Thursday, 26 April 2007


It's a meh kinda day, ya know? Meh. I just feel meh. The weather is meh. I have a headache, so my energy level is meh. There are so many things I could be doing with my evening but no, there's too much meh in me to do any of them.

So I return to the world of my blog.

Sorry I've been absent over the past few days. It's been a meh week. Work has been busy which is never a bad thing - I'd rather be busy than bored any flippin day of the week - but the weather making this huge change from beautiful right back to rainy and not fair. It's like last weekend was a glorious tease, and Mother Nature's sitting up there with her umbrella laughing her ass of at all of us.


There have been some positives these past few days. I had dinner with the lovely Leanne on Tuesday night which was delightful. We chatted, vented, dished some serious WB dirt (no worries Leanne, I'll never tell), and had a good time just shooting the proverbial shit as only girls can do.

I stayed home from work yesterday as I had yet another crippling headache, an upset stomach, and fatigue like you wouldn't believe. And since I knew that I'd have to be up at 5:15 this morning to get to work for a breakfast thingie at 7:15, I decided that my physical symptoms and my mental blechiness required me to stay put in my jammies.

I did manage to get some work done, but more importantly (for my health, that is) I got three extra hours of sleep and stayed in said jammies until Hubs came home early at 3:30. I figured it was time to shower shortly thereafter, but man, there's nothing like lounging in your own filth for hours upon hours upon hours. Not that I was really that filthy, you understand - I had showered the day before - but you know what I'm talking about. It was good.

We watched that Idol Gives Back craptacular last night just after dinner. Thank goodness that dinner had time to settle before it began, otherwise there might have been pizza remnants on my coffee table. Not that I don't think it's great that they're doing something to combat AIDS in Africa and poverty in the heartland of the U S of A, hell, they raised more than $30 million, but come on! The schmaltz, the white outfits, the new song...too much for this kid.

I did, however, love it when Eric McCormack said that if everyone that ever voted for Sanjaya gave even one dollar, they'd have millions for the cause. How freakin awesome is that? Highlight of the show, bar none. Other than the closing credits, of course. Can we get back to the real show now? Voting people off? All that good stuff? Good. Glad we had this little talk.

Back to work today for that early morning breakfast. It was very interesting actually which is good - it's the only thing that kept me awake at that time of day. The coffee was as weak as I am standing in front of the dessert table at a buffet - and that's pretty weak. It barely counted as coffee. I'm all for stretching the budget when you're hosting a charity event but come on, I paid $100 to be here. I'm not getting a gift bag or any trinkety things - at least brew me a good strong cup o joe.

Thankfully there was a Starbucks one floor up that boss and I visited immediately following the conclusion of the breakfast. One sip alone was in java bliss.

All this, and it wasn't even 9am yet. Meh.

So I head into the office and encounter what will undoubtedly be the highlight of the day. My lovely, considerate, fantastic sister in law sent me flowers - yesterday, so I didn't get them until today - and they were such a fantastic pick me up you have no idea. They're beautiful pink roses, purple orchids, snapdragons, lilies, and to top it all off, they were all beautifully presented in a square pink glass vase. Sigh. What did I do to deserve such great in laws? Must have been a past life thing. What a sweetheart. I love, love, love them. I stare at them all the time, and sniff the roses frequently. Gotta take the time, and all that.

After that delightful start to the second wave of my morning, I moved on to a series of meetings and phone calls and emails - no time for WB or Facebook! WTF? I'll have to catch up tonight I suppose. Note that I don't spend my working days on social websites...let's make that clear. I'd hate to leave any of you with the impression that I'm not dedicated to my 9-5 'cause I most certainly am. But there's always lunch time, eh?

The rest of the day passed in a blur - more meetings and phone calls and emails, throw in a birthday lunch for good measure, and all the sudden it's time to make my way to my thundering chariot of steel.

And now we're home. Hubs is getting sick and I feel so badly for him - he has sinus trouble on the best of days, and today it just sounds soooo terrible. He's so stubbed ub, poor guy. Guess that means I have to go make dinner if we want to eat.


And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

4 comments on "Meh..."

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Diva.

I usually eat lunch with you everyday so I have missed you this week. I had to go to some other not so interesting sites and play online games instead. Yuck.

Hope the weather improves and you can feel happy again!

WBer fitzpali

Anonymous said...

You sound like me...the weather certainly plays havoc with how I feel too!

Glad to hear you got a nice pick-me-up from your SIL! What a nice person!

Hoping the weekend bodes better for you and your stubbed ub hubby.

Lacey on 29 April 2007 at 20:43 said...

I'll tell you are not alone. The weather has been playing crazy tricks on me this past week. Here in Florida, it is raining, then scorching hot, dry like a desert, then freezing cold...c'mon, stay hot like Florida should! It's depressing. Nice blog, btw!

Saving Up for My Wedding

Anonymous said...

WOW - I've been without access for 4 days and only 1 entry? Boo! ;)
It's amazing how the weather affects our mood... this morning I'm thinking well tomorow is May so why not wear sandals and a short-sleeved t-shirt... (with a coat of course!) and lo and behold I step outside and it looks like it's gonna rain! Yuck! Those awful black clouds were hanging around but then I saw a touch of sun and it brightened my day!

What did you think of the hollogram Elvis with Celine - I can't stand her on the best of days but this was "the grand cheese!"

Have a great day Diva!




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