Thursday, 30 August 2007

Oh what a night...

So, tonight was one of those nights when I had a work event to go to. And lemme tell ya, it's nights like tonight that even I tell myself my job is pretty cool.

The occasion was someone I know through work's 60th birthday party. Her husband and his son wanted to throw her a surprise party but she refused, saying if they really insisted on doing something she'd help to arrange it and wanted to make sure some serious coin was raised for charity - our charity! Woo hoo!! She asked for donations to be made and announced via the invitation that her husband would match all donations. Excellent!

Only two people from the hospital were invited - the doctor who their donations support, and little ole me. And Hubs of course. :)

The entire theme of the night was pink - did I mention how much I love this woman? Not just for her love of all things pink, but honestly because of the incredible woman she is. We have a blast when we're working on ways to raise money, and I was very honoured to be invited to her big celebration.

And what a celebration it was! Over 150 people, a super swank meal catered by North 44 (too bad I didn't think it was a dinner so we ate before we got there), and the guests! The who's who of the Toronto social scene, but a few local celebs thrown in for good measure. Like Gordon Lightfoot, Norman Jewison, Pamela Wallin, Margaret Atwood and Ronnie Hawkins...pardon my shameless name dropping, but come on! How cool was that?

Then the topper of it all, what had me rolling in the aisles, was the surprise musical guest. Even the birthday girl didn't know who it was! We were guessing furiously at our table and our final answer was Michael Buble.

Right genre, wrong guy. Not the Bubes, but Paul Anka. Yes, you read that right. The singer with a 50 year career for whom Lorelai's dog on the Gilmore Girls was named. Who knew!?

To steal a line from Reality Bites, he was so cheesy I needed crackers just to listen to him, but man...that guy sure can sing. Smarmy as all get out, but the voice, it is pretty darned good.

He sang My Way, New York New York (my theme song, I'll have you know), For Once In My Life (which I totally love) and Diana. You could barely hear the music for the cacophony of hips cracking as the 60 + something's all got up to shake their booties. Ohhh, that was harsh. Even for me. I shouldn't say such things - undoubtedly a good number of those folk are still there, shakin their things, whilst Hubs and I left before 10:30!! I chalk it up to the suburbs, not the age.

Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, all in all it was a very cool night and I felt very fortunate to have been included. It's at times like this when I absolutely love my job. For how can anything like this truly be seen as work? Especially when there's a huge veal steak on your plate?

The birthday girl had a blast and should be very proud of her efforts. The total raised to date is over $75,000, and there's still more money coming in. Methinks her hubby is going to feel a little worse for wear in the morning, but his hangover will be much more financial than physical.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

4 comments on "Oh what a night..."

celtic_kitten on 31 August 2007 at 12:06 said...

Wow! That's awesome! :) Sounds like a great time!

Huh... guess Mr. Anka just can't get enough of T.O.... oh wait, he's got a new CD to promote *laugh* On which he covers such trendy folks as ... wait for it... the Killers?? Yes... that's right... Paul Anka lounges up "Mr. Brightsides" *shudder*

I'm a total sucker for that music, though... and you gotta give the man credit... for all that he's a wizend little gnome, he's looking pretty good for a man who's been making records for 50 years!

And very cool on the donations!!!!

Roberta on 31 August 2007 at 20:29 said...

Sounds like a good night, and everyone had fun even if the music was a little cheesey.

Anonymous said...

I happen to love Paul Anka, from childhood of course, and I am soooo jealous!
Sounds like you had a great night!
What does it feel like hobnobbin' with all those celebrities?

Shoe_Gal said...

Oooh, I LOVE Gordon Lightfoot. Lucky you. Sounded awesome.




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