Monday, 2 April 2007

Uh yeah, that crafty thing?

Wellllll.....not so much.

Okay, so while my abstract art effort is not a total loss, I'm not really sure if I can bring myself to hang it with any sense of pride in our bedroom. Above our bed. I'm worried that it would give off some silly kindergarten vibes and hey - who wants that in the boudoir? Certainly pas moi.

Yeah, it's kinda crappy. But maybe not that bad. I don't know - the further away from it you are, the better it looks. It's when you actually take a moment to, oh I don't know, LOOK at it, you see just how talentless I really am.

I suppose I should be okay with this. I mean, I can't draw for shit, that's for sure, and I can barely stay in the lines for paint by numbers. Maybe it's just fine for me to not have a talent in the visual arts. I'm musical (that whole singing and playing musical instruments thing), I have a fair grasp of the English language and can string an entertaining sentence or two together (the whole blog thing), and I can put colours together well for general home decor purposes.

But from the looks of things, the universe is telling me to stick to a roller when painting - the finer subtleties of smaller brushes are now most painfully obviously well beyond my grasp.

Oh well. I guess we can't all be good at everything. But in the end at least I gave it a go. I got crap, but it's my crap, crafted with mine own two crap making hands. And that's still gotta count for something.

In other assorted news, we had the in laws over for dinner last night. Hubs cooked a roast that looked great to start out with, but via the magic of cooking, wasn't nearly as tender as it should have been. Not his fault at all - sometimes these things just don't work out. I blame the red wine and it's weird properties of separation. The gravy had a strange marbled texture to it, like all the tannins separated right out of the wine to make for a uniquely visual end result. It all tasted good, but it certainly did look quite odd.

I guess Sunday was not a good day for domestic or artistic ventures under our new roof. Good thing we're doing the Easter dinner on Saturday.

Saturday morning was weigh in day, and I am pleased to report that we have officially hit the 30 lbs lost mark. It had gone up and down a bit during that whole Aunt Flo interlude, but now things appear to have leveled off and them blue digital numbers are actually getting smaller again. Oh happy day.

And finally, it would appear, if the on again off again pains in my lower left torso are any indication, that my blessed ovaries may finally be up to something. Never has (suspected) ovulation pain felt so delightfully good! I go for the ultrasound on Thursday morning to see if mother nature and modern medicine got it on last week as we're hoping. Sure would be nice to get some good news in this department!

Anydoodles, this one is all over the map today, but that's about all there is to report. I'm pretty tired this evening and am atwitter in anticipation of bed. Hubs is already there, relaxing with a heated Magic Bag on his lower back. Hopefully it works, and I can make use of that other magic bag in the bed, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Yeah, okay. I agree. That was probably a bit too much even for me. But I still laughed, so in it stays. Nightie night!!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

3 comments on "Uh yeah, that crafty thing?"

Anonymous said...

Hey Diva:

I had a side thought when I read your art-work didn't turn out as planned....why not enlist your local high school kids to come up with something? That would be a good project for them and you could proudly say that "kids in the hood did it". You'd be amazed what kids in high school art class can come up with.
As for your ovaries, way to go! I'll keep my fingers and legs crossed and wishing you good vibes in the egg-popping activity! Easter is upon us....ya never know!

Jill said...

Gosh you're funny! I laughed at your last comment!

Amazing, on the 30 pound weight lost!!!!

I still want to see the art...


Anonymous said...

This comment (amongst others of course) completely cracked me up; "I got crap, but it's my crap, crafted with mine own two crap making hands."
Colouring in the lines is about all mine can manage!
Congrats on the 30lb mark, way to go!





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