Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Greetings from this week!

Hard to believe it's been almost a week since I've posted. My most humble of apologies!

I know a few of you were asking me to post my Jeanne Lottie spoils and I promise, I will - as soon as I have a chance to snap a photo or two of what I ended up with. But rest assured it was a successful hunt. I walked away with a beautiful leather bag in a stunning Tiffany blue (how apropos) and a gorgeous brown travel bag that will be perfect once fall well and truly is upon us. Photos to come, I promise!

Speaking of Jeanne Lottie, just a little note to you local gals. If you're looking for something really fun to do on October 12, why not consider attending the Pink Bedroom Party at the Liberty Grand? Tickets for the full event are $250 (a bit steep, I know) or you can get after party tickets (so no dinner or super swank gift bag) for $45 (I believe). Visit www.pinkbedroomparty.com for more info! I'll be there, all decked out in pink. Imagine that!!

So let's see, what else....well, Friday after my fab trip to Jeanne Lottie I headed over to Tiffany's to get the chain on my necklace extended. While there a new ring was purchased...more about that in a separate post, but don't worry, we didn't go all bling crazy or anything like that. Momma can't afford no big Tiffany bling, ya know? Then it was off to a doctor's appointment, and home.

The headache that had begun late that afternoon took over, and I was in bed feeling quite sick to my stomach by 7 that night. Party girl is right! I'm taking the world by storm, one Friday night at a time. Sigh.

Saturday after a crack of dawn appointment at the clinic, we make the trek out to Brampton for a family bbq. At the one of our houses that doesn't have air conditioning. On a stinking hot day. Alas...lesson learned. Had a realy nice time - I do love hanging out with Hubs' family - then we dropped DeeDee off and made the trip back home. We were exhausted, plain and simple.

Sunday was pure bliss. Sleeping in, going to see Superbad (I am totally McLovin this movie, btw - totally crass but a great little flick), then just coming home and loafing for the afternoon. Hubs downloaded a game called Bioshock to his XBox 360 and liked it so much, that he had to buy it. So Sunday afternoon, part of our loafing included him playing the game, and me pointing out all the stuff he should be picking up. Teamwork. It's a wonderful thing!

Then it was back to work on Monday. Is the long weekend here yet? Sheesh! Work is kinda quiet right now which is good - a real calm before the storm that will be September - but it's hard to stay focussed when you're not really busy all the time! The mind wanders....then we pull it back to the task at hand and cross something else off the seemingly never ending to do list.

Last night was relatively quiet. Hubs cooked some yummy pork tenderloin on the bbq, and we tried to head to bed early. How exciting are we?

Tonight was to have been a Tuesday Night Distraction Club meeting (it being Tuesday and all) but the rest of this week is so stupid busy and I've been fighting a cold for four weeks now (it hasn't won yet - I'm still fending it off) so I decided we could all use a week off before everything begins anew after Labour Day. I did, however, sneak off to have coffee with one of the lovely WB gals who lives close by. It was great to meet you, N! I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other!

Funny how, even though we're not in school anymore and I don't have any school age children, Labour Day still signals new beginnings. Interesting. Wonder why that is? Discuss.

Well, that's about the state of it over the past few days. Hope you didn't miss me TOO much. Now it's almost midnight, we have an early appointment at the clinic tomorrow and I've left you with something to ponder, so I think I'll simply say goodnight. So, goodnight!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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janny said...

I do the 'team work' thing with BF too when he's playing Video Games! We do it with Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess though... He always seems to be missing the things he needs to pick up, or I check his health in the big boss battles! I hear y'a, SO romantic and fun! hi hi!

Also totally understand what you mean about Sept./Labour day Weekend being a new start! I am so used to it being the beginning of a new 'year' that is seems more logical to make resolutions there! :S Currently working on my shopaholic tendencies... *looks elsewhere*

Can't wait to see the new purchases, too bad I'm not in TO, cause that Pink event sounds FAB! Wish we had fun stuff like that here in Ottawa... Oh well!




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