Sunday, 25 March 2007

Today's quite the day...

Not only is it concert day (nope, haven't even had one begging phone call from Sludge - but the day is still young) but it's also the day that my lovely friend Aunt Flo made her much anticipated arrival.

Yes, I realize that for most of you, this is not a cause for celebration. If anything, it's a pain in the everything, you grin and bear it, and she leaves three to five days after she came, leaving you in relative peace for just over three glorious weeks.

Well, when you have polycystic ovary syndrome, it's like your aunt forgot your address...hell, it's more like she forgot you even existed! She rarely visits, and even if she does, it's because you sent her multiple reminders and coaxed her to your home with some high class drugs. Insanity.

I'm excited because, as you may well imagine, you can't get pregnant if you don't have a cycle because without the cycle there's no ovulation. No eggs = no babies. No little great nieces or nephews for Aunt Flo if she never shows. But she's here and from the look of things has no intention of leaving for the next few days, so lucky me gets to deal with all her crap, then move on to the next level of fun - more drugs.

That's right - from days three to seven of this happy cycle, I get to ingest 100mg of clomid, a drug that is designed to aid in ovulation. We'll get one of those eggies outta there, even if we have to coax it out by force!

This is my first cycle on this drug, and I've heard all sorts of fun stuff about the side effects - hot flashes, getting extra emotional, sensitivity to light...all sounds like so much fun, doesn't it? Just what I don't need - any extra help getting emotional! No thanks - we're all stocked up here!

In other weekend news, we watched Stranger Than Fiction yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. Will Ferrell actually did a great job at playing a tragic character. Snaps to him.

Then Hubs downloaded the demo of Tomb Raider for DeeDee to try on the xbox 360. So now we're all currently suffering, trying to figure out how to get past one stupid level. Damned video games. I hate not being able to solve these kinds of problems. Not that I'm even the one holding the stupid controller - I'm just trying to help determine where they should try next. Then I kick myself for getting involved because all of the sudden I can't let go until we solve it. Lesson learned - stay away from the tv when the kids are playing. Grrr...

So now I'm finishing this blog post, then I'm going to walk away from the television, grab one of the seven books I picked up at the library yesterday (yep, true capitulation to my suburban existence - but can I just say that we have a freakin incredible library in my new hood? Wowie.), and go enjoy the large two milk one sweetener Hubs just brought me back from Tim's.

At some point I'll decide to throw myself in the shower to begin preparations for this evening's festivities. Maybe I'll get lucky and will be mid-cleanse when the phone starts ringing and the pleading commences. One can only hope!!

I'll be back tomorrow to report on the concert and any fun activities that may precede it. Until then, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and wish DeeDee and I luck as we embark on our first girls event together!!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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Janny said...

Well... um... Congrats on Aunt Flo?! LOL Not sure how to respond to that one (although I can slightly imagine how it must feel when you are TTC and it's not there...)! Hope you have a great time at the concert tonight!! Shake your booty to 'Don't Cha' for me! ;)
And, lastly, I LOVE you A&F BAG (from last post, didn't have time to respond at work the other night)!! I went in there when we were in TO in Jan. and tried on a pair of Short Shorts and they were TOO BIG! My usual size was TOO BIG! I am a 7-9, depending on brand and such, lately more of a seven though, and they were beyond loose! I couldn't justify buying them. But they didn't have that bag, which makes me slightly sad cause it works perfect with one of my bathing suits and would have looked really nice on the beach in the Dominican... Oh Well! But really, great choice! *Thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

Have a great time at the concert tonight, can't wait to read the blog entry about it!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your Aunt Flo! Sounds like the Easter bunny has a few more eggs to deliver this year!
I hope the concert last night went great for you and Dee Dee and looking forward to all the juicy details!

beamingbridetobe said...

"Sounds like the Easter bunny has a few more eggs to deliver this year!" LOL - that is priceless anonymous poster :)

Diva: Congratulations on one step closer to TTC :)

I am eagerly awaiting to hear with whom you went to the concert...





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