blasted stereo!

Yeah, it's Monday. I'm feeling really tired lately. Not sure if it's the rain or the drugs I'm on or both but man, when you fall asleep on the GO train not only on the way into work but on the way home, you know your ass is sleepy.

I was actually smart yesterday, or so I thought. I got up around 9:30 ish to ensure that I'd be tired around 11pm (our normal bedtime) and sure enough, come 11 these eyelids were drooping. Excellent! No more getting behind the proverbial eight ball where my weekday fatigue was concerned.

Didn't work nearly as well as I thought it should if my public snoring at 7:52 am is any indication. Bugger.

So before I start in on the Monday that was, allow me to do a Wayne's World dream sequence (doodooloo, doodooloo, doodooloo) and bring you back with me to yesterday. Oh look - it's Sunday! I'm at home! It's almost raining...annnnd you're there.

In an earlier entry, I questioned my diva status thanks to my impending yard work/seeding. Sunday saw all of those activities come to fruition - the lawn got raked and seeded, the plants got watered, the weeds got pulled, and the hose was cranked out of its tangled slumber to water said lawn. Not all that diva-esque.

But man oh man did I make up for it shortly thereafter. I went on a smidge of a shopping spree and came home with four new pairs of shoes and 10 summer tops. Yes, four and 10, you're reading that correctly.

Ah, shopping does a body good. Maybe that's why I was so tired - I was coming down from the rush of my retail pursuits. Kinda like a sugar crash - but without the calories or diabetic shock to my system. And with some pretty new things in happy bags to show for it as opposed to another slab of cellulite globbed onto my thighs. Dag...I've got to remember this theory next time I want some Timbits or something - a new top would give me the same high but no more thigh. That's my interesting hypothesis for the day. A little mental snack, if you will. Enjoy.

So back to today. It was Monday. It was raining. We had DeeDee this weekend, so I had to take the bus to the GO station this morning while Hubs drove her home. I walked to the bus stop. In the rain.

I don't do well in the rain. Maybe it's all that extra sugar in my system and I'm worried I'm gonna melt. Sigh...

The actual workday went okay until the afternoon rolled around and my blasted left ovary reared its ugly head and started giving me grief. Bad enough it's eating my food and racking up the phone bill, now it's got the music turned up full blast and all the windows are shaking. Ouchie!!

This is my first experience with a cyst that has made itself known to me. Yes, there have been others in my sordid past (it would appear my ovaries are whores, entertaining all sorts of different cysts - sometimes more than one at a time!! - tramps, both of them) but none have been this vocal about their living arrangements. At one point today I was doubled over at my desk typing away as best I could.

At one point I asked what degree of pain should I be concerned? What, pray tell, should I be concerned about? Being a newbie to actually experiencing sensation from my ovaries, I had no idea what 'normal' was anymore.

So what did I do? Well, I googled it, of course!! Yeah, never do that if you're at all concerned about what you might find. If you're ready for it, giv'er. Fill yer boots. But if not....step away from the internet. Niiiiice and slow. Nothing to see here...

Fortunately the pain has since subsided, so I'm no longer quaking in my boots about what I read a mere few hours ago. I'm dumping it from my Tis gone. Yippee.

Now cyst, just calm down and take it easy. Turn the music down and go to sleep. Have a nice nap. Yes, that's right. That's a good cyst. Nightie night. Mommy hates you.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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