Sunday, 10 June 2007

Hard to believe it's been a whole year...

365 rotations of the earth ago (aka one trip around the sun), Hubs and I tied the knot.

That's right - today is our first wedding anniversary. Quite surreal, I must say. An entire year has passed, and so much has happened since June 10, 2006, a date that is now permanently ingrained in my memory. At least it's for a good reason!

We had a beautiful wedding. It was cold that day, only like 17 degrees, but Hubs loved it because he didn't overheat in his tux. It was also windy, so much so that my veil simply had to come off after the ceremony, 'cause I couldn't see two feet in front of my face depending on how the wind was blowing.

But the sun came and stayed out. The weekend before was a torrential downpour which totally would have sucked for us and our outdoor wedding, and the weekend after was insanely hot and humid - Hubs would have melted!!!

So here we are, one year later. We've been to Collingwood, Sudbury, Waterloo, Germany, Italy, Cuba, and Cobourg since we became man and wife. We've bought a house, and taken on the biggest debt of our lives. We bought entirely new furniture for our bedroom, and acquired a snake as Hubs' pet. We've signed on with a fertility clinic to try to expand our family, and have ridden the multitude of roller coasters that come with being a member of such an emotionally charged club. I've been diagnosed with PCOS, anemia, and type 2 diabetes - but I'm getting better. I've gotten a raise, Hubs has been laid off and has started a new job at a much better company. DeeDee turned nine, my nephew turned two, and my sister got pregnant again. One bridesmaid ended a long term relationship on our wedding day, while another saw hers with an on again/off again beau solidify and take root. CJ ran a half marathon, I lost 30 pounds (or thereabouts - haven't been on the scale in a while), and maybe most importantly of all - I got to be Mrs. S for 365 days.

I'm a very lucky gal, all things considered. If you read the paragraph above, you'd see that there are definitely somethings I could, and indeed have in the not too distant past, complain about. But come the end of the day (and the end of the blogging session where I puke it all on to the screen so I can put things behind me and move forward) I know one thing - I'm lucky to have so many good and positive things in my life.

Friends and family kinda laugh at us, 'cause we truly are in the running for Cheesiest Couple in the Universe. We're silly together, we're mushy together, we kiss in public, and yes, I'll even try to pat his butt every once in a while - providing I can find it first. Yes, my husband has no ass - have I mentioned this before my dear readers? I have a no ass man. But I love him and his no ass like nobody's business. Plus, I have more than enough ass for both of us. :)

I totally love that about him - not his lack of ass, of course, but his ability to let his guard down and be a complete and utter softie when it comes to me. He can most certainly be hard headed and more stubborn than the proverbial mule at times, but by and large he's one big teddy bear of a guy with a heart of gold. That belongs to me.

To celebrate, we went to an Inn in Cobourg. We didn't want to spend a lot of money given that whole Cuba thing and really didn't want to drive too far, so this place completely fit the bill. And hey, spending my anniversary in the Presidential Suite sure does appeal to the diva in me. In fact, she'd expect nothing less!

The weekend was amazing weather-wise - couldn't have asked for better. Sunny with a breeze and no humidity - Hubs' idea of heaven. Sure did make the weekend more enjoyable for both of us! We got into Cobourg around 12:30 and just explored for a bit. Walked along the beach, found a place for lunch, browsed the shops, had some ice cream, and enjoyed the 'quaintness' of small town Ontario.

And then we checked into the hotel. Woo eee what a place! The living room was a bit outdated but still quite nice...and then we saw the bathroom. Now, I love our ensuite at home, but this put us to shame! Two person airforced tub, slate floors, incredible glass shower....spectacular and brand spanking new. Allow the photo to speak volumes for me if it's possible...sorry that you can't see more of it, but you'll just have to imagine things from here.

The bedroom also had recently experienced a makeover, and the king-sized canopied four poster bed had 'jump on me' written all over it. Well, not literally, but you catch my drift. All fluffy and high and covered with useless throw pillows that ended up on the ground before they ever stood a chance...perfect anniversary sleeping quarters.

Once we got into our suite, we had a really hard time leaving. So we didn't until dinner! We watched some tv, snuggled on the immensely comfortable leather couches, and slowly but surely got ready for our 7:30 reservation.

The restaurant was - interesting. Not quite was I had expected, given the reviews from my WB guys, but once we got over the decor (southwestern kitch and beer umbrellas on the patio) and focused on the menu (not to mention one another) it all got much, much better. We ended up having a lovely meal, then meandered back to the hotel for the rest of the evening's entertainment.

I'll skip over most of that for obvious reasons, but I will say they involved chocolate covered strawberries (courtesy of the hotel), champagne, a viewing of one of our fave movies (Serendipity, you pervs - nothing dirty) and a dip in the tub for two. And then we passed out.

This morning we slept in, finished the rest of the movie, then headed out for brunch in our hotel. Fully stuffed, showered, and all checked out, we made the 40 minute trek home to prepare for the second part of our anniversary celebrations - the return to the scene of the crime.

