Sunday, 8 April 2007

A successful egg hunt!

Yes, I feel terrible for neglecting you all over the past few days. I came over here to take a peek, prepare my next diatribe, and I almost died when I saw that Thursday had been my last entry. How have you survived? Are you gasping for diva breath, delighting in finally, FINALLY seeing another post from me so you can breathe again!!???

No? Oh...well then, never mind. I suppose it is possible for you to live without a slice of my life for a day, maybe two, but I'm glad I won't be testing the limits by subjecting you to three post free days. No cruel and unusual punishment from this diva. Well, not in a public forum, anyway.

Moving on....

So much to tell you, my faithful readers! First let me wish you all a Happy Easter. Hope you're enjoying the long weekend, whether it comes to an end for you tonight (ie Hubs) or tomorrow night (ie moi). We're not really all that religious in my family so Easter's never been a big deal. As a result, even though I've said it, I find it quite strange for people to wish each other a Happy Easter. Uh, Happy Christ's Death and Quick Escape Weekend would be a bit more true to life. Then again, that doesn't mesh with the Hallmark-ification-ites' sunny bunny vision of the weekend, so you can see why my suggestion never made it past the drawing board. You have to admit, it's still better than Jesus on a Stick Day, as Hubs has been known to call it. Sigh....

Of course all the usual disclaimers apply - I apologize if these words offend; if you're Christian and find great spiritual significance (or even a modicum, yeah, a modicum still counts) in Easter. My words are not to mock by any stretch of the imagination, and merely reflect my thoughts on the matter and hand. And it's my blog, so me putting my thoughts out there is kinda the point. I hope we're all still okay here.

So it's a long weekend. You know what happened Thursday if you've been keeping up with the posts, so let's move along to Friday shall we? Friday....Friday.....was so long ago, I barely remember it! Paired with the fact that we did a boatload of absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, there's really not that much to report.

We did, however, make a festive effort by blowing out 10 eggs so DeeDee could decorate them via the sassy, sparkly egg decorating kit we picked up on Thursday. Mental note for next year - don't buy the dye kind, buy the stamping or painting kind. Dye is messy. And spills. And goes everywhere. Meaning you have to put an layer of aluminum foil over your entire tabletop to prevent staining on the long sought after kitchen table. But it's still workable.

Two hours later, we had 10 nicely dyed eggies to help decorate our Easter table. And a pink ring-shaped stain on the kitchen countertop. Bonus.

Since we have the new house it only seemed logical to us to offer to host Hubs' family here for dinner, so that was the plan for Saturday. Hubs got up stupid early Saturday morning to go grocery shopping for the day's supplies. He tried to beat the crowds but apparently these suburban types rise just as early as he does.

Upon his return we set to a quick tidy of the house, re-arrangement of the furniture to accommodate the 9 of us there would be at the table, and we were pretty much set. Not too shabby. And since the clinic decided that we didn't need to go back until Sunday, we actually had some time on our hands.

So at 1pm with an hour to spare before the fam descended chez nous, DeeDee and I headed out for a desperately needed manicure. Well, desperately needed for me - she came along 'cause Hubs had errands to run and she had never had one, so he sucked it up and decided today was the day for her first mani. Now JBJ if you read this - it broke my heart to actually go for a mani without you when we'd tried to make it work for this weekend but with all the insanity it was impossible to plan anything. We saw a window and went with it - I hope you understand!!! Man, it still feels like cheating. Kisses!

As luck would have it, karma would kick me in the ass for not going with you. I had a butcher as a manicurist who nipped bloody murder on my cuticles, actually drew blood on both hands! Not good. Didn't he see what happened to Paula Abdul? I can't afford another nasty infection in one of my limbs, dammit! Argh. The price you pay for quick and cheap. Let that be a lesson to you all, dear readers. You most certainly get what you pay for.

We arrived home with my tender but pretty digits, and the family arrived shortly thereafter. We had a great dinner - much laughter, a good portion of it at Hubs' expense which I always relish, and some very delish grub. Yummy.

And around comes Sunday morning. Which for us, means getting up at 6am to get ourselves down to the clinic for 7:45 am. Yeah, it's super convenient on a work day 'cause it's in the same building as my office but on a weekend, not so much.

So we make it with plenty of time to spare, I get the blood work taken, and sail off to gown up. Then it's time for the fun - nothing makes a Sunday morning like a vaginal ultrasound! I believe I've described its joys in my last post, and nothing's change since Thursday, that's for sure.

The good news is that the follicles that were once multiple and tiny are actually springing to life. In fact, one is sitting at 1.0 and the other at 1.1 (we're aiming for 2, by the way). Don't ask me the unit of measurement, not that it really matters - what matters is that there's now actually something to measure and that was good news indeed in my books.

Of course now it looks like I'm going to ovulate in Halifax. And since I really do want to have a baby with my husband and not some random east coast hookup, we might be out this cycle. We have, however, been given doctor's orders to romp like champs on Tuesday before I leave and Saturday as soon as I get back. Not sure if it will result in anything, but as they say, the fun is in the tryin!

The rest of today was great - headed down the road to my sister's place, got to see my side of the fam for a bit, had a lovely brunch, DeeDee got spoiled again, and we were home in time for an early dinner and a movie before what will likely be an early night due to our early rise. I'm so tired from all this back and forthing, not to mention the different cocktails of drugs and hormones. What a roller coaster!

Thank goodness I've got tomorrow to stay in, relax, have some me time, and decompress from all this stuff. 'Cause Tuesday it's back for another ultrasound, then off with Hubs for a night at an airport hotel before my stupid early flight to Halifax. Bow chicka bow.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

2 comments on "A successful egg hunt!"

Anonymous said...

I WAS wondering what you were up to..thanks for the update! Good luck with the uhm, ... "doing it"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah Diva Jen... you're forgiven. I could never get mad at you. I am truly sorry to hear that the manicure was uncomfortable. Cheating or not, no one deserves to bleed (and BTW, I don't consider manicures with Dee Dee cheating).

Excellent news about the oeufs!!! A happy Easter indeed!





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