Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Rainy days and Mondays always get me...

Hello my lovelies. Apologize for not blogging last night, but you see I was simply having way too much fun with my friend CJ to hop on the computer, and by the time we said goodbye it was my bedtime so no blogging was to be had. That, and I felt like I could barf at any moment, so the sensible diva in me elected to head to bed as opposed to the computer. Barf and laptops don't mix so well, ya know?

So, how have you been? For you local gals, did you enjoy that freak storm yesterday? Wow. Nutso! I was sitting on the GO train winding my way home and it was impossible to know when the train had actually left the station - it was just as dark outside as it had been inside! Strange weather we have.

Of course it was POURING when I got off the train so mine poor fragile self did get a tad soggy on her way to Hubs and our Kia. Even with an umbrella. Humph. And Murphy's Law being what it is, a minute later (I kid you not - seriously, a minute) the rain stopped. Like the big man just turned off the taps. The sun came out, and I could barely enjoy it as I spent the majority of the car ride home attempting to dry off my new Jeanne Lottie bag. Poor thing, gets all well on it's maiden voyage into the world. Sometimes life is not fair.

From there, CJ stopped by and we gave her a tour of the maision now that all the stuff is moved in. She was a soldier in my painting army back in February so she's seen the place, the before and after, but always from a completely empty perspective. So it was great to show it all off now that the furniture is in, the art is up, and the photos are all over the place.

She and I headed to a local pub/wing place that I'd wanted to try for a while and, while the company and conversation was more than delightful, the food left a bit to be desired. Now let's make it clear I am not a foodie in any definition of the word. Yes, I like food. My divaesque physique only reinforces that notion. But I'm not one of those 'let's have prosciutto wrapped asparagus as an appetizer for tonight's soiree' kinda gals. I know it seems contrary to my entire diva persona, but so be it.

Not that there's anything wrong with the prosciutto-wrapping set (honestly Camilla - you've got to be you), it's just not for me. Yes, I like fresh ingredients. Yes, I like experimenting with interesting ingredients. Yes, I do enjoy a fancy meal well prepared and presented. But I also really dig a good steak on the barbie, ya know?

I seem to have gone off on yet another tangent. Where was I going with all this? Ah yes, the food at our local.

I was starving, so had ribs and wings. I figured that if there were some leftovers, I could take them home to Hubs who was eating alone tonight. Uh, yeah. That never happened. You knew that was coming, right? No big surprise? Indeed.

The food was fine. It wasn't great and most certainly does not hold a candle to airport wings (the Fox and the Fiddle on Carlingview near the airport makes the best wings in the history of the world, lick it stick it stamp it no erasies), but I was so hungry in the moment I was willing to overlook it all. Maybe the food was what made me barfy a few hours later...ewwwww.

Following dinner, we walked back chez diva and Hubs and I introduced CJ to the Wii. Good times. Ohhhhh yeah, I love that stupid little thing. We had great good fun, and it helped to while away the hour or so between our triumphant return and the other raison d'etre for the evening - a new episode of The Bachelor.

Yes, CJ and I are both addicted to this show. Shut up, I can hear you snicker/laugh, but it's another of my guilty pleasures and I won't apologize to anyone. So there. :)

When we were roomies, we'd watch this show together religiously. We'd laugh at the crazy women and, when they'd deign to thrown us a Bachelorette bone, we'd ogle the 25 male contenders for weeks on end. Since living in separate abodes, we've chatted endlessly about the progress of each show and who we liked, and it's become one of those things that good friends have to laugh and chat about, time and time again.

The show ended at 11 and CJ hopped into her car to make her way back to her place in the big city. I took my aforementioned barfy self upstairs to bed, and after a good five minutes of wrestling with a sleeping Hubs, I managed to make enough room for me, curl into a ball, and let sleep take over. Ah sleep. How I love thee so.

And how I wouldn't have given my left boob for an hour or two extra of it this morning. But here I am, a bit sleepy, starting another work day. Ah well, at least the sun's shining. And I still have both my boobs intact.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

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