Thursday, 8 February 2007

Boys are funny creatures

Let me first say that I have been around boys all my life. Who hasn't, really, but what I'm trying to say is that I've had boys as my friends for a good portion of my adolescence and into my 20's. Boys are fun to be friends with - and contrary to what Billy Crystal postulated in When Harry Met Sally, boys and girls truly can be friends without the sex getting in the way, in my experience. And this is especially true when the boy friends are gay.

One of my best friends in high school was a guy. Sure, I had a mad crush on him for years, took his picture with me when I had to travel to my grandparents house for the weekend, and read waaaaay more into the fake gold earrings he got me from Towers for Christmas one year than I should have. When I finally realized that we were not meant to be dating - ever - (coincidentally around the same time he started dating my OTHER best friend) life got a lot easier to eek through. And there was one less photo in my wallet.

Since then, my best friend, the one person who I believed would be my Man of Honour at my wedding, has pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. He moved to Halifax shortly after we finished university (although we'd started to drift apart during the uni years anyway), came out of the closet, started to experiment with recreational pharmaceuticals...and pretty much forgot that I even existed.

I tried to keep in touch. Well, for a while I tried anyway. Then email came along which should have made both of our lives sooo much easier - but alas, was not to be. Needless to say he wasn't the Man of Honour at our wedding. In fact, he never showed - I had to hunt him down to even get the RSVP in the first place. And now another friend tells me he's moved to Ottawa and she bumped into him on the street. So strange to think that he's completely out of my life - we were BFF and no one was going to change that. Ever.

I've heard it said before that friends come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I LOVE this quote, mostly because it means that there will be a constant stream of people flooding in and out of my life, making it as fabulous as I want it to be. He was a season friend I suppose. One I believed for years would be there for a lifetime and beyond, but to my great chagrin, not so much. I'm over it now, really I am - but especially as we're packing and purging, I'll come upon photos of the two of us and wonder how we lost track, what he's doing now, and how the hell can he possibly survive without my fabulousness in his life? The mind boggles.

Hubs is a completely different animal than I. And I don't just mean in the male sense of the word.

Hubs has a small number of friends, but they've been the very best of friends their entire lives. Since grade three. They've got HISTORY. And it's quite cool to see, I must say.

Hubs tells me stories of spending endless hours at Taco's place when they were kids. They went to the same school, lived around the corner from one another, and got up to all sorts of little boy trouble together.

And they're still fantastic friends. Even after all these years, Taco is a staple in Hubs' life - and it's actually quite cute to see them 'play' together, even at the advanced age of 35. In fact, Taco is over this evening, pulling Hubs away from the much more important task at hand - packing. But I'll forgive him, because in truth they don't get to spend that much time together, and who am I to deny my man his boy time? He doesn't drink beer and scratch himself, force the entire household to watch football or demand that I as the little wifey make sandwiches and cocktail weenies. And at least I can blog with nary an interruption.

It's fascinating watching them interact. They are so serious, reviewing the cars Hubs has bought/won in Forza for XBox 360. Spouting stats about the number of races each car has won, how much this Porsche weighs, and the absolute best, my number one giggle of the night - talking about how cool it is that they can go in and put decals on their cars to dress them up. Hubs was really proud of the skull decal on one of the cars in his garage. Sweet.

Poor Hubs tries to talk to me about all of these things in Taco's absence and my eyes glaze over before you can say torque. But I do my best to humour him because I know Taco can't be here all the time, and he has to blow this stuff out his mouth hole or else the poor guy might explode. Hopefully having Taco here tonight will give him the elephantine dose of quality male time he needs and deserves. Cause hell - friends really can make or break your quality of life, and I must say I'm quite happy Hubs has had Taco play a leading role in his for the past 27 years.

Boys are funny creatures - as friends, more than friends, friends with benefits, boyfriends, fiances, and husbands. And watching these two men sit on our couch and play video games, I can almost see them as the boys they were when the first started hangin out. So cute! Such geeks, but cute.

And now here I am, in all my diva glory, jotting down these thoughts for you, my faithful reader, as my geek for life husband swears his face off because some car just virtually ran him off the road.

These are the moments, ladies. Cherish them - and giggle with me as I reminisce and compare the boys of yore to the one I chose to spend the rest of my life with. I really, truly miss my high school friend - but I wouldn't trade Hubs (and his faithful sidekick Taco) for any other boy in the world.

And that's your daily dash. How's your diva doin'?

2 comments on "Boys are funny creatures"

Janny said...

Aw!! That sounds just like boyfriend and his guy friends! We had a Christmas Brunch last December, and the one guy we were able to get to come actually stayed over until like 11 that night! They were playing Soul Calibour on the PS2 and all those other lovely guy games that I can't play with boyfriend cause he kicks my butt all the time!! :P
This post is definitely on the dot about guys! Couldn't have said it better myself! :)
God Bless those boys and their toys!
- MOH_Janny

Anonymous said...

Hey there!!1 Fellow WBer here...
CAme across your blog...Totally LOVE it!!!
This post in particular - HA...I could have written it myself...TOO FUNNY!!!
Stacy in Ottawa :)




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