By 3pm we were right there, where it all took place those 365 days ago. A rush of emotions came flooding back to me, spurred on perhaps by the fact that we'd been playing the cd our dj make us with all of our wedding songs on the way up to the house. Our song always makes me bawl (see Cheesiest Couple in the Universe above) and today was no exception.

It was so nice to just be there, surrounded by so many familiar and friendly faces (all of Hubs' family and my sister/brother in law/nephew made the trek). And there were so many things to celebrate!! Our first anniversary, Hubs' father's birthday (that day), two of his nephews' birthdays (last Friday and this coming Friday), his niece's promotion, and the visit of his aunt, who wasn't able to be at our wedding for health issues. Man! So needless to say, this is the cake that was brought out to celebrate:

Have I said how much I love this family? Awesome...

In addition to this cake, we enjoyed the top layer of our wedding cake, recently thawed from our freezer after its one year slumber. Amazingly enough, it was incredibly tasty and was enjoyed by all. We even brought the cake knife and lifter we used at our wedding...awwww....I know you want to barf right now, admit it. It's okay. I would too if I was reading this about someone else's life! Honest!

We cut the cake yet again shortly after a beautiful impromptu speech by Hubs' mom saying I was the best thing that had ever happened to him (tears!!) - and then Hubs proceeded to smush cake into my face. Buttercream frosting up my nose...not a pretty sight or experience, I'll tell you that! Guess he decided that since he couldn't do it last year at the wedding proper he'd take his chances where he can get them. Bugger.

Wow. I've blathered on forever it seems...and now, there are but a few minutes remaining on this, our anniversary day. As I type Hubs is snoring beside me and I can look over at him and do nothing but smile. He's been such an incredible addition to my life, so much so that I can't even begin to imagine my world without him in it.

And so today we paused and celebrated the fact that 365 rotations of the earth ago, we took that leap of faith and joined our lives together forever. Man and diva, 'til death do us part.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

13 comments on "Hard to believe it's been a whole year..."

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 1 yr, may there be many many more!

Omigod, that cake - too funny!!!


celtic_kitten on 11 June 2007 at 07:07 said...

Aww... that sounds like such a wonderful weekend! I'm so glad it was a great one, for you... here's to many more to come!

As for being Cheesy... check the quote in my sig on WB ;) Ain't nothing wrong with being silly together :)

Shoe_Gal on 11 June 2007 at 08:28 said...

Oh divajen, this was just what I needed to read. I have been so down in the dumps lately, and I have been ignoring DH's feelings...I think we need some time away to reconnect, to be reflect on what's important, and to rekindle some of the spark that was lost when we m/c.

You are simply divine.


Marlene on 11 June 2007 at 09:34 said...

Happy Anniversary and here's to an even better second year. That cake rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

Aaawwww... I love all the cheese - ain't nothing wrong with that! Happy Anniversary!

~ Ginelle

P.S. Love the cake & your new photo at the top of your blog!

Anonymous said...

awwww this was the sweetest post ever!! I hope my 1st wedding anniversary is as good as yours!

You and your hubby are so adorable, and I love that you find the good in everything!! You are an inspiration!

Nicole (another WBer!)

Janny said...

Definitely NOTHING wrong with mushy and cheesy! :) BIG congrats on your anniversary you guys! Will definitely go and check out that suite at some point, cause it looked Fab-u-lous! Bathroom does indeed make me jealous and dislike my own (can't say mine is that great... can't fit in our stupid tub!!!).

Congrats again, and to many more rotations of the earth around the sun to you guys! :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love the mush and cheese. Keep it coming. Your attitude is addictive.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it' JMaddy here!

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! And Many more!

But, just as a note from a crazy science nerd, you did not get married "365 rotations of the earth around the sun ago".

You got married 365 rotations of the EARTH ago, or ONE rotation of the earth around the sun ago.

The earth spins on it's axis once a day, and completes one orbit around the sun every year (or, one year minus 0.25 a day, hence a leap year every 4 years).

So, 365 rotations of the earth around the sun would mean you've been hitched for 365 years. While we all aspire for that, methinks it's a wee bit past the human life expectancy!

Anyways, that doesn't diminish the awesomeness of surviving the first year- especially one that was so riddled with challenges!



divajen on 11 June 2007 at 14:32 said...

JMaddy, so glad you posted that! For the longest time after I wrote it I just stared at it, knowing something was wrong but too tired to put my finger on it. And there it is!

Will go and fix right now.... :)

Anonymous said...

I love the "grand Cheese"! You two are just too cute! Congrats on your 1yr anniversary and you have absolutely every reason to celebrate! One year of official togetherness and many more to come...
Lyne aka Grimeysgal

Anonymous said...



Wannabefrenchie on 14 June 2007 at 21:26 said...

congrats! so happy to see that you are still so happy together and that through all the trials you've faced you still get that pitter patter flutter that makes it all bearable.
here's to many more years!




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