Wednesday, 18 April 2007

What to my wondering eyes did appear?

But the sun! The freakin sun! I thought it forgot where I lived, that it, too, was feeling a bit blue and decided to hibernate for a while. And now, it's back. And I for one plan on enjoying every last minute of it.

It kinda hurts the eyes though, eh? It started to come out as I headed back to the office after a luncheon thing and I saw the blue (such a lovely colour) reflected in the glass of my office building. First I was in shock - they weren't forecasting sun until tomorrow - but as I turned my face skyward a slow smile crept across my lips. Finally. At long last.

Then the squinting started.

Thankfully I was quite close to mine workplace, so could slip in quickly before the retinal burn could set in. My poor ocular orbs have gone without for so long, they barely know how to cope anymore. Add to the sun's prolonged absence the fact that my eyes are blue and are therefore scientifically more sun sensitive AND the fact that clomid lowers your tolerance for sunlight and it's a minor miracle that I'm not bumping into walls and tripping over my own feet.

When Hubs picked me up at the GO station this evening, I stumbled out of the train, blinking furiously, and snapped on those magnetic sunglass thingies as soon as I got into the car. Ah, sweet relief. But lemme tell you, all this time with no UV makes my temporary discomfort more than worthwhile.

So what else happened today....well, strange people from my past are attempting to reacquaint themselves with me via the next internet scourge/time sucker - Facebook.

For those of you at all interested, here's my take on this puppy. First, I feel that it's primarily used by college/uni students the world over. I have been to university - two different ones in fact - but I received my Master's degree 10 years ago, so I'm not really acquainted with many kids currently writing exams, etc.

Having said that, I'm finding it fascinating seeing who from my old high school, etc is on this thing, and am actually starting to reconnect with some interesting characters from days gone by.

Which is a good thing - and a not so good thing.

I've decided that I'm not really going to seek anyone out, that I'll be a more passive Facebook user than the average Joe (or Joanne) that signs up and hangs out there 24/7. My info's there, and if people want to reconnect with me, so be it. Cool. Fab. Fantastic.

So far, I've connected with a number of WB gals (excellent), a gal I went to undergrad with (cool), someone else who has the same name as me but lives in Australia (quirky but interesting)...and a former roommate (yikes), a former boss who passed me over for a job I should have gotten (bitch) and a guy I slept with a few times (that's right, I said it) and am now totally grossed out by (talk about buyer's remorse. Not that I bought him - oh god, no. I totally would have asked for a refund if that was the case. But I digress).

All in all, it's been quite the balanced scorecard. Neat to connect with people from the past, but sometimes people are in your past for a reason - and I'd kinda like it to stay that way. Shudder.

Wow, how did I get here? From 'yay sun!' to 'creepy ex fuck friend on Facebook' in a few simple paragraphs. Dag, I'm versatile.

Uh....where do I go from here? How 'bout an American Idol recap?

I warn you, I'm about to reveal who got the ever lovin boot tonight, so if you don't want to know - stop reading here. Oh, how it pains me to write that, but it's for your own good, poppet. There, there.

So if you're still reading, you're okay with me typing these happy, happy words:


I'm truly that happiest diva in town tonight, I tell you what. It's about time, kiddies. Again, I feel badly for him - this couldn't have been an easy road, knowing that everyone was rooting for you - because you suck!

Poor bastard was all weepy and this really a shock to you? Ya didn't see this coming eventually? Man....sucky singer and not all that bright either. And the future of our planet is in his generation's hands, my dear readers. Save us all.

I guess that's about it. Hump day is officially over, Grey's Anatomy returns tomorrow, and we're one day closer to the glory that is a weekend. I want to take a brief moment to wish my gal Corrie good luck - she's gonna pee on a stick tomorrow to see if she and hubby timed it right, and I wish her all the best. I could use a little good news right now!

In fact, I think we all could. In celebration of the forthcoming weekend and the return of the sun, come on in here and tell me what good news you got going down. Doesn't have to be earth shattering - hell, for me it's good news when I get the outside seat on the lower level of the GO train in the morning. These days I'm all about trying to find little moments of joy in the hope that it will morph, Transformer style, into something much more substantial.

Looking forward to hearing some happy news. It's been so long, I could sure use more than one ray of sunshine to get me through the day!!

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

6 comments on "What to my wondering eyes did appear?"

Anonymous said...

Hi ya;

Yes, I too relish the small happies that come my way these days.

Today, the sun is shining bright, warming me up at the kitchen table's payday!

Oh sure, the elatedness of more money in my bank will quickly dissolve once the bills are paid later today, but still....for a few short hours I look rich.

That's my happy for the day so far, hope it made ya laugh!

FriendsFirst/Ruth said...

Diva! My good news for the day... I've finally had a chance to come back to your blog :)

Well... that and the bunny my hubby and I saw this morning on the way out to work before the sun had shaken off her bedclothes to get a look at the world. All is better when the bunnies are awake and making appearances again... makes me almost believe winter might be gone this time! (stupid winter... Toronto's grey enough without adding winter to the mix!)

Christy on 19 April 2007 at 10:06 said...

Um okay it is snowing in Edmonton this morning! The wet, slushy, disgusting kinda, so I am very jealous of your sun. I seem to me jealous of you more and more, uh-oh!

Oh and welcome to facebook! I find myself on there quite a lot. It has been great way to reconnect, and stay in touch. A 'talk' to a lot of friends who have moved, or are to busy being young and single to hang out with boring, married people for an evening.

Janny said...

Well, My good news for today, is I think me ear ache is gone! Was getting a severe ear ache, and I've had ear troubles all my life, so it wasn't really a fun thing when that reappeared! ALSO, all the windows in our appartement are open! :) So nice to have happy happy sun back! :) I am heading off to work though, so that's kinda crappy, but looking forward to Grey's tonight and finishing early on Friday and having my girlies over for the weekend! I have no friends left in Ottawa right now, so any chance I can get to lure them over to my place for Scrapbooking and food, I take it!

Also, Me just added you to my facebook! Ha Ha! Just saw you were on the Weddingbells group! Hope you don't mind!

Have a great evening, hurrah that Sanjaya is gone, and woohoo for the sun! :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... My good news for today...
I'm going home (Ottawa) next friday for 2 weeks - I can't wait to see family and friends!
2- my MOH/BF is taking a roadtrip for Canada Day to visit us with her DBF so I'm super excited - our very first houseguest/visitors in our new home! yippee!

3 - the sun is shinning here too after 4 days straight of rain and gloom!

4 - Oh yeah - and a great 30th surprise party for DH's BF on Saturday - looking forward to a couple of glasses of wine... lol

Jill on 19 April 2007 at 19:15 said...

Love the sun. We need more sun!!!!




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