Monday, 19 March 2007

Anyone watching this crap Grease show?

If I've said it once, I'll say it a million times - I'm a fan of the reality tv shows. Survivor, Apprentice, Amazing Race, Beauty and the Geek (shameful, I know), American Idol...if there's no script, I'm watching it.

And it's clearly no secret that I have performance aspirations...that whole 'diva' thang didn't come from thin air. That's right, I'm the karaoke queen with Broadway dreams - and an opera singer's physique. Sigh....but enough about me.

Months ago, this crazy show called Grease: You're the One That I Want jumped onto my Toshiba. Stunned, I watched as thousands of wannabes (some just like me, some - not so much) auditioned for a reality show that would have them competing for the lead roles in a Grease revival on Broadway this summer.

Wow. How flippin cool is that! The talent is great...but the rest of the show, all of the inane production elements and the ridiculous hosts, is completely for crap.

The good news is my dark horses (picked in the first round of auditions, I'll have you know - Hubs gives me shit because I refuse to make my American Idol picks before the top 12 are chosen) are still in the running - and tonight was the finals. Now watch, I've probably gone and cursed the little talented bastards. Bah, all will be revealed next weekend.

In the grand scheme of things, I couldn't really give a greased flip who comes out on top. No plans to jet to NYC expressly to see the show, and until I enter the phase of my life where Hubs becomes my sugar daddy, I really ain't got the cash to cover the ticket prices and all the trappings that come with a diva worthy trip to the Big Apple. That whole mortgage thing is gonna be around for a while, so no huge Broadway productions in my near future.

Sad, isn't it? It's been a long time since I've visited my home away from home...almost three years in fact. How is it possible that time has flown by so quickly? Seems like yesterday that I was there with my sister, enjoying a Cosmo in the bar that doubles for Scout on Sex and the City, courtesy of our participation in the Sex and the City bus tour.

Yes ladies, that was my life. Drinking Cosmos in SoHo, sipping coffee at Dean and Deluca, inhaling the Kung Po chicken at Ruby Foo's in Times Square, bargain hunting at Century 21 and handbag alley on Canal Street. For a few days anyway - then I had to cram all my finds into my suitcase and jet back to reality. Once I actually had to buy a whole new duffel bag to bring home all my handbag finds...for shame. I crammed seven purses into that bag, and my pulse raced as I slid through customs, sure that if I was caught I'd be charged with intent to traffic.

Do I miss those days, now that I'm a married suburbanite? Sometimes. But there's a huge difference between then and now. I can still make fun girly trips to NYC when the time is right. I can still enjoy all of the aforementioned pleasures for years to come.

But now when I travel, coming home is a totally different story. Why? I come home to someone. Home to a place I call my own, and to someone who missed me terribly while I was gone.

To me, that's worth all the Cosmos in the cosmos.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "Anyone watching this crap Grease show?"

Janny said...

Mmmm... Now I feel like jetting off to NYC! If I wasn't going to to Dominican in May, I would SO be planning a trip to NYC! My MIL says I would LOVE ti there, and when I do go, you will need to tell me all about the Sex and the City tour and that Handbag Alley... I really want to go now... LOL

And, as I read in your post for the weekend, do you like the How to Write Chick Lit book? I was wondering if it was an actual book of fiction or if it was a guide to how to write! lol Might pick it up too! :)

Can't wait to read you again!

Anonymous said...

Hey DivaJ ... I can totally relate to your post. I used to travel quite a lot as a single girl - lots of spur of the moment get-a-ways. Loved it. But I recall one of the very few things I didn't like about travelling alone, was arriving home at the airport. It seemed like everyone else was being joyfully greeted by a loved one ... it was one of the few times in my life alone, I did feel a little lonely.

Truthfully, a trip now without my DH does not appeal to me - I miss him if I am away for just a night or two for work.

What was that line of Carrie's when she and Aiden moved in together ... the thing about needs, is that once they are met, you don't need them anymore.

Yes, I am a Sex & the City nerd - I own the entire series on DVD.

Anonymous said...





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