Monday, 20 August 2007

Let the festivities begin!

So it's T-3 days until my 34th birthday, and the fun is already underway. We were up north this past weekend for my stepbrother's wedding, and I was fortunate enough to receive some cash from some very kinda (and brilliant - I love cash, it always fits and is the perfect colour) relatives, so let the shopping begin!

The trouble is, there's not a lot that I want for my birthday this year. Well, there is, but they're all things that I'm not 'allowed' to ask for. Like a new lock/door knob for our front door. Or getting our carpets cleaned. Or a day of Molly Maid. Or 15 bags of triple mix for the front garden.

Oh how my life has changed.

So instead, since I'm forced to do something for me and me alone, I'm thinking I'm going to buy myself a Coach purse. Never had one, but I want one. I think. I just haven't found the one I want yet. Such a dilemma.

And then today, I got this fantastic gift from my WB SGF (a pen pal of sorts). It's a great pink Swarovski crystal necklace - could it be more perfect? I didn't think so either! So thanks again, Mary!!
Tomorrow night the festivities continue as part of our regularly scheduled Tuesday Night Distraction Club. Looks like there will be ten of us going out for dinner which is awesome! Looking forward to seeing everyone and a really yummy meal! Not a bad way to eek myself back into working.

Yep, I've been off the past few days (Friday and today) so it's back to work yet again. At least it's a short week, and it includes my birthday which is always a bit of a freebie in working land, ya know? Then again, there are three people in my office with the same birthday, so if we all stopped being productive there might be real consequences! Hehe.

Thursday Hubs and I were going to go to a fantastic little restaurant I'd wanted to try out close by, but wouldn't you know it, they're closed for the next two weeks. Guess restauranteurs want vacations too. But did they have to choose my birthday week? Woe is me. So now it's back to the drawing board. Guess I'd better make my mind up soon!

Then Saturday Hubs' family is getting together to celebrate not only my bday, but my mother in law's as well seeing as we're only two days apart. I love his family, so we'll have a great time whatever we end up doing. Then we'll take DeeDee home (she will have been with us for two weeks by then) and Hubs and I will have one quiet day together before we start off to work for another week.

So what else has happened? Oh, my aunt offered Hubs and I her beautiful home in cottage country for a weekend in September, and we can't wait! We spent a few days there right after our wedding last year, and it's a truly spectacular place. Nothing 'cottage' about it. And the best part about the whole thing is the timing - it'll be the weekend after we get the results from this next round of IUI, etc. So either it'll be a nice escape from real life to mourn yet another negative result, or a fantastic celebration of many years of agony paying off.

'Cause yes, we're back on the horse and I'm on day 4 of clomid. And can I just say, this time around the irritability side effect has been supremely cranked up a notch? I don't know if it has anything to do with having DeeDee here non stop (only because I feel like I rip on her all the time, working with Hubs to correct some of her behavioural issues) but I kinda feel bad for the kid, hearing nothing but 'don't push on the side of the table' or 'gum stays in the mouth' or 'did you wash your hands?' out of my grumpy mouth. I think going back to work should help that a bit. Guess this is something I should get used to in case that whole custody thing ever works out!

So I guess that's about it for my world these days. I've enjoyed taking it easy today (only left the house to water the plants), just watching some PVR'd shows, hangin out in my fave cyber places, and starting to read the Harry Potter series. I never got into it the first time, so now that they're all out there, why the hell not? I started the first one last night and finished it this afternoon, so we're already on to book two. We shall see how things hold my interest from here!

Hope you've all had a fantastic few days, and I look forward to reporting on tomorrow night's festivities, uh, tomorrow!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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