Thursday, 29 March 2007

Just a little off the top...

Today was a glorious day - I shed at least two pounds. The fact that it was two pounds of hair be dammed - I'm lighter now than I was this morning and that's what matters! hehe.

This evening I got to spend some quality time with one of my favourite people on my list of divafying groomers. Nah, scratch that - one of my favourite people full stop. David, my smashing hairdresser (

Now before you rush out to book an appointment (because I know you all take what I say as gospel and can't WAIT to get out there for some bliss of your own), you should know that he's not taking new clients evenings or Saturdays, but if you can swing a daytime appointment - like 4pm even - he'll be sure to hook you up. Tell him the diva sent you. He'll know what you mean - he stops off here from time to time!!

David is a pure delight. He's done wonders with my mop and a visit to him is always an escape from the 'real world' that awaits outdoors. And the fact that you have to pass a Starbucks to get to his salon is merely lactaid latte icing on a wonderfully fattening cake.

He's fun, talented, talkative, and fab-u-lous, my sisters. He was there for my wedding without question, styled all the girls beautifully, even my mom and DeeDee, and make sure that I had bling glued into my hair for that extra bit of sparkle on my big day. *tear* - does he know me, or what? *sniff* And his partner Peter - love him, too. A godsend on the day of the wedding, he helped with all the setup and managed to get the pen mark off my wedding dress without me knowing it had ever been there. Miracle worker, truly.

I know what you're thinking. Yes, you read it right - I had wee rhinestones adhered to my wedding day do with eyelash glue. Wanna make something of it?

Didn't think so... ;)

This evening was quite lovely and extra calming as it was just David and I - we had the place all to ourselves. The music was a bit mellow (in contrast to our usual Whitney Houston singalong hour), the conversation a bit deeper (my struggles with trying to conceive, his growing up in a religious household), and the hair - well, the hair. Of course I look fabulous.

He managed to spruce up my colour (trying to get back to something approaching whatever my natural hair colour is supposed to be, 'cause if we do get preggers no more hair colouring for me), and gave me a right sassy cut to fling me into spring. Short at the back, longer in the front on a forward sloping angle. Brings out my cheekbones, apparently. Now that I've lost a bit of weight it would appear that my cheekbones are starting to make a resurgence. Cool beans.

All in all, we passed a delightful two hours together. Hard to believe that I have to go two months between these pampering sessions - I surely deserve so much more than these sporadic brushes with pure girlie pleasure.

Then again, my Visa sure does appreciate the rest.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "Just a little off the top..."

Anonymous said...

Ah yes....every girl needs a great relationship with their hairdresser.
Mine is quite a diva, and I take comfort every time I see her that my life is not nearly half as dramatic as hers seems to be!
It is a shame we have to pay so much moola to feel good....but I make it a point every 6-8 weeks to indulge myself.
Glad you're happy with your new doo!

Janny said...

Cool stuff! My cousin does my hair (MY visa appreciates THAT! lol), and we have so much fun whenever I am there! I would love to go and get my hair done at a fancy schmancy salon though some time! Would be fun! If you have 2 minutes, get your hubby to take pictures! Would love to see how it looks! :D
Have yourself a great weekend Diva! :) Let's hope it stays nice outside! :) (Dunno how T.O. is Today, but Ottawa sure is looking nice!)

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, i saw your pic on wedding bells. The new cut looks awesome. Lovin mine too! I look in the mirror and don't even recognize myself.






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