Thursday, 23 August 2007

Me so spoiled...

I'm back! Wasn't sure if I'd make it to do another post tonight, but here I am! My belly is full of steak and potatoey goodness, and I've had some grocery store birthday cake with plenty o' grit. All is right with the world!! Oh and hey - any guesses what I wished for as I blew out the candles? Hell, I even ordered the free dessert at the Keg 'cause I knew it came with a candle, and I need all the candle blowing out luck I can get these days!!!

I've even had a chance to watch tonight's episode of Big Brother, even though it was all chopped up. Grr...the cable signal was crap, so the stupid thing keep freezing. "I vote to evict (blank)." Nothing. Sooooo frustrating!!

But still, I return tonight to revel in Hubs' sweetness. He outdid himself yet again this year - I am so spoiled!

When he picked me up from the train station, he told me I'd have to wait until we got to the restaurant 'cause he took my present there. Booo.... So I was preparing for an hour or so wait after we got home. I made a wee trip to our ever-so-sassy powder room, and when I returned, a beautiful blue bag containing this box

was waiting for me on our coffee table. Silly boy, trying to trick me like that.

Does my husband know his diva, or what? Tee hee.

Inside the box was a beautiful silver necklace from the Paloma Picasso collection. It's a heart that doesn't close at the top, but each side is heart shaped as well. Not sure if that makes much sense or if you can see it properly, but here goes:

The chain's a bit short, so I'll have to take it in tomorrow so they can add some length to it. Aw shucks, I'll have to spend some time at Tiffany's. What's a girl to do?

Oh yeah, before I go, I have to have lunch with the founder and marketing director of Jeanne Lottie, my fave handbag store. Yep, actually part of my job. And we get to go shopping first - you'll be sure I'll post the incredible bag I have my eye on after it comes home with me tomorrow. Soon my pretty, soon...

So that about wraps up my big day! And what a fantastic day it's been! Thanks for sticking around to to celebrate every one of those many years with me.

It's fitting to end here, because at the very minute I click publish, I'll be 34 years old.

And that's your double dose of your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "Me so spoiled..."

Marlene on 24 August 2007 at 09:56 said...

Hubs has good taste! Nice necklace!

Christy on 24 August 2007 at 14:02 said...

Shut up! Lunch with the Jeannie Lottie founder and marketing director, and you get to go shipping first! That is so unfair, I love their shoes :(

Oh, and happy birthday! Love the necklace of course!

Janny said...

When I saw the Tiffany box I just gasped! Just the box alone would have made me happy! lol GORGEOUS necklace! Your hubby is definitely a total sweetheart! Can I borrow him for my B-Day next year? hi hi
Can't wait to see the new purse!!! Make sure to flaunt it lots on here and WB!!!!




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