Wednesday, 7 March 2007

A day late and a dollar short...

Hello my lovlies. My apologies for no entry yesterday. It was simply one of those days where not all that much happened and I was exhausted and cold beyond belief. I was in bed (ahem - asleep!) at 9:30pm.

To any of you who have recently or are about to travel south I simply say - lucky bitch. And while I mean bitch in the nicest, most loving sense of the word, I can't help but be jealous. Yes, our trip south is all wrapped up in our new home, and yes, I wouldn't trade home ownership for a week in the sun for anything. But this winter is killing me.

I guess I've been out of the north for too long. Years ago cold like this would be a normal winter occurrence and I'd find a way to muddle through it, but this southern Ontario living has made me soft, spoiled me - so I'm no longer prepared for these ridiculous Arctic air masses that drift in just to mess with me. How's that for ego? Thinking that the cold has been driven here for the express purpose of torturing me. What could I possibly have done to deserve this? apologies for bringing you down with me.

Hubs was kind enough to drive me directly to the train station both yesterday and today so I would not have to suffer the elements while waiting for the, well....bus. It still pains me to write that - I'm a fan of the commuter train, a very diva-endorsed, civilized method of transportation, but I am not now nor will I ever be, a bus person.

And as always he was there to pick me up from the station and had the heat going full blast in the car for my benefit. Lovely man, yes?

Since neither of us were up for cooking, we headed to our local Boston Pizza (see how the suburbs are seeping into my diva bones?) for a quick dinner, then it was home time. And this diva did not pass go, did not collect $200, but made a beeline for her ensuite bath and the corner soaker tub. Ah....

Now, I'm used to wonderful, marvellous tubs. I enjoy their splendour not for bathing (I'm expressly a shower girl when the purpose is solely to remove the previous day's grime) but for pure, unadulterated luxuriating. In our previous abode we had a one person jacuzzi tub. Wonderful for soaking and keeping the water hot, but no fun if two cared to soak, and by design, it's not bubble friendly which detracts a smidge from its appeal.

While the plan is to eventually upgrade our now soaker tub to an air forced jacuzzi-esque masterpiece, I must admit - I'm in bathtub heaven.

Last night I warmed up in our huge tub, complete with one of my all time fave smelling bubble concoctions - Jacqua's Caramel Espresso Foaming Bath. Heaven!

And alas, in my great desire to post a photo of this fab find, I am dismayed to discover that the flavour has been discontinued! Whatever shall I do? I suppose I'll just have to savour the bottle I have now - precious liquid. Guess I shouldn't have been so cavalier in telling Hubs to squirt away last night (yes, he drew my bath for me). Sigh. Well, better to know now than to rip through the bottle in lightening speed, only to discover it's retirement on the store floor. No one should have to bear witness to the emotional display that would undoubtedly ensue.

Here's the next best thing - their buttercream frosting flavour. Yummmyy!! It's not caramel espresso, but then again, nothing else ever can be *tear*.

The hard part of all of this is, in searching for an image to present to you as guidance for your next shopping trip, be it online at or at a Bath and Body Works on your next cross border extravaganza, I have now stumbled on a number of must have products that I must now seek, find, and make mine. Damned power of suggestion! And browsing!

Case in point, the lip glossy thing just to the left here. Hubs is a HUGE fan of chocolate mint, has a bit of an obsession one might say, so I'm always on the lookout for a chocolate mint flavoured lip gloss so one day he can get a nice smoochy surprise. Simple perfumes or lotions won't do - the poor man has no sense of smell (I know, tragic - especially considering how awfully fabulous I smell thanks to my treasure trove of yummy lotions, sprays, etc) so I have to go with taste to knock his socks off.

It seems my search has finally ended - now, I must devote my resources to procuring this tasty concoction as but a tiny treat for Hubs who does so many great things for me.

The hunt is on! Ah, there's nothing like the thrill of the chase to really get my adrenaline pumping on a freezing cold morning. I'll be sure to let you know when I've captured my prey. And if in the course of your own diva travels you come upon this holy grail of lip glosses, do a diva a favour and drop me a line to let me know where you saw it, will ya? Much obliged.

And that's your (belated) daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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Chelle on 17 July 2007 at 20:45 said...

I love the Jacqua buttercream frosting products. I have also seen them at Chapters on occasion - maybe keep your eye out there :)




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